A girl from a famous family

You know what these women around me are like. So Ever since I pulled her out of the bathtub in the middle of the night, I've been thinking about being like that.. How does it feel to love with your life? 。


According to what the martial artist said, the vicinity of Jinling had been secretly surrounded, and all those who left the city were either captured or killed. Fortunately, he had some cleverness and some martial arts, so he could escape back. Nevertheless, he paid the price of a whole right hand. After he came back, the people of Jinling City really began to believe in this matter, and for the first stand up to say this matter of Jin Zhilan quite a bit of admiration. But at this time, they have not much admiration for the mind to Jin Zhilan, because they deeply feel that their lives are threatened. People panic to panic, but also good, know that there is no hope out of the city, they are trying to grab some more firewood back to save. The rich and powerful families in Jinling all went to the house of the magistrate and the garrison, and asked them to get ready quickly, so as not to be really attacked by those mud legs. It was Jin Zhilan who benefited a lot in this matter, because many people would subconsciously ask her questions about the roving bandits. Although they will not respect or admire Jin Zhilan too much at this time, after all, they already have a tendency in this respect. After all, Jin Zhilan is a woman, no matter how smart she is, she is just a woman. Those people will always think so in their hearts. And there is a garrison of adult soldiers guarding the city, probably will not be too big a problem? Those mud-legged people have attacked the town,fine bubble diffuser, but they just looted it and ran away. Mud legs, after all, are mud legs, and can not become a climate. Although he had the courage to attack Jinling now, it was probably the result of a momentary fever in his brain. So because of these ideas, the people in Jinling City are not too flustered, and even faintly optimistic. After the Jin family had already stored a lot of firewood and rice materials, the people found that the Jin family still had spare capacity in the process of panic buying,Lamella Plate Settler, and there was not much money in the family, so the intensity of panic buying gradually slowed down. This kind of thing in Zhizhou adult came forward to dissuade several times, then completely stopped. Also, it seems that this is the fourth day, those mud legs have not come, probably will not happen, right? In such a mood and wait-and-see, the biggest pressure is probably Jin Zhilan. After the martial artist came back, her reputation rose to the highest level, and on the fourth day, her judgment was faintly suspected. Suffering. It's really a torment. Not only for Jin Zhilan's suffering, but also for the whole city of Jinling's suffering. Now at noon, the sun is hanging high, and the hot sun shines on the whole city of Jinling. Luo Qingling was sitting beside a group of people in the highest pavilion in the small courtyard outside. There are two brothers and sisters, Zhao Baozhu and Zhao Jiunan, filter nozzle ,disc air diffuser, Jin Zhilan with an anxious face, and Aunt Li who is holding her chin and drinking iced plum soup. All the people gathered around her, looking at Luo Qingling with a calm face squinting at the direction of the city gate. Jin Zhilan's heart kept rolling, these days for her is really the most severe test, she did not know how she survived in the eyes of the public. It's not that I haven't faced the eyes of the public before, but those are different from today. If she does, her reputation will spread throughout the rhyme, which is not an exaggeration, but an indisputable fact. But if she fails, her reputation will also spread widely, but then it will become a joke after dinner. How did you have the confidence to agree to this? Jin Zhilan thought, his eyes could not help moving to Luo Qingling's face. Seeing Luo Qingling's calm expression all the time, as if everything was under control, her mood calmed down a little. In such a quiet and almost suffocating environment, they seemed to faintly hear the roar from the other side of the city gate, which was so distant and unreal, but like a drum, it hit everyone's heart hard. The whole quiet noon in Jinling suddenly lost its mind because of the distant voice. The biggest reaction is not Jin Zhilan, although she accompanied by the voice, a deep breath, collapsed on the table. The biggest reaction, instead, was standing behind Luo Qingling, who had been at a loss before. Liu's hand trembled with her body and gave a cry of surprise, "It's true." It actually happened. Those mud legs actually attacked the city. Accompanied by her voice of some fear and surprise, there was a loud sound of drums at the gate, and a harsh whistle sounded above the city of Jinling. It was the voice that alerted all the people in Jinling City that the war had begun. Luo Qingling put down the teacup in her hand, very slowly, and seemed to be very calm. But if someone looks carefully, he will find that the tea in the teacup is trembling gently, just like her mood at this time. It's finally started. Her feelings were a little mixed, partly from a slight relief that she had not broken her promise, and partly from some sadness at the sound of the punctual call. However, all those emotions dissipated with the sound of a hurried footstep. A servant of the Jin family panted and ran to the top of the attic, looking at Jin Zhilan with shining eyes, and his voice was obviously trembling, "Master, the garrison and the magistrate, please go there." Hearing this, Jin Zhilan's head turned to Luo Qingling in an instant, and when she nodded, a complicated and strange expression appeared on her face. Seemed to be happy, but also seemed to be frustrated, perhaps with some unspeakable guilt. She made a salute to Luo Qingling, then very simply turned around and followed the people of the Jin family down the attic. Her footsteps were slightly superficial, and her hands had been clasping the escalator tightly, as if she was afraid that she would roll down carelessly. After she left, Zhao Baozhu looked up at Luo Qingling and said,Mechanical fine screen, "Why did you give this opportunity away?"? You know, this kind of prestige is not something that ordinary people can get. Luo Qingling shook her head and laughed. "It's not a gift, but a mutual benefit." 。 khnwatertreatment.com