The end is you

But Xiao Ke felt that he could not sleep,Magnesium Oxide MgO, he was holding his beloved woman in his arms, they blend with each other, blend in one.


If Zuo Xida had told her earlier, even a minute before she saw the photos, Fang Gaoshi might not have been so angry. At least she could feel that Zuo Xida cared about her friend and considered her feelings. But no, Zuo Xidada did nothing. Even now she just hung her eyes and didn't know where she was looking. In short, she didn't look at her or anyone. Her attitude made Fang Gaoshi even more angry. What was it called? By default, did she feel that she was right or great? If you can get her male God, you don't care about her at all? She wanted an explanation and an apology, but Zuo Xida didn't say anything, which was the worst thing for Gao Shi. Don't think you are great now. My male God is very loving. Even the breakup is so gentle. You can see that you are nothing special. Maybe you will be replaced in a few days. When Fang Gaoshi said this, he didn't think at all. He just thought of what to say and what to say, simply to express his emotions. There was a fire in her heart now, and she couldn't get it off her chest. I used to think you had a good character and could be friends. Now it seems no wonder that you were alone before. Who would be friends with you in such a disgusting way? Fang Gaoshi did not intend to stop, but the side of the original has not spoken of Yuzern suddenly stood up from the bed: "good enough." There was no doubt about the tone. After the success, Yuzern went to Fang Gaoshi's side, patted her on the shoulder and pulled her to her own bed: "I knew about this before, and I didn't tell you. If you're angry, count me in." "What?" Hearing this, Fang Gaoshi looked back fiercely, his eyes were round, and he looked at Yuzern in disbelief: "Do you also know?" "Well,caustic calcined magnesite, I also know that I saw Sida walking with Shijian in the bar that day." Yuzern nodded, Fang Gaoshi's eyes widened a little, and for a few seconds, he suddenly lay down on the bed, covered his face with the quilt, and then turned in the direction of the wall. Probably angry to the extreme, Fang Gaoshi refused to communicate with anyone again. Yuzern looked at her bedside for a moment,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, then sighed silently. When he turned back, he also looked at Zuo Xida, but soon took his eyes back. That night, the dormitory was more quiet than ever before, so quiet that people felt depressed and even suffocated. 18, Not Far Away Rumors.. The same concealment, but Fang Gaoshi did not get angry with Yuzern, but pulled her together to isolate Zuo Xida, she refused to have any verbal communication with Zuo Xida, and forbade the other two people to talk to her, trying to form a gang of three of them into a camp. Rong Yingxin is very helpless, but last night she heard the faint sobs of Fang Gaoshi, until it was almost dawn, there were still sobs from time to time, Magnesium Oxide MgO ,dap diammonium phosphate, Rong Yingxin can understand Fang Gaoshi's mood, also admitted that this time Zuo Xida really did not do very well, at least hurt the feelings of friends. In Rong Yingxin's view, Zuo Xida can certainly choose Shijian. Shijian is not Fang Gaoshi's. According to the forum, he has been single since he broke up. He does not belong to anyone. Even if Fang Gaoshi emphasizes her love countless times, it is only unilateral. But Zuo Xida's concealment is too fatal. Love is beyond reproach, but she stepped on the boundary line of friendship. Not to mention Fang Gaoshi, even Rong Yingxin felt uncomfortable, as if they were not worth an explanation, as if they were completely irrelevant to her, no matter what the facts were, at least Zuo Xida now gave her an intuitive feeling like this. No one reminded Zuo Xida to wear more clothes, no one invited her to eat together at noon, and Rong Yingxin and Fang Gaoshi were chatting when they returned to the dormitory in the evening, which completely shielded Zuo Xida. As for Yuzern, she did not have much time to speak, and several times she hesitated to speak. Usually, Fang Gaoshi always listened to her, but Yuzern felt that she had no position to ask anyone in this matter. Zuo Xida felt lonely. The discomfort caused by the change made her unhappy these days, but it added fuel to the fire. Mu Xiangfei came to her and blocked her at the door of the classroom. At that time, there were many other classmates, but he did not intend to avoid it, which was just the opposite of his mood when he confessed. I thought you were the kind of person who is not sensitive to feelings, but now I find that you are not. He apparently saw the news on the school forum, and like Fang Gaoshi, he was full of anger at Zuo Xida: "Why don't you tell me directly that you have someone in your heart? What you like at all is not like me, but the kind of playboy. You don't say anything, enjoy my kindness to you with a good conscience, but turn a blind eye to my efforts." Standing on the moral high ground, he questioned Zosida in an absolutely correct way. Many people were watching them, whispering like bees flying farther away, buzzing and unable to hear the content. Zosida felt that she was being visited like a monkey in the zoo, but she didn't want to be a monkey. Zuo Xida clearly remembered what she had said and what Mu Xiangfei had explained about her pursuit, but she didn't want to say now that talking more with ignorant people was just a waste of time. Her attitude is easy to misunderstand. After Mu Xiangfei left, he posted on the school forum. The main purpose was to accuse Zuo Xida of being pseudo-pure and selfish. He used other people's feelings to benefit himself. He was also very popular in the school. There were many voices of support. On the contrary, he was more dissatisfied with Zuo Xida. Zuo Xida did not see this post, there are other more posts, about her, she does not know, but she can see people's evasive eyes, pointing comments and subsequent contempt, facing the boathouse that has reached the end stage, Zuo Xida is a little irritable, and not in the mood to continue, simply took out his mobile phone and looked at WeChat. In the group,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, Fang Gaoshi is chatting with Rong Yingxin. They make an appointment to go to the movies in the evening. They used to ask Zuo Xida, especially Rong Yingxin, but now they won't.