Sabbath _ Moonlight Sang

Hanging her head quietly, she held her son tightly as if she had finally made up her mind


Hanging her head quietly, she held her son tightly as if she had finally made up her mind. She raised her head and looked at Pulda bravely. With a trace of determination on her face, she asked, "Doctor, just tell me, can I be cured of this disease?"? In fact, the doctors outside said that it could not be cured, and if it could not be cured, I would not treat it. Pulda looked at her, and compared with the woman's resolute and almost mournful expression, his manner was very leisurely. Just look at the woman quietly. After a while, he slowly opened his lips: "Who says it can't be cured?" "What can't be cured is the person who said these words. In my opinion, your illness can be cured." The woman's son immediately raised his head and looked at Pulda in surprise. Your tumor is really too big to be removed. Pulda reached out and pressed the woman's chest. Without any hint of flirtation, as if the woman's body was just a utensil, he reached out and pressed the woman's heart. Then don't remove it. "The abundant blood vessels prove that the vascular system of this tumor is well developed, and the incision will cause massive bleeding,x60 line pipe, indicating that it has formed the main blood vessels." "It sucks most of the blood that used to supply the heart, and the heart is getting weaker and weaker, but it's getting stronger and stronger, proving that it's strong, well-developed, and completely better than the heart next to it." "Obviously, it has defeated the heart next to it." "In this case,uns c70600, why should we support a weak heart that is completely unable to enter its obligations and can not even be defeated by a tumor?" Pulda gestured next to the woman's chest: "If I were to do this operation, I would not consider removing the tumor at all, but removing the heart, and then using the natural internal structure of the tumor to rebuild a strong heart." !!!! The woman and her son were stunned. The man who just entered the door instantly brightened his eyes, and even Xiaomei, who had been sitting quietly beside him, stayed for a while! There was more and more excitement in the little boy's eyes, and the woman's eyes were surprised at first. Surprise was gradually replaced by caution, and the woman finally looked at Pulda with only caution in her eyes. Excuse me To do an operation like this, I.. How much do I have to pay? Obviously, the biggest problem facing the mother and son is not only their health, uns s31803 sheet ,x70 line pipe, but also money. Let me see, what about this operation? According to the outside practice, we need to call the top heart surgeons in the whole tower at least.. Seven, two of the most experienced anesthesiologists.. According to their speed, the operation will take about three days and three nights. "The market price is about." One hundred million? Pulda scratched his head. The woman was stunned. But you look like a poor man. Pulda smiled, but showed no mercy: "Don't say 100 million, can come here, have you spent all your savings?" The woman pursed her lips and turned even paler. But the Sky City man who had just entered the door could not sit still and went to Pulda. He raised his chin slightly and reserved: "My father also has a tumor in his body. The situation is very similar to this woman. If you can have an operation, don't say 100 million, I can pay you 500 million as a reward." With that, he stood confidently in place, waiting for Pulda to respond to him. Then, sure enough, he saw Purda turn her eyes from the woman to himself. He was ready to start studying his father's illness with Pulda next, who knows. "Shut up." Pulda had a smile on her face, but the words that came out of her mouth were very impolite. Didn't your father tell you not to cut in line? He still smiled, but his tone became more and more vicious. I don't care what you do outside, in my eyes, you are just a patient or a family member who comes to me with money to save my life. He compared himself with his thumb and smiled insolently: "I am the boss here." "If you want to see a doctor, queue up. If you don't want to see a doctor, go out and leave." Purda said contemptuously. The man's face darkened in an instant, and just as he was about to say something, the little girl next to him had jumped over. "How dare you speak to my father like that?" Clenching her little fist, the little girl went to hit Pulda. It seems that your father did not teach you etiquette. "Still smiling, Pulda let the little girl punch herself. The little girl's delicate skin and tender flesh fell on Pulda's jewelry decorated with metal rivets and spikes. The tender little fist suddenly broke the skin and bled.". As if she had not heard the little girl's cry at all, Pulda continued to turn to the mother and son: "This operation should be about 100 million outside, but 100 million is useless. They can't do this operation." "Only I can do this operation." He pointed to himself. Then he tilted his head. He said, "But I'm here now. It's useless to ask for so much money. I like this necklace around your neck. Give it to me as the operation fee." He was referring to the necklace that showed a small part of the little boy's neck. Tearing off his black collar, he showed his mother and son the collection around his neck: "You see, I like to wear all kinds of ornaments. Collecting all kinds of ornaments I like from patients is also one of my hobbies." The little boy took off the necklace at that time, but his mother held him down. No, this is what your father left you, and you will.. In case I'm not here, I can go to your father with this necklace. With a trace of misery in her eyes, the woman whispered to her son. The boy's pure big eyes were staring at his mother. Later, his eyes turned to Purda. "Doctor, will your operation be successful?" "The success rate is 88%, and I can't guarantee another 12%." Raise your eyebrows,x52 line pipe, said Pulda. Enough The little boy nodded, broke off his mother's fingers and pulled the necklace out of her hand. "Here is the necklace. Please treat my mother." Pulda smiled with satisfaction. "What a clever boy." "Compared with the father who doesn't know where he is, the mother who is always with him is the most reliable." 。