Fierce Ghost Shelter System

But Xiao Ke felt that he could not sleep,Magnesium Oxide MgO, he was holding his beloved woman in his arms, they blend with each other, blend in one.


White bone county at present chicken fly dog jump, there is constant news, under the jurisdiction of five cities have been Xu Facheng, Miaoshan beheaded again. It is said that they joined up with Mo Wuji and entered the county. I wonder if the three ghost kings are enough for their appetite. Qin Kun travels in a light and simple way, constantly exploring every place [Hell Tower]. The five cities turned around, buckled, and managed to scrape together three merits. Damn I thought it was easy. Qin Kun sat in the carriage, muttering in his heart. He felt that 3000 little devils could be gathered up casually, but when he saw the evil funerals in the Hell Tower, he always felt that it was cheap for them to refine them into candles. It is no wonder that in ancient times, there were noble people who paid Taoist priests to pray for the elimination of karma for the dead. If this bad karma did not disappear, they would surely suffer in hell. Qin Kun is neither an evil person nor a good person. He has human nature. Most of the time, he also obeys the rules of Yin and Yang. Even if some fierce ghosts who have the intention to repent are refined into Yin candles to cross over, those who have no intention to repent should continue to suffer. So, until the White Bone County was breached, Qin Kun sat in the central hall, the merit was only 4. Comfortable these days! "Amitabha, Xu Daozi, dare to ask how many people were beheaded?" "Twenty-seven ghost generals, one ghost king!" "Oh, the poor monk has two more than you." Unhappiness flashed through Xu Facheng's eyes. He looked at Qin Kun and said, "What are you planning again?!" I Qin Kun was stunned, of course, I was thinking about how to instigate you to take other territory. Before Qin Kun could open his mouth, Xu Facheng said, "Why don't you put your official seal on it?" Qin Kun pressed the ten death seals in the hall, and the statue originally belonging to the former castellan rumbled down and became Qin Kun's, a Taoist priest in ancient clothes, with long temples hanging down, wild eyebrows and eyes, and a small black dog lying beside his feet. Xu Facheng took the map in the palace and threw it in front of Qin Kun: "This territory can't satisfy your appetite, can it?"? Where are we going next? Uh. Qin Kun blinked his eyes, how could there be such a good thing? He also pondered how to instigate them,calcium nitrate sol, Xu Facheng actually sent to the door? "No hurry?"? Why don't you take a break? Qin Kun suppressed his joy and asked. Hum Xu Facheng snorted coldly and looked at Miaoshan. "Our competition is not over yet.". Poor way, not tired! Tit for tat eyes, strong smell of gunpowder. The key is that Xu Facheng and Miaoshan are purely fighting, not involving life-and-death, others are not easy to persuade, but such a scene means that there is merit income, Qin Kun likes it best. Xu Facheng put one hand on the map and said to Miaoshan, "Do you dare to continue?"? Gambling with a state? Xu Facheng, are you crazy? Ghost, don't you know how big a state is? Zhao Feng was afraid of two people playing with fire, loudly dissuaded. Take Qin Kun's Manshi City for example, Manshi City alone is bigger than Linjiang City, which is just one of the ordinary counties. County city jurisdiction, almost a province, as for the state city. There is definitely half of the country! Xu Facheng looked at Zhao Feng and curled his lips and said, "In the world, potassium sulphate fertilizer ,Magnesium Sulphate price, we travel by hearse at night. It's only five hours' drive between the two provinces. Half of the country, in fact, it's enough to travel for one day. Counting the winding journey, it's three days. Three days to travel and two days to kill ghosts. Then Qin Kun will follow us. We'll go back to the world for just 10 days. Can't we?" Crazy Absolutely crazy. Zhao Feng shook his head, which is tantamount to saying, go to a place to kill a place, will not give themselves a chance to fail! A county has five to nine cities, a state has seven to twelve counties, add up to eighty cities absolutely have, the county about a dozen ghosts will, they at least to kill hundreds of ghosts will, nearly thirty ghost king! Zhao Feng said his prediction, and everyone broke out in a cold sweat. The ghost king here is not the tortured bastard of the Eighteen Prisons. In the first World War of White Bone County alone, the three ghost kings also ran away. Where did he get the confidence to run amuck in a state? The central hall began to argue, Xu Facheng tone aggressive, repeatedly aggressive, not only for Miaoshan, but for all people, Miaoshan's pig butcher ghost was provoked to lose his mind, angry to fight his way out with the master. Miaoshan is as immovable as a bell, and his Dharma body eyes secretly look at Qin Kun and find that Qin Kun is thinking about something. Looking at several ghosts behind Xu Facheng, he suddenly caught a clue. Three ghost kings, two of which were dealt with by Xu Facheng, one of which ran away, and Xu Facheng was not injured after he came back. With Xu Fasheng's temperament, he would never let go of this honor easily when he was sure. He would not be unclear about the influence of killing a ghost king on the ghost catcher. Xu Daozi's two ghosts are all from Yin Cao, could it be the ghost king who ran away. Was he actually persuaded to join him? Miaoshan was stunned, there is such a possibility! That is to say, Xu Facheng, black and white impermanence, plus the ghost king and other ghosts, this combination, meet three ghost kings have the power of a war. Damn, the purpose of this Taoist priest is very simple, that is, to become stronger, so that Maoshan can restore the prestige of that year. Now with the ghost guard, he can naturally challenge a higher degree of difficulty, looking back on himself. Miaoshan took a look at the pig butcher who was filled with righteous indignation. This is the kind of thing, not to mention protecting himself. It is estimated that it is difficult for him to protect himself when he sees the ghost king. Miaoshan gritted his teeth and grinned grimly. "Bet!!!" "Wait, that's not fair." This time, it was Qin Kun who opened his mouth. The underworld is no better than the world. You raided the White Bone County this time because the White Bone County has been stable for a long time and has no precautions. But it's going to get out, and you two can't take a state. Zhao Feng nods: "Right, what Qin Heigou says is reasonable.". Moreover, our four-pronged attack confused them, thinking that many places had accidents at the same time. So you two are in no man's land, and we have a part to play. Miaoshan and Xu Facheng said nothing. Qin Kun took out four pieces of yellow paper, wrote down the names of Mo Wuji, Zhao Feng, Chu Qianxun and Shuoyue, and looked at Xu Facheng. Xu Daozi, Monk Miao, you go with them! Their names are in these four pieces of yellow paper,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, and it is safest to act together. Draw lots. "Hey!" Said Zhao Feng! I, Zhao Feng, am also a descendant of Yulong Mountain. How can I be assigned to them as a subordinate? 。