Pouring the city to protect love

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King Jinsheng looked at the very thin and tired brocade spirit embroidery, a soft tone, "Xiuer, you are too tired.". Let's talk about it another day. You go back to rest first! I asked the imperial physician to send you some tonic to nourish your body. Jin Lingxiu could not say anything more, so he had to promise to leave with Gong Qianyi. King Jinsheng looked at the two men holding hands tightly. After all, he felt sorry for his daughter. Most of the anger in his heart disappeared. He sighed and told Gong Qianyi, "Gong Xiang has been ill for a long time. Let them send some supplements to take good care of him.". There are so many affairs in the court that I can't stand it without you. You must get better quickly and share my worries! After a pause, he added, "The princess is naughty, but you can listen to her. You can discipline her well for me." Embroidery has always been self-indulgent, I'm afraid it still needs to be slowly enlightened, he is also happy in front of her to Gong Qianyi better. Gong Qianyi knelt down to thank Shengen. He waved his hand and left with his hands behind his back. Daughter has grown up, her wings have opened, and she can't control it. Turn against each other In the beautiful moonlight, Gong Qianyi and Jin Lingxiu walked hand in hand on the high palace wall, no one spoke, quietly enjoying the moonlight. The corridor on the palace wall seemed to be endless, and both of them hoped to go on forever. Hearing what she had just said, Gong Chien felt like he was in a dream. It turned out that he was so important in her heart. Is such happiness real? He clenched her hand a little more quietly, and his heart was filled with great satisfaction and joy. Quiet and peaceful, Jin Lingxiu looked at him crazily, and his handsome and elegant side face was covered with a light moonlight,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, which made him more beautiful. She only felt that all the men in the world added up to less than one of her fingers. Although she was only holding his long and soft hand at the moment, it made her heart beat wildly. She was stunned for a moment and suddenly smiled, "Brother, do you remember when I met you here to enjoy the moon when I was 10 years old? I praised you for being more beautiful than the moon. How did you answer me at that time?" Gong Qianyi scratched his head and said honestly, "How did you answer?" He really can't remember. She sulked and said with a serious and cold face, "How dare I compete with the bright moon for the light of fireflies?" Then he laughed. He suddenly said, "Well, you make fun of me!" Laugh, too. Tickle her. She smiled coquettishly and begged for mercy. "Good brother,304 Stainless Steel Coil, spare Brocade!" Seeing her smiling and charming in the moonlight, he hugged her with a smile and kissed her on the cheek. "I'm not talking nonsense!"! Brocade is the only one in the world who can compete with the beauty of the bright moon. But it's hard for you to remember such a little thing. "Brother, you look so good when you smile!" She looked at him crazily. "I remember everything you said!" From the first time she saw this gentle and handsome young man when she was 9 years old, she knew that he was different from others to her. His eyes sparkled, hugging her slender waist tightly, close to his own body, he lowered his head against her forehead, so that the breath of two people tightly intertwined, "then, you must remember what I said now.." Looking at her, his clear eyes are more gentle than the moonlight, "I actually." All the time It's all very.. "Let her go!" An angry rebuke came, brocade spirit embroidery was instantly pulled into a familiar embrace. In the moonlight, the travel-stained Huang stood in the cold backlight, his expression was indistinguishable, 304 Stainless Steel Wire ,304 stainless steel wire, and his whole body was full of solemn air. The air around him became cold and seeping in an instant. Express the cold.. She looked at Huang Shu's cold face and turned away from his arms. No, he must have come to get even with her. Had it not been for Gong Chien's presence here, she would have run away. Gong Qianyi had gone over to protect her behind him, bent down and saluted, "Your Highness." Huang Shuhan tightened his eyebrows, nodded slightly, and his tone was slightly sarcastic. "It seems that Gong Xiang's illness has all been cured.". That's very gratifying! His deep eyes have been staring at the brocade embroidery behind him, "Xiuer, I have come so far, don't you greet me?" Jin Lingxiu slightly poked her head out from behind Gong Qianyi and said timidly, "Yhan, the wound on your body." Uh Is it all right? Huang Shuhan looked at me coldly and said with a smile, "Do you still care about me?"? I thought you only had eyes for someone! Gong Qianyi frowned slightly. She threw caution to the wind and jumped out and said loudly, "I'm sorry.". I know it was wrong of me to run away when you were hurt! It's my fault to lie to you to get the Dragon Ball! Anyway, already so, express cold, want to kill want to cut, you a word, say?! Huang's icy face showed a touch of sadness. "Really?" He turned slightly sideways to hide the pain in his eyes, his body was stagnant, and his movements, which had always been calm and elegant, stiffened. Express the cold.. Jin Lingxiu could not bear it, and she was trying to comfort him. Gong Qianyi has said softly, "Your Highness, although the princess is wrong this time, but she also feels very sorry for you, is very worried about you.". I have never seen a princess so guilty and afraid to see a person. It was the first time in Jinlingxiu that he was afraid to hide. "Well, when will it be your turn to butt in between us?" Huang Shuhan stretched out his hand to her and said, "Xiuer, come here!" He stood in the backlight, unable to see his face clearly. Jin Lingxiu hesitated for a long time, feeling that his fierce momentum had come, and then came to him and asked, "Why did you come so soon?" His face, which was usually in high spirits, was very haggard, and it seemed that he had suffered a lot of internal injuries. She was ashamed that he had done this for her, and she had left him and run away. Huang Shuhan's expression was so lonely that he could not hide it. As soon as he woke up and saw that she was not there, he had a bad feeling. Sure enough, he immediately came to look for her, but is running into her and the man's tenderness, Xiuer, is that how you treat me? He took her hand, calmed down, or restrained his soft voice, "Xiuer, do you want me to kill the dragon for him?" She stood stiffly for a long time, but nodded gently. His back stiffened, and his voice,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, which had always been calm, became hoarse. "Did you leave me for him when I was seriously ill?" She was shocked by his unusual gentleness, but she nodded slightly with a deep sense of guilt. sxthsteel.com