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Space broadsword life split purple gold dragon palm, that Zhou Tonggang want to further offensive, a light and shadow, but fiercely from the purple gold dragon palm after the storm, under a flash, is appeared in front of him,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, flashing purple gold dragon sca


Lin moved eyes glanced at the yuan door, mind a move, only to see the hand holding a long black knife devouring day corpse is swept out, just across between him and the yuan door, with this devouring day corpse guarding here, unless the day yuan son three people at the same time, otherwise, is absolutely unable to get rid of its obstruction, but they start, they this "Zhu yuan alliance" countless strong will also break out in an instant. When the time comes, I think this day yuan Zi three people are also quite afraid. Tianyuanzi three people see Lin move such a move, the eyes are also slightly flashing, but there is no other action, but that yuanzi staring at the devouring corpse of the eyes of some cold, obviously still did not forget the previous injury by the devouring corpse of the day. Rest assured, we are still waiting to see a wonderful battle between brothers, and naturally we will not intervene. Tianyuanzi smiled, and in his eyes, there was a deep black awn passing by. Lin moved an indifferent glance at him, is no longer pay attention to, at this time to say more useless, after he will solve the matter, the three old dogs, one can not run away! "Brother Zhou Tong, I have offended you." Lin moved to Zhou Tong a fist, and then the breath suddenly soared, that dark eyes, the eyes are gradually sharp up. At this time, Zhou Tong has obviously lost all his mind,mirror stainless steel sheet, so he has no reaction to Lin Dong's words, but on the surface of his body, there is also a faint silver light emanating from the surrounding space, quietly distorted. Whoosh! Space distortion, Zhou Tong step out, a step down, is like penetrating the space, with a very strange speed appeared behind Lin Dong, only to see his palm, silver flashing, like a sharp to the extreme blade of space,304 Stainless Steel Bar, mercilessly stabbing Lin Dong. Boom. The thunder suddenly swept out, and a staff flashing with thunder shot out, touching Zhou Tong's palm heavily, and the crisp sound of gold and iron spread with the fire. Hum! When the attack was intercepted, Zhou Tong's body moved, and between the space distortions, it appeared directly on the upper right of Lin Dong like a teleportation. Ten fingers in his sleeve flicked, and between the space distortions, he saw the silver light sweeping down all over the sky. It was all a space light blade condensed by the power of space. It looked gorgeous, but it was fierce enough to tear apart the body of a strong man in the wheel. Lin's body flashed back, his palms closed, and a circle of black holes expanded rapidly in front of him, and then swallowed up all the space light blades that had been swept away. At the moment when all the space light blades were swallowed up, Lin Dong's body was also fiercely swept out, and the thunder emperor's scepter in his hand, with the thunder light and the shadow of the scepter, contained an extremely violent wind, enveloped the vital parts of Zhou Tong's whole body. Sniff. And in the face of Lin move swift and violent counterattack, Zhou Tong body twist, space distortion, 304 Stainless Steel Pipe ,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, unexpectedly those who lock his whole body vital stick shadow, all dodge away, that subtle evasion, even Lin move is slightly less than, this space Zu Fu, as expected is also mysterious and unusual. Above the sky, the two figures in a short span of time, but is fighting more than ten times, each other's attacks are unusually fierce, but are all resolved by the other side, so intense, see a lot of people look dignified, the strength of these two people, looking at this Xuanyu, I'm afraid I can't find a few people can match them. I didn't expect Elder Martial Brother Zhou Tong's strength to be so strong. Ying Xiaoxiao looked at the fight between the two men in the sky, and his cheeks were dignified. This is just the beginning. Ying Huanhuan whispered, these two people, one with devouring, thunder two Zu Fu, the other also has a space Zu Fu, this is to start, it is really not the top strong people who touch the reincarnation can be compared. I hope Lin Dong can give Elder Martial Brother Zhou Tong a ride, so that he won't fall under the control of yuan Men, and his life will be worse than death. Ying Xiaoxiao sighed, with anger surging in his gloomy look. This time, it will cost them. Ying Huanhuan that ice blue eyes, is also the flow of cold light, yuan Men this move, is also aroused in her heart to kill. Roar! In the sky, there was a fierce sound of dragon singing, Lin moved back, and thousands of purple and gold dragon patterns galloped all over his body, directly turning into a huge purple and gold dragon claw of thousands of feet, and a palm was directed at Zhou Tong. Swish! Zhou Tong's body moved and appeared in another sky. A pair of palms with black sharp gloves stretched out their sleeves and clenched their hands. The space in front of them was rapidly distorted. In the blink of an eye, the space turned into a huge space broadsword. Boom! The space broadsword was held tightly by Zhou Tong, and then split down angrily, directly and abruptly on the purple and golden dragon palm that roared in. Clang! Unusually harsh sound spread, only to see the space broadsword above, silver blooming, an indescribable sharp emission, such sharp, even space, can tear it apart. Space broadsword from the purple gold dragon palm above, and then everyone is shocked to see that the huge dragon palm, actually directly divided into two, the fracture, smooth as a mirror. What a great space Zu Fu. Liu Qing looked at this scene, his face was full of dignity. He also practiced the blue sky dragon formula. Naturally, he knew how strong the dragon shape condensed by the dragon pattern was. In addition, Lin Dong also had a prehistoric keel, which made the blue sky dragon formula he practiced like a tiger with wings added. But he didn't expect that at the moment, it was still split by the space broadsword. How could he not be surprised? This week, really not simple, but you also don't look down upon Lin move little brother, this boy, now even the old man can't see through. Elder Zhu Li stared at the sky with bright eyes and said slowly. Liu Qing also nodded slightly, although now he is only one step away from the reincarnation, but he can still feel the taste of danger from Lin Dong. Space broadsword life split purple gold dragon palm, that Zhou Tonggang want to further offensive, a light and shadow, but fiercely from the purple gold dragon palm after the storm, under a flash, is appeared in front of him,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, flashing purple gold dragon scale fist, permeated with silk reincarnation fluctuations, mercilessly at him. Whoosh!. sxthsteel.com