Wind dance

When she thought of her face after seven days, fourteen days, twenty-one days,steatite c221, and so on, she even had the idea of singing K songs to celebrate. Unconsciously, she hummed a happy tune in her mouth.


The rain surplus is the angry ground in the stage above starts on me, under the stage starts on me: "You this have no conscience!" Yes! Hiding from her scaly feet, I grabbed my backpack and said, Wow! Terrible! There's a mass murder going on, The scene will soon be a river of blood! I ran away while she was laughing. Attend with your family? A new good start. As soon as the elevator door opened, I saw a tall and vigorous figure of a stranger stepping into the opposite wall in two or three steps. A special elevator, in the moment when the elevators closed, looked back and gave me a smile, what a magnificent man. I went to Rufeng: "Your friend?" I sat up to receive a kiss: "I have never seen your friend." Friend. Except Yin Chenglie. So their old lives have been prolonged until now. "Glib." I pretended to be disdainful, but there was a trace of joy in my heart. He was praising me and hinting at him. Will be jealous of me. All women love to listen to sweet words, whether he is sincere or not, as long as the other side. That's sweet. Laughing like a cheating kitten. He put me down and pointed to the file waiting to be approved on the table. "Go play, you." My husband has a hard life. "Your wife's life is not hard. Good time-just take a nap." I stretched to the lounge. May I show it as an invitation? He shouted behind my back. Dream I answered loudly, twisting my neck and buttocks on purpose. Beg for a fight. He laughed and scolded. I was about to run away, and my arm had been hit by an unknown object accurately. I turned around and saw that it was a felt-tip pen, so I picked it up and threw it at him. A scumbag who can only plot! The pen had been a promising one to smash a gap in the hateful smiling face,Ceramic Band Heater, as long as his hand did not move. Or even though he moved his hand, he didn't take it. Seeing my hopes dashed, I had to put on a high profile. "" I won't play with you! Boring! Bang the door. He had many strange dreams in a daze, and when he woke up in a daze, he saw Rufeng sitting on the edge of the bed. Have you finished your work? What time is it I rubbed my eyes. Why did the wallet clip in his hand look so familiar? It seemed that I was so anxious that I stretched out my hand to grab it: "Give it back to me." He smiled back to me: "Don't worry, your husband always rob sex but not money." I don't have time to talk to him. Open the wallet and look for it. No. I looked up at him,10g Ozone Generator, and he turned his hand over, a piece of hair. Huang's photo lit up in front of my eyes: "This?"? A family of three looks very happy. A pain in the heart immediately, I was so angry that I wanted to cry: "Do you know you are very annoying!" " Who doesn't have some Dull pain is not willing to let others touch? Why do you insist on that pot instead of mentioning that pot! "All right, all right, guilty for your husband?" He coaxed me, "will you punish me for being bitten by my wife?" He will Send up the lips. Between lovers, this trick is always tried and tested, alas, the head is more dizzy. This afternoon, just after class, he was summoned by the wind to accompany him to work, ceramic bobbin element ,7g Ozone Generator, get off work, candlelight dinner, and then. In the end, he told me: "I have a charity party to go to. Will you accompany me?" "No." I refused: "You go, I go home." I don't like social intercourse most. It's heartless. He took out the gilded invitation. "See?"? Two seats. You want me to invite you? Others One word crushed me to death. Since I didn't want him to invite other women, I had to let him drag him to buy evening clothes. He eats in his right hand It refers to drawing smoothly along the dress rack, suddenly stopping in the middle, pouring back two squares, and picking out a dress with your fingertips. An evening dress with a light blue one-shoulder crystal suspender and a 12-inch front skirt. I changed and came out, and he gave a wolf whistle. I adjusted my skirt uncomfortably. It was too snug. "Go!" Ah? It's almost too late. Why is he still standing? I have to pick out my shoes, do my hair and make up for the evening. It's so annoying. He seemed to hesitate to speak, looked at his watch and finally took me out. What happened to you I asked. Nothing. When we arrived, the charity reception was over and the bazaar was about to begin. At the special guest entrance of the venue Before, such as the wind suddenly stopped. Is there anything wrong? He looked strange all the way. "The lips are faded." He said, bowing his head and kissing me. When he finished kissing, I believed that my lip color was "rippling" enough, but my long hair was also draped over my shoulders, and I couldn't bear it. "Look at you," he complained. "My bun is ruined." Smiling without a word, he combed my hair with his index finger and pulled the hair on both sides to the front, as if to cover it. My bare shoulders were covered, and my gestures were full of possessiveness. You didn't mean to, did you? I'm not angry. My hair is in a good shape. How can it be for no reason? Spread out like this? This guy must have pulled the bun while I was out of my mind. His smile became profound. "God knows." Pull me up and walk inside. In fact, such an informal auction does not have any meaning, but is donated by some benevolent people. Produce all kinds of antique jewelry or authentic calligraphy and paintings, and then buy them by other merchants, gentry and rich people, or collect them by themselves. Give it to someone on the spot-mostly relatives and friends who are closely related to him. Donors, buyers, and recipients all Will be invited to the stage to give a speech, so that the public can see his style. In a word, the whole process is not the style of one person. Light is the scenery of a certain family, and the only thing that has some real meaning is that the proceeds are all after deducting the preparatory expenses. Donate to charity. On the stage, the host was introducing an exquisitely carved jade Ruyi, which was more than a foot long. I lowered my voice and asked to be seated. "Aren't you going to have a good time?" He said to the uninterested Rufeng. He's in the front row. No. Donating some money to appear on the stage is not justified. He whispered back to me, "Didn't you notice all the eyes on you when we came in?"? I have It's been a long time,alumina c799, baby. As soon as his voice fell, the voice of the host came from the amplification equipment: "Now we ask Yu Ruyi to donate again." Presented to: Mr. Leng Rufeng, President of Leng's Organization! 。