My ex-husband is Qiu by Guseshi.

When she thought of her face after seven days, fourteen days, twenty-one days,steatite c221, and so on, she even had the idea of singing K songs to celebrate. Unconsciously, she hummed a happy tune in her mouth.


"Oh.." Lu Li couldn't help smiling in a low voice. He liked to see emotions on her face. Now he couldn't see a sincere smile. It was good to make her angry with him. At least, it proved that she didn't regard him as an enemy. He could not help hugging her more tightly with a surge of affection, and almost kissed her ear between his lips. So, your majesty, I have a plan, I wonder if your majesty would like to listen? Xie Ning feels his lip, want to dodge and feel to want to cover up, lead him to misunderstand instead, ignore simply, ask: "What plan?" "I have heard that the female officer beside Your Majesty is careful and bold, and is very familiar with Your Majesty's every move. I have a dark guard who is good at transfiguration. Why not.." He pressed Xie Ning's ear, breathed the cold fragrance on her body, and told the whole story of the plan. Xie Ning's attention was suddenly attracted by the plan. Even his motionless eyes were not aware of it. He said thoughtfully, "It's a good idea. Let's do it like this." Lu Li waited for her following, but she had already begun to meditate on the follow-up arrangements, ignoring him who was close at hand. Lu Li could only sigh and continue to teach her to ride a horse. At first, Lu Li rode with her. When she was finally not afraid, she let her ride alone, and he rode another horse beside her. Strange to say,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, Xie Ning, who dared not ride a horse at first, learned to ride a horse in just a few days. Lan, have you noticed that the relationship between Your Majesty and Qiu seems to have improved a little? Qiongye, who was packing her bags, said quietly to Lan, "What is Your Majesty's plan for Qiu?" "God's will is always unpredictable. You'd better listen to your Majesty's arrangement honestly." "Remember, it's one thing for your majesty to spoil you,Alumina Ceramic C795, but don't speculate on your majesty's mind." "Oh." Qiongye nodded hurriedly. Two female historians. The little maid of honor came and said, "Your Majesty is summoning." Qiongye and Lan Radius looked at each other, hurried to go, but received a strange order, almost scared Lan Radius half to death. The next day, leaving Beijing, the team gathered outside the Zichen Hall. Zichen Hall is a two-story building, with a high platform between the palace and the ground, on which there is a spacious stone and brick platform. When Xie Ning walked out of the palace with celadon, orchid and Qiongye, the others were waiting on the stone platform. The leader of nature is Lu Li, followed by two teams of a total of 36 people Yi Wei, team leader is around Yi Wei corps commander Wei Yu and Meng Jiheng. And behind Meng Jiheng, ceramic welding tape ,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, Xie Ning found an interesting person and couldn't help laughing. I I don't want to appear in Yi Wei either. Who doesn't know that Yi Wei is your candidate team of concubines? In my heart, I think your Majesty is your own sister. Entering Yi Wei is like a mess. But my mother. Zhong Mingzhi said with great grievance, "If the third brother hadn't gone to Jiangnan by the way, I would have been worried to death." "Nonsense, the language of chaos can also be said casually?"? Be careful that I punish you. Xie Ning lightly rebuked, changed the subject and asked, "Zhongze also went to Jiangnan?" "Yes." Zhong Ming's way, "his mother is Jiangnan people, the mother clan has almost no one, Pure Brightness in March he will go to worship the mother clan.". Your Majesty. No, I'm going to change my story, miss. It's not right. Xie Ning chuckled and said, "You can call me Cousin. Others can call me Miss outside the palace." "Yes." Yi and Wei answered together. Zhong Mingzhi couldn't help it. He wanted to jump in front of her and asked excitedly, "Cousin, shall we start like this?"? How to get there? By carriage or by boat? "By boat, of course." Xie Ning said with a smile, "The Grand Canal runs through the north-south golden waterway. I haven't seen what it looks like yet." "Yes, yes." Zhong Mingzhi began to chatter, "Sister Ning, I told you that I went to Yangzhou by boat with my father once before. The scenery of the canal was very good, and the food on the road was delicious.." He was about to start making noise with a red face. Lu Li frowned secretly and suddenly patted his hands. Snow leopard is just out of the palace, it was taught from an early age, Xie Ning around someone can not rub in the past, so automatically to the side of Lu Li to stay. Xie Ning dotes on it, but Lu Li likes to tame it very much. This patting is the meaning of "Go to your mother". Snow leopard can be impatient in his side, the moment was liberated, immediately Ow of a rush to Xie Ning's side. Zhong Mingzhi was about to start talking about Qionghua in Yangzhou when suddenly a snow leopard taller than his waist appeared beside him. His round eyes looked at him without blinking. His eyes seemed to be somewhat dissatisfied. He was so frightened that he cried out. He hid behind Meng Jiheng and grabbed Meng Jiheng's shoulder and stammered: "This.." This, this, this. "This is my leopard." Xie Ning touched the head of the snow leopard and comforted the aggrieved snow leopard-it was so good and good-looking that the man didn't like it! Yi Wei had heard that the female emperor had raised a leopard, and thought it was a cat-like leopard cub, but it turned out to be such a huge thing, and all of them looked surprised. Wei Yu asked, "Your Majesty, this.." "My leopard has never been to the south of the Yangtze River and wants to open his eyes." Xie Ning got into the carriage and called the snow leopard up. So they're going to stay with a leopard all the way?! "Several of Yi Wei's men turned pale, and it was the first time they had seen a leopard, and it was false to say they were not afraid." A little promising, boys. Lu Li got on his horse and walked slowly by the side of the carriage. "Even the servant girls around her are not afraid of leopards," he said lightly. "Are you so many men afraid of being like this?" The words will Yi Wei said face, one by one dare not say more, also got on the horse to follow up. A group of people went to the wharf in the suburbs of Beijing, changed into a two-storey boat, and went all the way south. Northerners are used to not being able to swim. The first time they got on the boat, many Yi Wei got seasick. Even Zhong Mingzhi was no exception. He lay on the side of the boat and vomited until his intestines were blue. Why. Why doesn't she get seasick? Zhong Mingzhi looked at the distance feebly, extremely resentful. On the deck,ceramic bobbin heater, Xie Ning moved a chair and sat looking at the scenery on both sides of the canal. The snow leopard lay obediently beside her, and Lu Li stood quietly beside her. None of the three spoke, but the scene. "Do you think they look like a family of three?" Zhong Mingzhi murmured.