The strongest queen

You know what these women around me are like. So Ever since I pulled her out of the bathtub in the middle of the night, I've been thinking about being like that.. How does it feel to love with your life? 。


The ministers present looked at each other and said that all citizens of Cyrene were equal, regardless of their nationality, sex, political and other beliefs, education, social origin, property status and other personal qualities! My God, what kind of world is this? They can't imagine, their heads are on strike, and Andaus seems to be very democratic, but it's not to this extent! Andrew that great wield absolute power in Andos! Seeing that they did not make a statement, Xiao Jin stepped forward and decided to let them see his strength. His big eyes were looking at the mountains spreading not far away. He was wondering if 30% of the strength could level the mountain? Leilei, let me do it! I'm good, too! Rose said delicately, deep in the snow-white thin hand, pointing to Xiao Jin said, "Xiao Jin, you get out of the way, I'll do it!" "You?" Small gold fundus across the surprise and disdain, this little guy also want to compete with him for the limelight, too incredible, he would like to see, how much ability she has! "All right, you come!" Xiao Jin said coolly, throwing his golden hair in a gorgeous way. Leilei, trust me! Rose's pink mouth said as she stretched out a leisurely stretch. All right, I believe you! Xia Zhilei nodded, that day to deal with Xu Yifan, rose control plant strength makes her memory especially deep. Xiao Jin, watch it! Rose took a look at Xiao Jin, and her little delicate body floated freely in the air. Soon, Rose's little body was surrounded by a green luster. People are still silent, at this time, countless arm-sized sword-like plants are pouring out of the land crazily,Wall Penstocks, a huge one-horned eye occupies half of the body of the sword plant, the other half of the plant is transformed into countless ever-changing vines, dark green vines shaking in front of people's eyes, suspended in space, looks like Warcraft! "Ah!!!" Seeing the magic eye plants suddenly growing out of the earth, people were so frightened that they could not recover. They breathed rapidly, but did not dare to move, for fear that one of them would accidentally provoke these magic eye plants. Not far away, Zhuang Tianyu was also shocked by the sudden appearance of the magic eye in front of him. He was a noble of Andaus. He knew that the crazy plant in front of him was the magic eye. The magic eye was a kind of man-eating plant. Those vines surrounded people layer by layer. The giant eye could eat people! Moreover, the magic eye has a unique offensive power, and the huge eye can emit corrosive light! At this time around the countless vines dangling around his whole body, it seems that at any time he will swallow into the abdomen, he was so frightened that he dared not breathe, his eyes looked outside at will, but found that the whole body into the eyes of the magic eye, the whole royal flower forest was filled with magic eyes, only Xia Zhilei stood in that open space without magic eyes. Zhuang Tianyu's eyes flashed a strong shock, lamella clarifer ,rapid sand filters, plus incredible, is she a plant summoner, otherwise how can so many magic eyes suddenly appear, but no, she is human, how can she summon plants, the book does not say that the world has the imperial blood of the spirit can have the power of plant summoning! How could she, a human being, have this power? Zhuang Tianyu was surprised. Did he and his little sister look down on her? The ministers and noble men and women of Cyran had never seen such a situation, and they were frightened into a cold sweat. Help! The ministers looked at the vines as if they were going to rush at them, as if they were going to suck up their blood. At the same time, there was a strong sense of fear in people's hearts. These dangerous magic eyes were staring at them. Warcraft had not started yet. It seemed that they were waiting for some order to swallow them all. "I have said what I should say, and the rest is your choice!"! But let me warn you, if your choice is not satisfactory to me, these plants do not open their eyes! Xia Zhilei words with a threat, the presence of people can not help but tremble all over, listen to her words, finally know that these magic eyes because of her out! "Tell them to go quickly, and I will leave the royal family!" Zheng Bin, the general of Zhenguo, looked around at the horrible magic eyes and shouted cautiously. His whole body trembled slightly and he collapsed in his chair. Marshal Xia, as the future daughter-in-law of the royal family, I would like to know what you will do with the members of the royal family after you abolish the royal family. Gongsun Xiaoqiao stared at the growing plants around him and asked in a panic. If the royal family does not take armed resistance and peaceful transition, after the abolition of the royal family, the members of the royal family will become ordinary citizens of Cyrene, and their rights will also be protected by law! Even those who perform well can hold important positions in the new government. Xia Zhilei said earnestly, her skirt fluttering in the breeze, looking particularly beautiful, "I am the spokesman of democracy and freedom, under my leadership, the rights of all of you will be protected!" After listening to Xia Zhilei's affirmative words, Ye Zihan obviously breathed a sigh of relief. He knew that the royal family had no strength to resist Xia Zhilei forcibly. He thought that Xia Zhilei would exterminate their royal family, but he didn't want her to demote them to civilians and even hold important positions in the new government! This concept is inconceivable in Xilan, the history of Xilan, no matter which Dynasty replaced the previous Dynasty, which emperor is not to exterminate the remnants of the former Dynasty, but Xia Zhilei has taken this approach! This approach is acceptable to him, the royal family's best four princes have disappeared in the front line of the capital, is life or death do not know, the royal army was defeated by Sao Tome, all the power is concentrated in the hands of Xia Zhilei, not to mention, Xia Zhilei was supported by the Andaus Empire! Just the last point, the royal family of Cyran could not resist, and peaceful transition was the most mutually beneficial measure! "Marshal Xia, since you say so, I have nothing to say, I am willing to give up my royal status and be loyal to you from tonight!" Ye Zihan said aloud, although Xia Zhilei said to give them a choice, in fact, they have no choice at all, because they have only one way to go, that is to submit to her! 155 Ye Zihan said aloud, although Xia Zhilei said to give them a choice, in fact,multi disc screw press, they have no choice at all, because they have only one way to go, that is to submit to her.