Enmity after the robbery of the willow setting sun

In his roar, the fiery Green Halberd Juehun Ma Kuiyuan and the Red Halberd Juehun Yu Yi pulled out their weapons like lightning at the same time.


In his roar, the fiery Green Halberd Juehun Ma Kuiyuan and the Red Halberd Juehun Yu Yi pulled out their weapons like lightning at the same time. It was a three-foot one-handed short halberd in the same style as the Black Halberg Juehun, but the color was different. One was green and the other was red. Fox arhat is not nervous, he touched the left shoulder wound, thought in the heart: "Boy, Chu Fei's medicine is really effective. Although there is still a dull pain in the wound, it does not hinder the action at all." Thinking, he grinned his teeth in front of the soul of the three halberds and said with a grin: "That's enough. Don't give me Old Yan this set of Pockmarked Wang. Today, with the insolence of your three pieces of waste, Old Yan will have to discipline you for Old Zhuge!" Green halberd soul Ma Kuiyuan eyes stare angrily, shouted a way: "Try it!" Qingyingying's short halberd crossed a dazzling ray of light in the morning light, and suddenly shook into ten thousand points of flow reclamation, stabbing the nine main points of the upper plate of the fox and arhat! And at the same time, the red halberd is also sideways, split, kill, hook, stab, shake hand is thirteen halberds! Fox arhat heel a spin, move out three steps, double palm set off a wave of strong sharp palm wind, fiercely pushed out, mouth also shouted from time to time: "Damn it, the way of the world has changed. It's full of his mother's wheel battles and group fights!" The voice has not yet, a strong black awn edge, carrying a sharp whistling to his chest stab, a distance of feet, and suddenly turned to one side, hanging two shoulders, wiping the throat, the end of the falcon is extremely sharp! The body of the fox arhat was slightly tilted, and his left arm was slightly turned over. He suddenly moved away a foot, threw his palm back, and the leopard's tail and feet came out together, forcing Guo Dazhi, the soul of the black halberd approaching his side, to take two steps. Standing on the side of the ChuYun, lips a smile, bright track: "Brother, be ruthless and let these three blind things see it." Fox Yan arhat hurry out of seven legs sixteen palm, smell speech suddenly laughed and said: "Yes, my old Yan Jin is coming. Grandma, the soul of the three halberds, your mother's own soul!" In the voice, the fox Yan arhat's body is like flying through, suddenly waving his palm like cutting, suddenly his legs are like mountains, suddenly his tongue is like spring thunder, suddenly when he pokes his fingers, he swims back and forth in the three-slip interwoven light network, leaping vertically and horizontally! The spirits of the three halberds kept shouting one after another, advancing and retreating, covering each other. The short halberds were waving and killing, and their bodies were moving endlessly. The three of them joined hands to control the enemy's "tripod halberd" method, which had already been used with all their strength. All of a sudden, I saw people flying up and down, sweeping all around, thick and fierce palm shadow and leg wind, plastic pallet suppliers ,collapsible pallet bin, mixed in the flashing color light halberd awn, which was extremely fascinating and dangerous. No one is willing to give in a little, in the lightning of the interactive attack, all is fierce attack, recruit each other's key points! As a result, thirty strokes in the twinkling of an eye will tell the past. Although the skill of the arhat is excellent, but he fought fiercely for a long time at night, and the enemy is four very tough roles in Jianghu, so the true force consumption is very huge. What's more, he has several wounds, although not too serious, it also has some impact. However, at the moment, the three halberds are absolutely soul, although the martial arts are weaker than the night's thunder hand Kang Yangshan and others. However, it also gives the fox and arhat a very laborious feeling. Sanji Juehun's "tripod halberd" method at this moment is known for its ruthlessness and quickness. It is unpredictable in attack and retreat. It is most suitable for the battle array of eating more and eating less. Sanji Juehun has been practicing for many years and has rich experience. It has already reached the point where practice makes perfect. Fox Yan arhat body flash, shake the palm split to the black halberd soul Guo Dazhi, at the same time tiptoe, points kick green halberd soul two wrist, mouth edge strange call way: "Oh, it's already bright!" Three halberd soul move step dodge, smell the fox Yan arhat cry, all can't help but Bah, but, but unconsciously look into the air. The arhat seizes this tiny opportunity, suddenly enters the body to step, "pulls out the mountain three links" suddenly like the wave, whir, like the mountain avalanche snow, also like the river backflow, the divine power is indescribable! Master fight, the Lord in the enemy first chance, three halberd soul slightly under a choke, immediately lost a good opportunity to take the initiative, in the fox arhat is most suitable for frontal hard attack "pull out the mountain three links" under the vigorous power, all can not help but parry back one after another, look very embarrassed! Fox Yan arhat chase again and again twenty-one legs nineteen palm, strange laugh way: "Isn't it dawn, my friends?" Each of the three halberds was so angry that his eyes turned black and there was smoke in the five. The short halberds fought back and tried to get back the first chance. As a result, the battle turned fierce again, and in the lightning-like contact, twenty strokes passed very quickly. Chu Yun stood aside in silence, watching the four figures rising and falling in the field, and thought to himself: "These three halberds used to have a week. It seems that their martial arts are not weak, but they are much inferior to those of Kang Yangshan, Zizhang Zhentian Bao Hongming and others. However, Hu Yan Luohan has lost too much physical strength. I'm afraid he won't be able to take too much advantage in this battle.." Thinking, he turned his head coldly and stood beside him with a nervous and frightened look: "Friend Hong, what kind of quarrel did you have with Baixin Villa in Mangniu Mountain?"? That they hate you so much? Pink face flower knife Hong Yin complexion slightly a change, eyes light turn, flash gravel way: "Ah.." In fact, there is nothing, but for a small matter, the two sides have a misunderstanding, but the White Heart Villa is ruthless, to put it to death.. Chu Yun was so sophisticated and intelligent that he curled the corners of his mouth. He already knew that this pink flower knife was tricky and slippery, and it must not be a good way. He said coldly: "No matter what school you belong to, since we have taken over this matter for you, we will do our best to take responsibility for you to the end. However, if your behavior is really against the morality of Jianghu, then we will settle with you separately as soon as this matter is over." When he heard this, he felt a shock in his heart and flinched at Chu Yun's face. Until now,plastic pallet crates, he still couldn't figure out the relationship between Chu Yun and Hu Yan Luohan. Naturally, he didn't know the delicate situation between them. From the observation and speculation on the surface of the knife, he thought that Chu Yun and Hu Yan Luohan were old friends who had been friends for many years and were familiar with each other. binpallet.com