Wan Qing Si Volume 4 Jueshi Chapter

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Even if he didn't know who the dead "Zhang Dabao" was, he guessed that he had an unusual relationship with me. Maybe he had guessed who this "Zhang Dabao" was in his heart. After all, he was no longer the dull bookworm in Cangdu Mansion. I lowered my eyelashes, pulled my arm out of his hand and whispered, "I'm fine." The monk was reciting the scriptures in the Buddhist temple, and I knelt on the ground and threw gold ingots and paper money into the brazier. Wei Tongfeng is the adopted son of Wei Jinglan. I don't know if he has any other relatives in the world. He was lonely all his life. Fortunately, when he left, he had the lover of Blue Snow and my foster sister to send him to his death, so that he would not become a lonely ghost. I have wondered before why Chu Shang took revenge at the beginning, just took away the blue snow, killed Wei Jinglan, but let Wei Tongfeng go alone? In a feudal society where men were superior to women and children were like jade and daughters were like tiles, wouldn't it be more pleasant to kill his son in front of his enemy, let him send a white-haired man to a black-haired man, and let him die, than to cut the enemy into a man, rape his daughter in front of the enemy, and sell the daughter of the enemy into a brothel? The original Wei Tongfeng is not Wei Jinglan's own son, presumably Chu Shang is also clear about this relationship, did not start on Wei Tongfeng, because he knows that in front of Wei Jinglan hurt me, than hurt Wei Tongfeng's effect is better. However,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, people like Wei Jinglan really don't look like kind-hearted people who will adopt children. I don't know what kind of life experience there is behind Wei's eldest brother? But now, even if it is clear about his life experience? People are already dead, after the dust to dust, dust to dust, everything before the world has nothing to do with him. The light of the fire heated my face, and occasionally one or two pieces of incense ash rose like black butterflies with the heat wave. Kneeling for too long, my legs have been numb, my head is a little dizzy,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, and there is a fine cold sweat on my forehead. Xiao Hong saw that I didn't look right and held me tightly. "Sister, your face is so bad. Get up and go to the inner hall to rest for a while." "I want a wake." I shook my head. Xiao Hong took out a silk scarf to wipe the cold sweat from my forehead and said softly, "You don't have to kneel all the time at the wake. Get up and sit down." An yuan Xi also came over and said, "Sister-in-law, get up and have a rest. You are weak and tired all day. How can you be buried tomorrow by kneeling like this?"? It's all right when the heart comes. What he said was reasonable. I really felt that I couldn't stand it. I nodded wearily and put down the paper money in my hand: "Xiao Hong, you help me continue to burn. Don't break it." He wanted to stand up, but his legs were numb and he had no feeling at all. An yuan Xi picked me up. I couldn't even stand steadily. My body was shaking and I slipped to the ground. An yuan Xi quickly supported me, gritted his teeth and picked me up at the waist. I gave a light shout and looked at him in amazement: "Uncle..." "Impolite." He lowered his eyelids, avoided my eyes, carried me to a chair on the side of the Buddha Hall that he did not know when to move in, and carefully put me on the chair. I stared at him, a little uncomfortable, he turned to the brazier, squatted down and did not know what to say to Xiaohong, Xiaohong nodded, stainless steel welded pipe ,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, got up and came over, he squatted in the brazier and continued to burn paper. Sister, I'll rub your legs for you. Xiao Hong crouched down in front of me, put her hands on my knees and massaged my numb legs. I took a look at Anyuan Xi and knew that he must have said this to Xiaohong just now. I bit my lip and didn't know what it was like. The body was really tired, and even though the two souls in the body were trying to keep the weak body of Blue Snow from falling asleep, the sleepiness was still coming. Xiao Hong's moderate massage gradually relaxed her body and accelerated her hypnosis. In the sound of the monk's chanting, she fell asleep unconsciously. Chapter 22 Butterfly (Part Two). "Ye Er, Ye Er." The gentle voice sounded in my ears, as if I had heard it somewhere, very familiar. Who is calling me? When I opened my eyes, there was a white fog in front of me. When the white fog dispersed and I saw the person who woke me up, my tears welled up: "Big Brother.." Wei Tongfeng looked at me with a smile: "Silly girl, don't cry..." "Big Brother." I threw myself into his arms and found myself out of his body. I turned around and stared at him, "Big Brother.." "Silly girl, your eldest brother is leaving. You should take good care of yourself in the future." Wei Tongfeng is gentle and authentic. His body was shrouded in a faint halo, some tiny pieces of gold flickered in the halo, and Wei Tongfeng's face was in the halo, so ethereal that it was not like a mortal. Big brother, where are you going? I ran up to him and tried to pull him. Remembering that I couldn't hold him at all, my hands froze there and tears fell down. "Brother, who killed you?"? You tell me? I will help you get revenge. "Don't be silly, silly girl." Wei Tongfeng looked at me with a smile and said lightly, "Big brother doesn't need you to avenge me. My longevity should have ended at this time. Ye Er, don't be too persistent. How can you make big brother feel at ease like this?" I burst into tears: "Brother, where are you going?" "When people die, they naturally have to be reincarnated." Wei Tongfeng smiled, "as long as you think, in fact, the eldest brother just changed a body to continue to live, will not be sad." "Will I see my eldest brother again?" I sobbed and wiped the tears from my face. If there is fate, we will meet again. Wei Tongfeng gentle tunnel, "don't be sad, I am not alone." I stared at him, Wei Tongfeng suddenly showed a halo of gold scraps, a thin and beautiful woman appeared in the halo, she smiled and took Wei Tongfeng's hand, smiled at me: "Miss Ye, I will accompany the eldest brother, you don't have to worry." Like that, it's me, but it's not me, who else can it be if it's not blue snow? When I saw their hands clasped tightly together, I wanted to smile, but the tears were like broken beads, surging. Blue Snow looked at Wei Tongfeng gently and said softly, "Whether it's reincarnation, going to heaven or going to hell, I will stay with my eldest brother and be with him forever.." "Lesser Snow." Wei Tongfeng gazed at her with a smile, and her eyes were filled with the deep feelings I had never seen before,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, which were the eyes of the beloved woman. In the eyes of this pair of lovers who have gone through hardships, they can only see each other at the moment, and there is no room for others. sxthsteel.com