Shanghai Fortress

When she thought of her face after seven days, fourteen days, twenty-one days,steatite c221, and so on, she even had the idea of singing K songs to celebrate. Unconsciously, she hummed a happy tune in her mouth.


Shanghai main gun, the greatest significance of this thing is that it has never been fired. Its existence is a deterrent, after all, it is what the Alpha civilization left behind, not what our current technology can achieve. Alpha civilization is the first extraterrestrial civilization that human beings come into contact with, and its first dialogue with human beings dates back to 1975. Exactly how it connects to humans is top secret, and people like me don't know, but the document records that it is the first alien civilization to enter the Earth Circle. Alpha civilizations manifest their presence in many ways. For example, Morse code received by radio telescopes, and "messengers"-the proportion of abnormal brain development in children born in 1975 has increased significantly, and a considerable number of them have been sleeping for a long time and never opened their eyes since birth. But their existence is very meaningful, and most of the information transmitted by the Alpha civilization comes from their dreams. No one taught them language, but these people spoke advanced technology that surpassed the progress of our civilization by an unknown amount. They are called "messengers". Now these people sleep in a pool of nutrient solution in a mysterious place, acting as a bridge between the Alpha civilization and the earth. The alpha civilization says that the development of civilization on Earth did not actually evolve from single-celled organisms; the alpha civilization also shows disdain for our most advanced mechanical civilization. They believe that there is no way out for this civilization and that it will encounter a bottleneck in the near future; they also say that the planet still exists today. "Ancient technology" is far beyond our current level of science and technology, but they also say that the door of ancient technology can not be easily opened, so we can only be poor sitting at the door of the treasure house. Sometimes I think that these intelligent creatures of Alpha civilization are the same as those who sell powerful pills. After talking for a long time, they are still empty words. But the Alpha civilization predicted the arrival of a second guest, the Delta civilization. On February 15, 2007, the heads of space forces and governments were waiting for news of the celestial observatory. This day is the "coming day" predicted by the Alpha civilization,ceramic igniter electrodes, which is a total solar eclipse. When the shadow of the moon slowly blocked the sun, the disaster appeared: in addition to the circular shadow of the moon, there was another long and narrow shadow across the sky, which people from Mohe to Moscow could observe with the naked eye. Delta civilization, it's really coming. It's actually a huge airborne mothership, with the longest axis reaching a quarter of the diameter of the moon. The absorption of light radiation by its surface prevents us from capturing it at night, and it emerges during a solar eclipse, casting a huge shadow on the earth's surface with the moon. Because it orbits the moon at low altitude, the two shadows overlap and look like an oversized lollipop with a short handle. The heads of state gathered in New York for a summit in horror, and countless gods in history predicted the end of the earth, which later proved to be the story of "crying wolf". When Nostradamus could no longer survive, Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters ,cordierite c520, the wolf really came. Unlike the Alpha civilization, the Delta civilization came directly as a destroyer. The Alpha civilization predicted this big trouble in a god-like tone, and the children sleeping in the nutrient solution opened their mouths and said, "Shadows fall from the sky, and you will suffer the greatest destruction, or you can fight and wait for the light to come." The chairman of the committee of NASA saw this grand occasion with his own eyes. He could not bear this great prophecy between science and theology. He insisted on waiting until the Delta civilization really came. His values completely collapsed. It was said that he had gone to a small temple in Tibet to become a monk and began to study Tantric philosophy. Fortunately, the Alpha civilization is not only satisfied with being a God, but also contains advanced weapons that transcend the times in their messages. Bubble defense system is one of them, and it is the only equipment that can resist the main gun of Delta mothership at present, just like the defense interface that is currently open over Shanghai. This bubble-like interface can completely isolate the city from the outside world, and even the main guns of Delta's secondary main ships can't penetrate it, let alone the Predator. However, it will also be disordered under high-intensity attacks, and my job is to balance the energy density of the whole interface. This powerful defense is only placed in a very small number of large cities, but strangely, the Delta civilization did not take the opportunity to attack small and medium-sized cities, their attacks are all concentrated in places where bubble defense is set up. Bubble defense is like honey, and these alien beings are attracted to it like ants. However, the People's Liberation Army's Supreme Command in Lanzhou did not have a bubble defense, but it was safe and sound. It was said that everyone was still in the mood to go out of the bunker every afternoon to bask in the sun. Constrained field fire is an offensive weapon that can directly damage the secondary mothership. The Shanghai Cannon is a restricted field cannon. The first shot of the Confinement Field Fire was fired in New York, which had about 120 times the power of the Shanghai Cannon, and destroyed two Delta sub-motherships and 215 Predators in a single bombardment. This good news was once exaggerated to the point that Earth had mastered the core technology to deter the Delta technological civilization. But just two weeks later, Fort New York sank into the ground. For the first time, the fall of Fort New York made mankind feel that disaster was imminent, and the support given by the Alpha civilization was not omnipotent. And according to the information of the Alpha civilization, this unimaginable giant mothership is only a small one in the Delta civilization's space exploration army. I am now sitting on a not very big barge, the wind is blowing, the water is flowing slowly under my feet, and the old man on the ferry is eating his box lunch. I turned on my phone and there was no new text message. Lin Lan, what are you doing now? Three The camouflage military jeep ran on the broad road of Longyang Road, overtaking one heavy truck after another. I stood up and saluted the gendarmes who were escorting the car. Some of them returned the salute, and some of them looked cold. Don't be too arrogant. Said the gendarme who was driving. It's all right. I sat down and leaned back comfortably in my seat. Fortunately, I met a familiar Major Jiang Li from the gendarmerie, who had played cards together before,Ozone generator ceramic plate, and he promised to take me for a ride. The mobile phone rang suddenly, and a little thing jumped in my heart. Turn on the mobile phone, it is the short message that Lin Lan returns: "What do you go flowers and trees to do?" 。