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She knew it was a childish provocation, but. It was still very childish to use it, and it was so childish that people could immediately recognize that she was deliberately provoking her voice. I can't help it?


The sister-in-law had to stand up. Magnolia wiped her tears and said, "Sir, we don't think you can stay here for a long time. Can you take the little girl with my sister-in-law?" Yue Xiaohu was stunned and said, "Just now Cen Biao came to apologize. You saw it. What else is there to be afraid of?" Magnolia shook her head and said, "What happened just now was all because of our sister-in-law. Master Cen was badly hurt.". Several of his men were seriously injured. How could he be willing to give up with us after the childe left? "You have a lot of money now. If you're worried about their retaliation, you can leave Baoji. The world is so big. Why do you have to sing here?" "Childe should know that our sister-in-law and sister-in-law are probably already unable to move!" "Why?" "Childe might as well ask the shopkeeper to know that within a hundred miles of this is Cen's sphere of influence, and our sister-in-law and two weak women can't go even if they want to." The words of the magnolia flower made Yue Xiaohu hesitate. If it was caused by the magnolia flower today, it would be better to say that it was caused by himself. Morally speaking, he had no reason to let go. Then, he accosted to ask: "We are to plan to go to Lanzhou, if the girl also plans to go to Lanzhou, might as well go together with us, we are responsible for the safety on your way certainly." Magnolia turned to look at the middle-aged woman and said, "Let's go back to Lanzhou, sister-in-law." Who would have thought that the middle-aged woman seemed to be reminded of an extremely sad thing. Suddenly,garden jacuzzi tub, tears filled her eyes again. She sighed and said, "Sister, should we go back to that sad place again?" The magnolia flower also felt sad and sobbed, "It's good to go back. At least we should renovate the eldest brother's grave." The middle-aged woman nodded and said, "Well, let's go back to Lanzhou with this young man." The two sisters-in-law's answers naturally aroused the curiosity and sympathy of Yue Xiaohu and others. Yue Xiaohu couldn't help asking,5 person hot tub, "Girl, Lanzhou is a sad place for your sister-in-law. What's the matter?" Magnolia shook her head and said, "It's all right if you don't mention it." "It's better to speak out about this kind of thing. If we need help, we will do our best." Magnolia flower is hesitating, that middleaged woman already is rushing a way: "younger sister, tell this childe!"! He is our benefactor. If you have something to say, just say it to the childe! Magnolia nodded and glanced at Yue Xiaohu. "All right," she said! I told Childe that my eldest brother was killed in Lanzhou. "Who did it?" Asked Yue Xiaohu. "It was on the outskirts of Lanzhou at night. There were five or six masked men. They killed my eldest brother and wanted to kill my sister-in-law and me.." "They want to rob us, not kill us," said the middle-aged woman. Magnolia suddenly hung down its pink neck. Yue Xiaohu looked at the magnolia flower, only to feel that the girl seemed not very good at first, outdoor whirlpool tub ,hot tub wholesale, but very durable, seems to have a kind of indescribable charm, must look closely to see her beauty and temperament. He was silent for a moment and then asked, "Where does your sister-in-law live?" Magnolia answered in a low voice, "Luoyang." "Since they live in Luoyang, why do women and Taoist families travel thousands of miles to Lanzhou?" "That's because our family suffered a great change and had to go to Lanzhou for relatives." "How many of you came to Lanzhou?" "A family of three, eldest brother with sister-in-law and me." "What about Lanzhou?" "As a result, they did not meet their relatives." "How did your brother's murder come about?" "My family suffered great changes, and I didn't meet my relatives, so my brother decided to stay in Lanzhou for a few days and then try to find a way. One day, the three of us went out to do something. When we returned, it was already after the first watch. We met several masked men in the suburbs of Lanzhou and killed my eldest brother indiscriminately." "How did you and your sister-in-law escape?" Just as they were chasing my sister-in-law and me, another group of people came, and the masked men had to flee in all directions. ” "What are the identities of the people who came?" "I couldn't see clearly at night. The leader seemed to be a young man, a kind-hearted man. He wanted to cure his eldest brother, but when he saw that his eldest brother was dead, he ordered his men to dig a pit nearby and bury him. When he left, he gave him twenty taels of silver." "The girl and your sister-in-law should ask the name of this benefactor and where he lives." "Sister-in-law and I have asked, but the young man won't tell." "What will you do in the future?" "My sister-in-law and I went to my eldest brother's grave the next day to burn incense, and then wandered to Baoji. Because we were running out of money, we had to sing for a living." "The girl sings so well, and your sister-in-law plays the lute so well. Where did she learn it?" "When I was at home, I liked to hum ditties. After a long time, I learned a lot of tunes. As for my sister-in-law, she also learned musical instruments when she was at home, but I never thought she could make a living with them now." Ye Xiaolong said, "Since you two don't treat us as outsiders, you'd better tell us your real names." 。 "My sister-in-law's name is Kuo Hsiu-fang," said Yulanhua. "My name is Tang Hsiao-wen, and my brother's name is Tang Yulong." Yue Xiaohu stamped his foot and said, "It's a pity. If your brother doesn't die, we must have another brother in the Dragon and Tiger Brothers." Tang Xiaowen said. It turned out that the Childe was a member of the Dragon and Tiger Brothers. "Have you ever heard of the Dragon and Tiger Brothers?" "I haven't heard of it, but I've heard of the big name Dragon and Tiger Firm." "That's good. The Dragon and Tiger Brothers Gang and the Dragon and Tiger Firm are originally one. My name is Yue Xiaohu. Except for Brother Geng, there are either dragons or tigers in their names." "I see. My eldest brother has a dragon in his name. He is the one you like." "You can say that!"! Girl, where do you and your sister-in-law live now? "We are staying at this inn." "That's great. We don't need to send someone else to protect you. Just go back and rest!" Guo Xiufang and Tang Xiaowen thanked him and left. Yue Xiaohu suddenly looked at Geng Changfeng and said,whirlpool bathtub manufacturers, "Brother Geng, you've changed your mind again." Geng Changfeng was stunned and said, "What is Yue Shaoxia referring to?" "Look at the horse." "Look at the horse?" 。