Mad dog plus three

She knew it was a childish provocation, but. It was still very childish to use it, and it was so childish that people could immediately recognize that she was deliberately provoking her voice. I can't help it?


Elder Yong sighed and said, "Why do you think the evil world is so peaceful now?"? This is the price! And this is not just our Xia clan, other forces are the same. The sacrificed geniuses are pitiful, but they get a better environment, and their sacrifice can make the forces they belong to get good compensation and development. What do we cultivate those geniuses for? Isn't it just so they can do something for the clan? So isn't it also a kind of contribution to the clan to let them sacrifice? Still a big contribution! Not to mention that we have actually retained the real peerless genius to ensure the healthy development of our nation. "We are all deceived, too. Who can know that there is magic in the sacrificial magic array that can run for a lifetime?". Fatty Jia, ask yourself if what we are doing is for the better of the Xia people? So, we have a clear conscience! Except what the elder said blocked the dirty words that the fat uncle wanted to say. Seeing that the fat uncle not only wanted to be serious but also intended to be true, Elder Yong made a ha-ha and acted as a peacemaker and said, "Ladies and gentlemen, instead of discussing these, it's better to return to the original topic. What's your opinion about this pure-blood?" "Three is about to enter the Holy Land.". I suggest we wait until he comes out of the Holy Land. Cheng Liang Dao. The cool commander's opinion was recognized by everyone, but the elder still had a question: "Holy land can promote blood, but pure blood should not need to promote it?"? How will the Holy Land react when he enters? The oldest elder closed his eyes and opened them again. "He is not walking the same path as the previous blood ascenders.". After that, even I can't see. There It should only be pure blood, but also pure blood with good aptitude and talent. Although all the people present had passed the age of jealousy, some people could not help but feel a little jealous when they heard this. Chapter 288 the benefits of pure blood. Jia San's heart suddenly jumped. Fortunately, he had experienced a lot of things and did not change color on the spot. It turned out that as he walked along, many hands suddenly appeared on the side of the road. Those hands were all shadows. When he passed by, he suddenly reached out and touched him. The first time Jia San was touched, he fought back subconsciously, but the attack failed, and then a pair of virtual hands appeared, this time stroking his head. No malice. Te Meimei said softly. Plus three also felt, he did not attack the pair of virtual shadow hands, but when the other side was about to touch his head,endless swimming pool, he turned his head down. The third pair of hands appeared, and the direction in which they stretched out was also his head. Avoiding the third pair of hands, the fourth pair of hands still stubbornly touched his head. The fourth pair failed, followed by the fifth pair, the sixth pair.. Plus three is defeated. Feel free to touch it. So the seventh pair of hands finally touched the head of the third. At that moment, Jia San seemed to hear happy laughter, and his hands touched him several times. In front of the hand, I do not know is jealous, or not satisfied, came out together to surround the head of the three. As a result, plus three was surrounded by many, many pairs of virtual shadow hands, at first glance, endless swim spa ,endless swim pool, really terrible. But those hands did not touch, most of them touched the young man's head and patted him on the shoulder, just like the elders to the younger generation. The hands spread out and pushed him from behind, and Jiasan found that the bluestone road under his feet had disappeared and a dirt road had appeared. The strength of those hands pushing him is not big, plus three did not repel, along the force to move forward. Both sides of the dirt road are very desolate, there are many stones on the ground, the soil is dry, and no plants can be seen. When we first came here, it was like this. The distant voice sounded in Jiasan's ear, and a figure appeared beside Jiasan. The figure, like the hands, was a virtual shadow, and could only be seen as a grown man, dressed in a two-part suit suitable for work, with straw sandals on his feet. And you are? Garzo asked politely. "I am a priest in the clan, but I didn't go with the king. I have someone I can't let go, and that person can't let go of this one," he said with a smile and deep crow's feet in his eyes. I watched him to the end and followed this one here. "I have seen the priest." Add three lines of warrior salute. The shadow nodded in return. "I didn't expect pure blood to appear in the clan. Are you from outside?" "Yes.". ” "You don't need to be stressed." The shadow smiled kindly, just like an ordinary old farmer, as soon as he came up, he gave away the possible psychological burden of adding three. "The situation in the clan can not be solved by a pure blood, not to mention that the one who came here deviated from the road at the beginning. The most important thing is that their thoughts and hearts deviated too far from the right path.". At that time, the king did not have the heart to kill them, so he took a similar way of exile. But instead of true repentance, they passed on their discontent, resentment and selfishness to the next generation. I've raised the bloodlines of some of the children here, and I've found that they all have signs of being transplanted. "Transplant?" "Well, have you ever heard of the gift of blood transfer magic?"? It's a transplant like that, transferring everything from a truly peerless genius to another child. "Yes." Plus three has always thought that these magic is created by Renault, but listen to the meaning of the shadow, such magic has existed for a long time. Renault voice: "I told you before, I just based on the basis of the ancient magic array to come up with a new array, those arrays are not my first.". Although those formations will be deliberately covered up and extinguished every time they appear, as long as people's ambitions are not extinguished, such formations will continue to be created, just as I, because I felt omnipotent when I was young, made these formations. Plus three is now a little afraid to hear Renault's voice, since Renault turned into a magic horse that night and allowed him to ride on his back, he felt that there was really something different between him and Renault. Put yourself in the other's shoes. If he were Renault and an adult told him to turn him into a horse and wanted to ride him around, he would be surprised if he didn't beat the man with his mouth full! Unless it is a child under three years old who is really ignorant,endless pool swim spa, but even if it is a child, unless it is his own child, otherwise he will not agree.