Drive the plug-in to cross over.

Happy Zhang said, "Master Li, let me see if this antidote is true first." In the heart secretly laughs: "This fellow is to regard me as big expert as expected." 。


The man has pure black hair, the kind of handsome with evil spirit is eye-catching, purple eyes exude a mysterious color, and is about the same height as Casey. But Xiaowei looked left and right and didn't recognize who this man was, but his popular face in the game made Xiaowei feel a little relieved that he finally saw the game style before after such a long time! Well, the so-called game public face is a game man who combines handsome, beautiful, evil and all kinds of necessary male pig conditions for romance novels! The kind of man who adjusts his appearance to the highest level in order to catch beautiful girls! The bearer looked at Xiaowei in a daze and walked over with a smile as if he were familiar with her. "Is this your pet?" He asked. At this time, Xiaowei remembered Aloys who was still on his head. Speaking of it, is the mount a kind of pet? "Is there such a fleshy insect with wings now?" The man asked doubtfully, frowning as he jabbed a finger at Aloys's life buoy. With wings.. Meat bugs? Poof "Xiaowei laughed uncontrollably, and Aloys on her head looked like she was going to faint." Meat bugs? Ha ha ha! You are so talented! When the man saw Xiao Wei laughing, he also smiled, but he didn't know that the evil spirit of this smile had dissipated a lot, and it was full of tenderness. Aloys grabbed Xiaowei's hair angrily, bared his teeth fiercely, and stared at the man with a fierce look. Laughing enough, Xiao Wei remembered the business and asked, "By the way, how do you know my name is Xiao Wei?" That man is stupefied, laughing to say again: "What are you talking about..." "I don't know what you're talking about. Isn't this the first time we've met?" The man was completely stunned, but it didn't last long. "My name is Rui," he said. "I just saw you take the mummy to hand in the task in the Adventurer's Guild. I want to ask you how you finished the task." "It's just a massacre." Xiaowei's simple four words brought Rui an unusual shock. He knew that Alex City had already become a zombie city, tens of thousands of people in the city had all become zombies,Adhesive fish ruler, although the level was not high, but relying on a large number, no one dared to challenge, but the magicians sealed the city. And in front of this girl actually said the word "massacre" without changing her face, although she did not see it with her own eyes, but also believed that she really slaughtered the zombie city. As soon as he entered the door, the girl named Xiaowei gave him three surprises in succession. First, she was attracted by her elf-like beauty, and then she saw through her disguise. He asked his subordinates to investigate Xiaowei's name and the appearance of the people around her, and used magic to turn into Casey's appearance, but she did not expect to see through her real face at a glance, and finally it was the massacre. I'm afraid this seemingly delicate girl has great strength. But what Rui didn't expect was that he was about to receive the fourth surprise. If you want to do the task in the future, Surveyors tape measure ,Walking measuring wheel, can you come with me? Xiao Wei looked back, looked Rui up and down, nodded, and said, "Yes, but you are a Demon. Some of our side quests will be different." You are a Demon. Once again, Rui was shocked on the spot. How did she know she was a Demon? He was completely prepared to successfully infiltrate the human race this time, and there was no reason to be discovered! Ray narrowed his eyes. She had to be killed! As soon as the murderous look emerged, the girl standing opposite him laughed. What's the matter? Do you want to PK with me? Pulling off Aloys, who was still on her head, Xiao Wei pulled out the dagger and licked her lips bloodthirsty. She hadn't been PK with anyone for a long time. How do you know that? Hearing Rui ask himself, Xiao Weiwei frowned. What's so strange about this? Just take a picture of the identification. What's more, he set it like this except that there were only elves in the Demons, but the elves didn't have black hair. Think of Xiaowei and feel that these players are really lucky, elves, Demons and so on are all hidden races! She chose a random one at the beginning, but she got a human. Shrugging his shoulders, Xiao Wei did not answer and was ready to check out. But Kerui stood in front of her. "Anything else?" Why did this man stop her when he didn't want to compete with himself? Xiao Wei stared at the man in front of him with displeasure. You Rui had not finished this sentence, a small black figure rushed over in an instant, fixed his eyes on it and found that it was just the meat insect with wings, just before he took the next step, the meat insect said something, and then Xiaowei also said something, but Rui did not understand it at all. But he was familiar with the pronunciation, but he couldn't remember it for a moment. Just now Aloys rushed over to bite the little Demon who dared to call him the dragon meat insect of destruction. As soon as he rushed over, he was caught by Xiaowei. The angry Aloys shouted at Xiaowei: "Let go of me!" "If you make trouble again, I'll lock you in and starve you to death." Aloys wilted in an instant. This damned human is bullying himself as a baby dragon! Fortunately, her space can enhance the power of his dragon, sooner or later he will become a dragon, and then eat her! "It's all right. I'll go first." Xiao Wei waved to Rui and left with Aloys. As soon as Xiao Wei left, an attendant in a black cloak appeared beside Rui. Young Lord, "the attendant knelt on one knee and saluted Rui respectfully." With all due respect, don't you think that girl's voice sounds familiar? " Rui was stunned, then surprised to grow up his mouth, pointing to the back of Xiao Wei's departure, and said to his entourage: "Is that her?" Is that what she said for all the Demons to hear? "I'm afraid it's not just all the Demons, young Lord." Then the attendant said, "Do you remember Her Majesty's orders?"? Now there are many human forces and state spies concentrated in the imperial capital of Saphiras, which does not exclude the existence of foreigners like us. "That sentence." The whole continent of Caesar can hear it? "I'm afraid so." Rui gasped,Wheel tape measure, and in a flash, the evil smile returned to his face, and suddenly he thought of something and ordered his entourage.