Six-Year-Old Snake Queen

If you think I should turn around, then I will decide to turn around!" "Don't say that,heavy duty metal racks, your future path should be decided by yourself, less by others, not even me!" Chen Yang returned on the phone with a solemn face.


"Since they are your enemies, you can deal with them as you like." Shui Yao nodded, and then the ice eyes swept over a few yellow-throated minks, so that they could not help but shiver. Kill them. Eradicate the root, so as not to come to their trouble again. OK Rhomme nodded, and she agreed. Let us go, let us go, and we will never dare to trouble you again. Hearing that their lives were in danger, several yellow-throated minks could not help begging for mercy. Let you go? Rou Mo raised his eyebrows and curled his lips. "Think well, there is such a cheap thing.". You, the running dogs of the sable, don't know how many good minks you have harmed by bullying. "We're just doing what we're told." Yellow-throated Mink Armor pleaded. Yeah, yeah. “……” The other yellow-throated minks also nodded their heads, just to save their lives. Hum, it doesn't matter so much. This girl is going to destroy you now and eliminate the harm for the people. The silent words fell, and a whip was thrown at several people, and five layers of magic power were concentrated on the whip, so that several yellow-throated minks were beaten back to their original shape and died. Okay, you killed them, too. Next,shuttle rack system, Yao, would you like to go back to the mink world? Leng Wanwan looked at Shuiyao, although she had never mentioned it, but she believed that she would miss her hometown. Like herself, although she has not mentioned modern things, but in her bones, she will often think of everything in modern times, such as relatives,wire mesh decking, such as friends, and things that have happened. "I can't go back." Rou Mo answered in front of Shui Yao, "That sable hasn't given up yet. It must be a trap to go back now. Only a fool will go back." She didn't want it. She would run to the human world because the sable wanted to replace herself with something similar to her cousin after she fled. She's not that stupid. Are you going to hide all the time? Never go back? Night Chen purple pupil swept the soft silence, escape is not the way, only to eliminate the root, otherwise the scourge will still exist. What else should we do? Rou Mo pursed his lips helplessly. "We can't beat him, and he's powerful in the mink world. How can we be his opponents?" Alas, the richer you are, the more hateful you are. Whether in the mink world or in the human world, she has seen the ugly faces of those rich people. We'll help you. Leng Wanwan said lightly, looking at Shuiyao seriously with his eyes like ink, "Yao, from the first time we met, I said I would help you." "Master-" Shui Yao looked at her and was moved. " Don't say more, warehouse storage racks ,cantilever racking system, take us to the mink world, I would like to see what kind of evil mink actually makes you so afraid? Volume three chapter 247 mink world evil mink. The world of mink It was a dense jungle, with trees towering into the clouds and overlapping peaks surrounding the jungle, forming an independent kingdom. In the jungle, there are countless houses. The white one is very special in the black jungle. In one of the tallest houses, the windows were slightly open, and the black leaves extended into the house from the window, with the peculiar smell of the black forest. On the high hall, a man with a round figure was half lying on a long carved couch, with a short and strong arm resting on a jade pillow, slightly sideways, looking at several tall and thin men standing on the hall. There was some impatience on his round, fat, flabby face. No news yet? Several lean men standing in the center of the hall looked at each other with fear and flattery in their eyes. Back to Wang Ye, Wu Cong they have gone to look for, I believe there will be news soon. That damn girl is really good at hiding. She hasn't even found a shadow for more than a year. Very quickly, very quickly, it has been said hundreds of times. The fat man's eyes, which were so small that he could hardly see them, flashed a burst of violence, and with the other hand, the golden sleeve drew an impatient arc. Hum, if you can't find someone this time, you all go to the underground palace to accompany those madmen. Several men trembled, "Oh my God, they are not going to stay with those women who are crazy about him.". "Wang Ye calms down. The slave summons Wu Cong now to see if he has found anyone." Man a said, then clasped his middle finger and thumb, murmured a spell in his mouth, and began to summon his men. But as time went by, the other party did not respond. The man was so frightened that the cold sweat on his forehead flowed one by one, but he dared not stop. He could only curse in his heart where those mink things had gone. Ok The fat man waved his fat hand impatiently. "Give you another chance. If you can't find anyone, you don't have to come back." "Yes, thank you, Wang Ye." Several men broke out in a cold sweat. Newspaper- "Outside the door came the voice of the servants of the palace." Come in The fat prince shouted out, "What's the matter?"? "I've seen Wang Ye." A thin man came in, with a sharp mouth and monkey cheeks, and a pair of long and narrow eyes that were always shaking restlessly. He looked like an obscene little man. All right, all right. The fat prince was even more impatient and waved his hand. What's the matter? "Back to Wang Ye, the new lady is back." The sharp-mouthed, monkey-cheeked man bowed and answered. The new lady? Fat Wang Ye listens to but one Leng, what new madam? "Wang Ye, isn't the new lady referring to Miss Qian?" Shui Yao, surnamed Qian. Qian Shuiyao. It was Miss Qian who returned to Wang Ye. The monkey-like man immediately changed his story. Ture? The new lady is back? Fat Wang Ye's squinting eyes suddenly lit up, but how could he forget that Qian Shuiyao was the new wife he had hired to marry? Yes, it's outside the city gate. "Quick, quick,warehouse pallet racks, go with the king to pick up the new lady." The fat prince was so happy that he couldn't close his mouth and looked for her everywhere. Now that she has come back by herself, is this what human beings call "no place to find a broken iron shoe, no effort to get it". But he did not think how strange it was for Shuiyao to come back.