When love is near.. Like snow

But Xiao Ke felt that he could not sleep,Magnesium Oxide MgO, he was holding his beloved woman in his arms, they blend with each other, blend in one.


"Absolutely not!"! I'm only doing this for your safety! Huai yuan shouted in a low voice reflexively, and only when he touched my smiling eyes did he wake up. He had no choice but to tell the whole story. "In fact, not long after you came to Cizhou, you were targeted.". There are too many people in the inn. I can only control the people who try to get close to you in my sight by booking the inn. Don't you find that we have never had any other guests in the West Cross Courtyard? "Is it?"? I thought it was a small frontier town, and it was not unusual that there were not many residents. I gradually understand a little, but one thing is still confused, "I have nothing, I don't know anyone, I don't offend anyone, who is so boring, follow me to the battlefield?!" "You don't naively think that Ye Da left a letter so that after his inexplicable death, the people in Jianghu would really believe him and let you go, do you?" Huai yuan shook his head with a wry smile. "In fact, as soon as you left Jiangning, you were hooked up.". Grandpa Guan just found something wrong and followed him, fool! By the time I saw Grandpa Guan, you were missing. When I managed to catch Dumb who came to deliver the letter,Magnesium Sulphate producer, Yi Rong became him and sneaked into Kangwangfu. Before I could talk to you, you went to Cizhou with Zong Ze. I think it was because of this that they never had a chance to do it, so they followed them all the way to Cizhou. "Huaiyuan!" With a tremor in my heart and a low cry, I suddenly took the initiative to throw myself into Huaiyuan's arms and put my arms around his neck. At this moment, my heart suddenly ached for the suffering of Huaiyuan in those days; I feel so happy, because at this moment, I already have the whole world-originally,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, when I thought the world was peaceful and immersed in the inexplicable sad mood of spring and autumn, I had passed so many Rapids and dangerous shoals, and so many infighting happened around me?! And I have been misunderstanding and even complaining about the people who guard me silently?! "Well, it's all over." Huai yuan put his arm around my shoulder and comforted me with a faint smile. "Now, aren't we together again?"? What could be more important than this?! I quietly leaned against him Huaiyuan, for a long time, suddenly asked, "Huaiyuan, so long, you really did not steal into my room once?!" -Well, I'm really curious! Strange, the heart will actually have some small expectations?! "Uh, Magnesium Oxide powder ,Magnesium Oxide price, once." Huai yuan hesitated for a moment and told the truth slowly. Jun blushed like a burning cloud on the horizon. Oh, how lovely! "Did you go in more than that?" I blinked my eyes narrowly and played tricks on him in a good mood. "You kissed me secretly, didn't you?" It turned out that I was not the only one who had that sweet dream. Ah, how nice! "Bad girl!" Huai yuan cursed me in a low voice, gave me a charming smile, lowered his head and kissed my chattering mouth. It was snowing heavily outside the window, but he could no longer hide the warm spring in this room. I thought it was just a small cold, but I didn't expect that the fierce illness had dragged on for more than ten days. Just as I was lingering on my sickbed, the army of the Jin Army on the East Road had taken Sindh Mansion. After a brief contact with Zong Ze in Cizhou, he could not attack him, so he made a detour to Hua County and drove straight down. The Song troops along the line all fled on the lookout. Sixty thousand troops of the Jin army, as if they were in no man's land, crossed the unguarded Yellow River moat with only a dozen boats stolen from them amid the wild laughter of the marshal of the East Road. On the eighth day of the first lunar month in the first year of Jingkang, they arrived at the gates of Kaifeng. I use the solar calendar for the days mentioned in the last few chapters. This is the lunar calendar. I'm too lazy to calculate the solar calendar. When the Jin army marched southward, Cai Jing, the leader of the Six Thieves, took the lead in escaping from Kaifeng to avoid the disaster of war. Emperor Huizong escaped from Kaifeng overnight in the name of burning incense at the Taiqing Palace in Haozhou. Tong Guan led tens of thousands of elite soldiers to shoot and kill hundreds of soldiers who left Huizong in tears to resist the Jin Dynasty, and then fled south with Huizong. All of a sudden, Manchao civil and military, nobles in the city, panic into a ball. It was Li Gang who, at the time of crisis, strongly advocated fighting and led the soldiers and civilians of Kaifeng to complete the defensive deployment in just three days from the fifth to the eighth day of the first lunar month. When the Jin army attacked the city, he personally went to the city gate to supervise the battle, beat back several rounds of attacks and successfully stopped the Jin army's southward March. When I finally recovered and walked out of the secluded courtyard, I realized that the Jin army had surrounded Bianjing for five days. Huaiyuan and Wufeng had already responded to Li Gang's call and took the initiative to participate in the Kaifeng Defense War. Bianjing has been in a panic, and has long lost its former prosperity and liveliness. The young and strong have poured into ChengTou, and the old and weak women and children also closed their doors early, anxiously waiting for the news of the war ahead. There was a strong smell of gunpowder in the air. Just after breakfast that day and seeing Huaiyuan and Wufeng off, a guest came to the house-the bartender of Zhao Ji Antique Shop. He brought a letter from the shopkeeper Zhao and invited me to his shop. Sister Qingyang, the political situation is so chaotic now, you'd better not go. Xiuyu looked at me with a worried face and tried to stop me from going. It's gonna be okay. It's in the city. He may have news of my eldest brother, and I must go. I calmly smiled and comforted Xiuyu, "I will go back quickly, rest assured!" Kaifeng did not fall when the Jin army attacked the city for the first time. What do I have to worry about! "Shopkeeper Zhao, do you have any news about your eldest brother?" The fat Zhao Qingwen appeared in front of me, and I greeted him happily. So that Ye Childe was informed that the tetrarch would visit Kaifeng House at night tonight and meet Ye Childe in my humble abode! Zhao Qingwen's round face was full of excitement, and he announced the great news to me mysteriously and joyfully. Ture I was overjoyed and excitedly took Zhao Qingwen's fat hand-hehe! I'm finally going to see my wise brother again! Are you all right after such a long separation?! With a contented smile, I walked out of Zhaoji Antique Shop and suddenly felt that the smoke of gunpowder that filled the whole Bianjing sky had turned into sweet flowers,Magnesium Oxide powder, filling my chest. I hummed briskly and almost hopped back. Ye Childe, you let me find so hard ah! A clear male voice suddenly sounded in my ear, and a young man dressed in beautiful clothes with several guards had blocked my way. stargrace-magnesite.com