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If you think I should turn around, then I will decide to turn around!" "Don't say that,heavy duty metal racks, your future path should be decided by yourself, less by others, not even me!" Chen Yang returned on the phone with a solemn face.


Because the efficacy of Chen Yang's "body-building pills" is better, even if Chen Yang raises the price of one pill from $5 million to $8 million, the real rich are still willing to pay for it. Those who are sick should be treated first, and those who are not sick can be prevented. Because from now on for such a long time, no one after eating "fitness pills", there is a relapse, ah, or a major disease and so on, even if it is a cold that kind of minor illness is basically rare, this is no longer a secret in the rich circle, everyone is convinced of the efficacy of Chen Yang's elixir. Therefore, Chen Yang's personal income not only did not decrease, but increased nearly ten times, and Chen Yang never thought of paying taxes and so on, and no one dared to force Chen Yang, this is the advantage of strength, in fact, in China, the phenomenon of tax evasion is very common, which also makes the country a lot less income. However, Chen Yang did not pay taxes on the elixir, which was approved by the former prime minister,mobile racking systems, and there was an official red-headed document, which was completely legal. With the current speed of making money, Chen Yang will not have to worry about the problem of insufficient money from now on. When the market is completely saturated, Chen Yang has already made a lot of money, and he can continue to support the reform of education and medicine. After graduating smoothly, Su Yan also began to be busy by the way, only in the evening when he would be a little free. As Chen Yang's first lady, the future may also be such a wife,push back racking system, Su Yan must also help Chen Yang share some affairs, such as "fitness pills" sales are currently her responsibility, but also by the way can deal with some money matters. And because of some research on medicine, plus the time acceleration in the genius learning system, there is a lot of experimental time, although Su Yan is not as good as those elite Jindan monks from the three major medical schools in medical skills, but compared with those well-known old Chinese medicine doctors in ordinary people, it is already much higher. This also earned her the title of a "beauty doctor". Although her medical skills are not very good, as long as she works in a public hospital, there are always a lot of patients in front of her, and her popularity is very high. However, there was a big event in July, and it happened in Japan. Originally, the whole country of Japan broke through the obstacles from many countries in the world. It took several months and finally rebuilt the Yasukuni Shrine. Although it is not as exquisite as the original repair, it also takes a lot of thought. After the completion, industrial racking systems ,Teardrop Pallet Racking, the whole country of Japan was jubilant, believing that the reconstruction of the Yasukuni Shrine would make the whole country of Japan get rid of bad luck and return to the light. For them, the Yasukuni Shrine could comfort their injured hearts very well. The Japanese did not care about the international criticism and abuse at all. After almost two years of ups and downs, They finally rebuilt the spiritual pillar in their hearts. However, the good times did not last long, and the Japanese were hit again before they were proud for a few days. One night, the building that represents evil collapsed again, and it was so broken that there was no residue left. No need to ask, this must be our Chen Yang children's shoes to do good, this time Chen Yang is completely familiar with the road, because the Yasukuni Shrine has been rebuilt without the double blessing of Orochi Orochi and Demon Knife Village, in defense above is simply weak, completely vulnerable, Chen Yang does not even need to summon the upper world of thunder, Just use a wave of "three points to the vitality" to smash it. Moreover, Chen Yang also left a very domineering and provocative remark on the ground: The Yasukuni Shrine does not allow human relations between heaven and earth. For the sake of eternal righteousness, once you repair it, I will destroy it on behalf of heaven! …… Chapter 255 of the main text, Guo Bin's troubles Chapter 255, Guo Bin's troubles. When Chen Yang secretly returned to China, Chen Yang found that there were many small curses in his body. It was estimated that these came from the Japanese. They worked hard to rebuild the Yasukuni Shrine. They did not expect to be knocked down by Chen Yang again. How could they not curse it. However, Chen Yang does not care about the curses of the little devils at all. Although it is troublesome to deal with them, the influence of these curses can be quickly eliminated with Chen Yang's present merit value. Moreover, when the news of the collapse of the Yasukuni Shrine was widely spread in the news, Chen Yang immediately felt a lot of faith entering his body. Chen Yang thought, these should be provided by those who want the Yasukuni Shrine to collapse forever. Although these people don't know who got rid of the damn Yasukuni Shrine, the way of heaven is very clear. In this respect, the way of heaven is basically not wrong. At least at present, no one can be strong enough to go against the chaos and blind the way to heaven. Unless he achieves the position of a saint, otherwise, Still can not be detached between heaven and earth. Hello, master! At the end of July, Chen Yang received a call from his apprentice Guo Bin, which made Chen Yang feel a little surprised. What's the matter? What's bothering you? Talk to the master. From Guo Bin's tone, Chen Yang heard a very helpless feeling, Chen Yang can not help but secretly guess that Guo Bin must have encountered some troubles. It's like this, you know the new game Warcraft III Frozen Throne this year! "Of course, I've played a few games with your master. It's a very good game. What's wrong?" Chen Yang asked with some doubts. Guo Bin took a deep breath and said with courage, "Master, I don't want to play StarCraft. I want to play Warcraft III. I think this game is more suitable for me." Chen Yang said with a smile, "I was worried about this. Yes, with your style, you are indeed more suitable for playing Warcraft III. However, if you want to turn around, I'm afraid it's not so easy!" Guo Bin sighed and said gloomily, "Yes, I dare not tell others now, so I want to ask your opinion first. If you think I should turn around, then I will decide to turn around!" "Don't say that,heavy duty metal racks, your future path should be decided by yourself, less by others, not even me!" Chen Yang returned on the phone with a solemn face.


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