The belly black national teacher dotes on the demon wife

Jiang: Are you a fan of Weibo? If you are a fan, you should be well-intentioned. I hope you can become a star. Don't blacklist casually and hurt the hearts of fans. Xiao Zhou: Unlikely.


Xiao Jiu straightened his face. "Ziqing, when we just came out from there, I didn't ask, because I didn't think it was appropriate in that situation. But at the moment, there are only you and me. I want to know about you. I want to know if you are hurt or not. I need to know everything about you. Ziqing, can you tell me?" Lian Mu Xiu just looked at Xiao Jiu and did not speak, but Xiao Jiu saw a struggle in Lian Mu Xiu's eyes. Why? Why struggle? Are all the secrets of Lian Muxiu that she can't touch? Did she know that it would be dangerous? If not, Lian Muxiu's feelings for her would not just look at her when she asked. Xiao Jiu opened his lips. "Is it something I can't know?" Lian Muxiu shook his head. "No, I just don't know how to say it to you, and I can't say it all." Xiao Jiu frowned. "What does that mean?" Lian Muxiu stretched out a hand and stroked Xiao Jiu's face. "Jiu, I can tell you something, but promise me that no matter what you hear, you won't leave me." "Good." Xiao Jiu held Lian Muxiu's hand, "I promise you, no matter what I hear, I will not leave you." "Alas." Lian Muxiu sighed with a rare sigh. "Ziqing, if you're embarrassed, I won't ask." Xiao Jiu was reluctant to let Lian Muxiu frown. No,metal trim manufacturers, even if I don't tell you now, you will know in the future. Since your wife has something she wants to know, she must have to solve the problem that your wife is worried about. Xiao Jiu listened to the teasing meaning in Lian Muxiu's words, and beat Lian Muxiu's chest with his little fist, "Don't laugh at me." "Yes, yes, yes,tile trim factory, for my husband." "Lian Muxiu!" Xiao Jiu fried hair. Lian Muxiu laughed and stroked Xiao Jiu's hair for her to follow the "hair" that exploded. " I'm not from Beiyan. "Well?" Even Mu Xiu suddenly opened his mouth, but let Xiao Jiu surprised, "you are not the people of Beiyan?"? Is that Nanyu's? "Not really." Lian Mu Xiu shook his head gently, "I am neither Beiyan nor Nanyu, more precisely, I am not a person in this space." "What?"? Ouch Small nine Leng, even Mu Xiu this news is too sudden, so that she can not help but stand up, but hit the roof of the carriage, the pain of small nine immediately see stars. Be careful. Lian Mu Xiu pulled Xiao Jiu close to his arms and gently rubbed the top of his head for Xiao Jiu with his big palm, which was very painful. Come on, keep talking. Why aren't you from here? Why not someone from here? What's going on here? Xiao Jiu is rubbing his head and pulling Lian Muxiu's sleeve. The news is too shocking. Xiao Jiu is very anxious. She is now eager to know about Lian Muxiu. Lian Muxiu soothed Xiao Jiu and calmed her down. Do you remember what the golden lotus looks like between your eyebrows? Xiao Jiu frowned. "It hasn't fully opened yet, but a petal has begun to open." "Yes, stainless steel edge trim ,stainless steel edging strip, the petal that blooms has my memory." "What?" Xiao Jiu was really speechless. She didn't expect that she would casually say that Lian Muxiu was not an ordinary person. Lian Muxiu really had such a big secret. My memory is indeed restored in the spiritual space, and it is because of half of your origin that the golden lotus appears. "Is that so?" "That's true." "Then you.." Where did it come from? Even Mu Xiu was silent for a moment and said in a deep voice, "I don't know." Xiao Jiu was stunned. "Don't you know?"? Don't you have a memory? Lian Mu Xiu said, "I do have a memory, but it's not complete. I once told you that I was picked up by Lian Jingyi in the street and brought back to the palace." "Well, that's true." Small nine nodded, at that time, she was still in the heart of condemnation, Lian Mu Xiu wholeheartedly assisted Lian Jingyi, for him to seize the country, to seek the world, in front of Lian Jingyi unexpectedly did not get a little good, but also by Lian Jing Yi and his sister hurt. "Since I came to Beiyan, I have lost my memory. Before I met Lian Jingyi, I didn't know what I was waiting for. I only knew to go forward blindly until I met him surrounded by people and saved him. He asked me where I was going. I didn't know him, so he took me back to the palace." "Oh, sin!" Xiao Jiu's sudden sigh made Lian Muxiu look sideways. Why did Jiu Er say that? Xiao Jiu sighed again and again, "a good Ziqing is Lian Jingyi's fault." Lian Mu Xiu laughed and rubbed Xiao Jiu's hair. "Silly fox, if Lian Jingyi didn't bring me back that year, how could you and I meet?" "At first glance, it's really a good thing to do." Xiao Jiu nodded approvingly, "so how much of your memory has been restored now?" Even Mu Xiu frowned, "not much, I only know that I am not here, but where I come from, where I want to go, why I live in Beiyan, these are not answered." Xiao Jiu reached out to smooth his frowning eyebrows. "It doesn't matter. I'll be with you, and I'll find the reason." "Yes, now there is a clue." Lian Muxiu reached out and stroked his eyebrows and gently rubbed the golden lotus. "If the petals of the golden lotus blossom again, can you think of more?" "Maybe." Xiao Jiu attached a sound, then as if thinking of something, pulled Lian Muxiu's skirt, "Ziqing, Ziqing, I remember!" "What do you remember?" Lian Muxiu was slightly surprised. Xiao Jiu looked at Lian Muxiu's eyes and said word by word, "Bai Ling is a dead man, and he will be a demon forever." Lian Muxiu's body trembled. As early as many years ago, he often dreamed of Bai Ling Mountain. When Xiao Jiu said this, he suddenly remembered the Bai Ling Mountain he had talked about with Xiao Jiu. After Lian Jingyi ascended the throne, he often dreamed of this place for a period of time. Later,china tile trim, he learned that Xiao Jiu had also come from Bai Ling Mountain, which really surprised him. Could it be that he really has a long history with Bai Ling Mountain? "Jiu'er didn't say anything. I almost forgot that Jiu'er also came from Bai Ling Mountain." Xiao Jiu: "…" Small 9 in the secret way in the heart, is this to want to say the thing of day thunder with her again.


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