I love Anxin

You know what these women around me are like. So Ever since I pulled her out of the bathtub in the middle of the night, I've been thinking about being like that.. How does it feel to love with your life? 。


Rello lowered his eyes and hesitantly changed the subject. "How can I drink this?"? I'm going to have fatty liver, and the doctor asked me to eat less sugar. As expected, Anxin gave him a diversion: "Really?"? Do you have an irregular life and drink too much? "Maybe," Rello breathed a sigh of relief, and since he hadn't figured out what to do yet, let's put it off for a moment. He has to think about it again. Several flower baskets were placed at the entrance of the shop, a small band played a light tune at the entrance of the shop, and several reassuring students were acting as free distributors to distribute small gifts to passers-by. In the newly decorated shop, the goods have been put on the shelves, and customers have begun to come to the door sporadically. Rello leaned back against the window and sighed slightly. What she and Amy had said a year ago when they were enjoying the cool air downstairs in Xiwan's high-rise building flashed through her mind:.. Store need not be too big, to have a large glass window, can let the sun come in, will make everyone who comes in feel very comfortable.. Someone patted him on the shoulder, and he turned his head sideways and saw Murong Ziqi without any suspense. Murong Ziqi,wall penstocks, wearing a blue T-shirt and half-worn jeans, looks like a student just out of school. Rello shook his head with a wry smile. He had known Murong Ziqi for many years, and he knew all too well what he thought. But under this kind of condition, actually also can only sigh with emotion for him: The shrewd person also has the muddleheaded time-God is really very fair. Murong Ziqi, however, did not notice what he was thinking all over his head. He threw his chin back and motioned him to look in the direction of the square: "That man has been looking there for a long time. Is it someone you know?" Rello turned around and saw Su Wenqing sitting in a wheelchair in the shade of a tree across the road. From a distance,rotary vacuum disc filters, she also cut her hair short, and her face looked very thin. Although it was just autumn, there was a thin blanket on her lap, and she just stared at this side. Rello turned his head, but just touched the line of sight that Anxin had withdrawn. Her expression did not change, but her face turned slightly pale. When he turned to look again, Su Wenqing did not even change his posture and looked around crazily. I don't know what I'm looking at. Chapter 41 Murong Ziqi finished the third glass of wine and finally lost his composure. He turned his head and asked the peacock at the top of his voice, "Is she coming or not today?" Rello gave him a sidelong glance and said something carelessly. But the sound of the music was so noisy that Murong Ziqi heard nothing. So he reached over and pulled him over. "What did you just say?" Rello looked at his angry expression with a half-smile and said in his ear, "Go and find her yourself. It's not like you don't know where she lives.". "How old are you? Are you still pretending to be an innocent boy here? Is it affectation?" Originally thought that he would be furious after hearing this, did not expect Murong Ziqi just slightly stupefied, disc air diffuser ,lamella tube, and bowed his head to drink stuffy wine. Rello sighed and carried him into the back office with a few cans of beer. As soon as the door closed, the deafening music was blocked outside, and the ears suddenly became quiet, which made people feel a little uncomfortable. Murong Ziqi shrank lazily into the sofa with a thoughtful expression. Come on, what's the plan? Rello leaned against the table with a half-smile in his eyes and a slight frown on his brow. Murong Ziqi just sneered, glanced at him like a fool, and asked, "What are you going to do?" Rello "cut", his face was full of disdain expression: "With your little mind, when others can not see it?" Murong Ziqi did not argue with him, but lowered his eyes and stared at the beer in his hand. Rello came over and asked him helplessly, "I don't believe it. You really didn't want to take advantage of others' danger?" Murong Ziqi snorted. Rello opened a can of beer for himself and glanced thoughtfully at him. "Speaking of taking advantage of others, I think of someone.". If you don't do it, someone will. ” Murong Ziqi's attention was attracted by his words: "What do you mean?" Rello gave him a sidelong glance. "It's not interesting.". There's a man after her. Murong Ziqi seemed to chew the news over and over again, and then asked for a long time: "Yes." What kind of man? Rello shook his head. "I heard her say once that she was a technician.". He is a stable man with a good personality. It seems to be.. I met him at a class reunion. Murong Ziqi squinted at him again, and suddenly there was a little more jealousy in his eyes that he had never noticed: "This kind of thing.." She told you all that? Rello recognized the meaning of his words, chuckled, and said nothing. Murong Ziqi has begun to regret. How can he even think about such a trivial matter? If it gets out, it will be laughed to death by others. He looked at Rello with chagrin, wondering how he could even be jealous of him? Rello's face was calm, but he stared at the beer in his hand in a slight daze. After a long time, he said in a low voice, "If you really like it, go after it." Murong Ziqi snorted, "with you?" Rello did not speak, and there was a sudden silence between them. The music outside came in faintly, very fanatical music, and the distinct rhythm almost shook the floor. Murong Ziqi suddenly sighed, "do you think all I want is a woman?" "Do you want a man?" Rello asked in surprise. Murong Ziqi glared at him, but had no intention of teasing him. After pondering for a moment, he leaned back on the sofa and said heavily, "I always feel that what I want …" It's probably.. Someone can be the same. Love me.. "It's really a selfish child," Rello shook his head. "He is stingy and refuses to pay,MBR reactor, but he always wants more." Murong Ziqi's eyes looked blankly at the roof, and his voice showed a little infatuation: "Probably.". You know what these women around me are like. So Ever since I pulled her out of the bathtub in the middle of the night, I've been thinking about being like that.. How does it feel to love with your life? 。 khnwatertreatment.com