Rogue master II

Happy Zhang said, "Master Li, let me see if this antidote is true first." In the heart secretly laughs: "This fellow is to regard me as big expert as expected." 。


And even Xia Zhifei and Zhang Peng themselves did not feel that Zhang Peng seemed to be getting faster and faster. This speed is not only because of fingering and hand speed, but also because Zhang Peng keeps improving slowly. More importantly, Zhang Peng's natural desire to attack, indomitable wildness, although this has not yet allowed him to reach the realm of Wang Yiyu, failed to reach the limit of every step to control the enemy's first opportunity, but it has made him virtually achieve an operation to force the opponent to reach another operation situation, invisibly, he has used his own rhythm to contain the rhythm of others. For example, he fought with Xia Zhifei. No matter how fast Xia Zhifei's violent soldiers are, they still seem to be a line behind him. But in pure fingering. Xia Zhifei may be faster than him, why? It is because every time Zhang Peng attacked, it was like beating on a drum. For example, when Zhang Peng burst out a batch of forks and rushed up, Xia Zhifei had to burst out a batch of minelayers. Because the offensive momentum is not as good as Zhang Peng, Zhang Peng just wants crazy soldiers to organize the attack. Xia Zhifei,Walking tape measure, on the other hand, had to combine according to Zhang Peng's troops. To create a corresponding hybrid force, so that. Xia Zhifei is naturally slower than Zhang Peng. Now Xia Zhifei can't understand this, but he can feel that he can't compete with Zhang Peng to attack. On this complex map, maybe because of Zhang Peng's speed and adaptability, he can't take advantage of it at all. This alone, Xia Zhifei's talent is amazing. But in this CUPL,Horse weight lbs, he is not the only one who has emerged with such talent. Murong, who is calmer and wilder than him, Wu Yingda, who is extremely patient, and Yan Di, who has a strong ability to grasp the fighter plane. . In Nalan Rongrong's opinion Such patience is also a kind of talent. His eyes slipped over Wu Yingda and Yan Di and others, watching them look at the game with great devotion, and suddenly feel a little regret. Because this kind of CUPL has no interest, what they pursue is happiness and glory of their own. But after joining the profession, it may not be so pure. ^^ Cherish the present, cherish the happiness and glory of the present! Now, tape measure clip ,Diameter tape measure, it depends on how Xia Zhifei, who chooses this map, will play against Zhang Peng. When such an idea flashed through Nalan Rongrong's mind and his eyes returned to the big screen projection, the second match between Zhang Peng and Xia Zhifei had officially begun. This map is a 128X96 map, and the general 128X128 map, not only the map has been one size smaller, but also the birth point of this map, there are only two. It's on the diagonal. There was no need to explore other locations at all, and the Probe and SCV that Zhang Peng and Xia Zhifei explored soon crossed the map. Similar to the previous game, when Zhang Peng's Probe arrived at Xia Zhifei's base, Xia Zhifei had completely blocked his intersection with a Supply and barracks. On the map where this position is transparent at the beginning, if the Terrans do not block their own intersections, they will face the RUS masters of Zhang Peng's level. Definitely the beginning of a nightmare. And after blocking the intersection, just see Xia Zhifei's next action, Nalan Rongrong can not help but call out in his heart, "good guy!" And after calling out this sound, Nalan Rongrong himself could not help smiling. How many years have you not felt this way? Nalan Rongrong suddenly remembered his excitement and excitement when he met Wang Feiyu in CPL for the first time. And now I'm in the stands. Watching them play the game, I shouted good guy in my heart. It seems that I am really older than them. Let Nalan Rong Rong feel Xia Zhifei's passion and firepower, Xia Zhifei's next building is a barracks! Double Barracks! In the eyes of others, this barracks only represents Xia Zhifei's initial RUS play, but in the eyes of a human master like Nalan Rongrong, it is completely different. = For Protoss, there are many ways to start in the early stages. But this kind of opening way is mostly the change after the dragoon. And the pikemen definitely came before the dragoons. So the change of the Protoss depends on what kind of play the Terran uses, and Xia Zhifei's double barracks. In Nalan Rongrong's eyes, the meaning is to get into his own rhythm first and not to be brought into Zhang Peng's rhythm. In this way, we can at least make up for the gap in speed. And Nalan Rongrong also saw that Xia Zhifei's second barracks were built close to the edge of his base, a detail that many people did not pay attention to, which made Nalan Rongrong feel that Xia Zhifei's double barracks. There are definitely surprising changes. Zhang Peng is not some dirty cheaters who use open map software on Battle. Net. At this time, of course, he has no way to know what Xia Zhifei is doing. At this time, Xia Zhifei's SCV has been wandering around his base, but like the last game, he did not care about the SCV at all. When Xia Zhifei put down the second barracks, he had already done the gas mine. After that, the second barracks were laid down. Fuck Wu Yingda could not help shaking his fist in the air again. At this time, the competition between Zhang Peng and Xia Zhifei has just begun. Wu Yingda's action looks very abrupt. But. In the rest area of the players in the competition of CUHK, no one felt that Wu Yingda's movements and emotions were abrupt. Because all the people present at the CUHK team felt the same as Wu Yingda. What a relief! No matter how you fight, I will fight you with the opening of the Protoss Double Barracks Dragoon! Although the opening of the Protoss Double Barracks Dragoon was ordinary,cattle weight tape, Zhang Peng was playing, and his every move made the viewers infected by his wildness. This is a natural leader. Some people's high level can make people feel shocked and shocked, but Zhang Peng seems to be able to make all the people in CUHK feel that they are fighting with him.