Good soldier, Shuaike

She knew it was a childish provocation, but. It was still very childish to use it, and it was so childish that people could immediately recognize that she was deliberately provoking her voice. I can't help it?


Thus, at a time when Vienna was calling on all peoples in the Austro-Hungarian Empire to set a practical example of loyalty to the monarch and service to the country, Doctor Pawick was prescribing bromide for Shuaike's patriotic enthusiasm and telling the handsome and brave soldier Shuaike not to think about enlisting in the army. Keep lying on your back and have a good rest. I'll come back tomorrow. The next day he came and asked Mrs. Mollet in the kitchen how the patient was. "Much more, doctor," she replied, with genuine concern. " His rheumatism flared up again during the night. Guess what? He's singing the Austrian national anthem. Dr. Perwick had to add more of the bromide to deal with the patient's new display of loyalty. On the third day, Mrs. Moller said that Shuaike was more serious. In the afternoon, doctor, he asked me to go out and find him a map showing what he called the battlefield, and in the evening he began to think about it, and he said that Austria would win. In two days, Shuaike will have to report to the physical examination committee for able-bodied men. During this period, Shuaike made proper preparations. First, he asked Mrs. Mollet to buy him a military cap. Then he told her to go to the corner candy store to borrow the wheelchair that the owner had used to push his lame grandfather, the grumpy old man, for air. Then he remembered that he needed a pair of crutches. It so happened that the owner of the candy store still kept one as a family memorial to their late grandfather. Now he lacks the bouquet of flowers that the able-bodied men wear on their breasts. Mrs. Mollet bought this for him,outdoor whirlpool, too. Mrs. Moller saw that she had lost a lot of weight these days, and she wiped her tears wherever she went. In this way, on an unforgettable day, the following moving example of loyalty to the monarch and serving the country appeared in the streets of Prague: an old woman pushed a wheelchair, on which sat a man wearing a military cap, the peak of which was polished, waving a pair of crutches in his hand,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, and his coat was decorated with a bunch of gorgeous flowers. The man kept waving his hand and shouting along the streets of Prague: "Fight to Belgrade!"! Go to Belgrade! Followed by a group of people, mainly unheeded loafers, gathered in front of the house where Shuaike had set out to join the army. When Shuaike proved to the inspector that he had indeed been summoned to the medical examination committee that day, the inspector seemed a little disappointed. In order to stop him from disturbing the peace, two mounted policemen escorted Shuaikelian and his wheelchair to the medical examination committee. With regard to this incident, the Prague Official News published the following passage: The disabled are enthusiastic and patriotic. Yesterday, pedestrians on the streets of Prague witnessed a moving story. At this critical moment of national crisis, it is enough to prove that all the men of our country are eager to serve the elderly monarch wholeheartedly. Our country today really has the ancient style of Greece and Rome. In the past, although the hand of Muse Si Sikevola was burned, he still led the army to fight bravely. Yesterday, a disabled person with a crutch in one hand sat in a wheelchair and was pushed forward by an old woman. This scene is a moving expression of sacred feelings. The son of the Czech Republic, whirlpool bathtub ,4 person jacuzzi, though disabled, volunteered to join the army in order to sacrifice his life for my monarch. Prague's thoroughfare called him "Go to Belgrade!" All of them are warmly praised, which is enough to show the enthusiastic support of the people of Prague for their country and royal family. In a similar vein, the Prague Daily concluded: The disabled volunteer was followed by a group of Germans, who protected him with their bodies from being beaten by Czech agents of the Allies. The Bohemian newspaper published the news, demanding that the disabled patriot should be rewarded, and that any German citizen who wished to give something to the unknown hero could send it to the newspaper office. The chairman of the medical examination committee, Dr. Potts, never allowed anyone to act foolishly. Of the eleven thousand able-bodied men whose hands he had examined in two and a half months, ten thousand and nine hundred and ninety-nine had been found to be malingerers trying to dodge the draft, and the remaining one, when Dr. Poz shouted, "kehrteuch!"! " If the unfortunate fellow had not had a stroke, he would have been arrested as well. Take this malingering deserter away! Said Dr. Potts, after he had made sure that the man was dead. On that unforgettable day, Shuaike stood in front of him. "Of the lowest constitution, owing to nervous infirmity," said the sergeant, as he looked through the records. Is there anything else wrong with you? Asked Dr. Potts. Sir, I have rheumatism, but I am crushed to pieces, and I want to be loyal to the emperor. Shuaike said humbly. My knee is swollen. "Siesindeinsimulant!", "Boz shouted, giving the good soldier Shuaike a vicious look. Then he said to the sergeant coldly, "denkerlsogleicheinsperren!". " Two soldiers with bayoneted guns took Shuaike to the military prison. Mrs. Moller waited for Shuaike on the bridge with a wheelchair. Until she saw him being escorted by bayonets, she shed tears, turned around and left the wheelchair, and never went back to pick it up. The bayonets flashed in the sunlight, and when he reached the monument of Redizki, Shuaike turned to the crowd behind him and shouted, "Go to Belgrade!"! Go to Belgrade! On the monument, Admiral Redizki looked down at the good soldier Shuaike with dreamy eyes, watching him limp away with two old crutches and a bunch of flowers for recruits in his coat pocket. His escort, with a sullen face, told the passers-by that they were taking a deserter to prison. (1) Galicia is located in southern Poland and was occupied by the Austro-Hungarian Empire before the First World War. (2) Cracow was the capital of Poland at that time, in the province of Galicia. Vienna was the political center of the Austro-Hungarian Empire at that time. (4) Bromide is a tranquilizer. (5) At that time, Belgrade was the capital of Serbia, which is now the capital of Yugoslavia. Muttus Skavola was a hero of the Roman Empire in the sixth century BC. (7) The Allies refer to Britain and France. In German,China spa factory, it means: "Turn back!" Here and in the following places, the author uses German to show the identity of the ruler of Austria. In German, it means: "You are faking illness to avoid military service!" 。