Sword Supreme

This analysis makes perfect sense. Li Wen-chin and Chiu Tsung-chieh


This analysis makes perfect sense. Li Wen-chin and Chiu Tsung-chieh were also pleased with Chang Hsin-pao; it was not easy to deal with this secret murderer with superb martial arts skills and first-rate intelligence. When the three of them were talking about this, they suddenly heard a man report to them in an urgent voice, saying, "Report to all the old-timers!"! Suddenly a crazy old man with a white beard on his face and no facial features came to the mourning hall. He cried like a child. Whenever someone advised him to mourn, he would beat people with his hands. He was very strong in martial arts. No one could stop the mourning hall from being in chaos! Li Wenqin and Qiu Jianjie were both stunned! "It's Martial Uncle," he said shyly and with one voice. "It's Master!" With mixed feelings of joy and sorrow, they left together. Wei Jiu's eyes were full of ferocity and he blurted out, "I didn't expect that Qiu Kai, the Taoist of the game, would appear here!" "Splat." The thump of the stick against the meat. Li Wenqin and Qiu Jianjie are more than 100 years old together, but now they are kneeling on the ground like children, not daring to resist. They clench their teeth and let Qiu Kai, the "Taoist", beat them on his back with an eight-foot-long stick. With tears in his eyes, Old Chiu Kai's face was like a piece of shaggy grass. He flew into a rage. As he fought, he cursed endlessly, saying, "You two are sixty-four years old, the ancestors of the trouble-free son!"! If Lao Tzu's brother loses his martial arts, he must rely on you to protect him. We don't have much time to leave the southern barbarians. It'll cost him his life. How do you explain to me. How to explain to the dead. Alas, nothing in the world is as painful as death and separation! The older generation taught the younger generation a lesson,x60 line pipe, but no one dared to dissuade them. When the nine enemies of Wei stepped into the mourning hall! When he saw Master An Shigao behind Qiu Kai and the disfigured and ugly "Juechen" monk, his body was stunned, and the action he wanted to dissuade him stopped and looked on. As soon as Zhuge Liang, who had been kneeling for the wake, saw the nine enemies of Wei entering the mourning hall again, he flashed into the white cloth curtain with flickering shadows. Master An Shigao was also shocked when he saw Wei Jiu's enemy appear in the mourning hall! He hurried forward and stretched out his palm in a mysterious way. He grabbed hold of the stick that Qiu Kai was beating relentlessly. He sang the name of the Buddha and said, "Qiu Tanyue,x52 line pipe, please stop the anger of thunder!"! In order to avoid the uneasiness of the dead of the single elder, since the accident happened, we should think about the solution, otherwise we will only let the murderer secretly laugh. Qiu Kai had already broken the stick, and half of his anger had disappeared. "If Master An Shigao hadn't pleaded for mercy today," he said casually, "he would have beaten you to the ground. Get up and tell me the whole story so that I can avenge Elder Martial Brother!" Wei Jiu stepped forward with folded fists and said, "The chivalrous elder Qiu has come, and his demeanor is as good as ever. The younger generation would like to pay their respects to you." With a sad mood at the moment, Chiu Kai only threw his sleeve in return, and Chiu Chun-chieh and Li Wen-chin took him to the side hall to tell him everything. Master An Shigao put his hands together and said, "I haven't seen Master Wei for more than ten years, but he is still as elegant as ever!"! Along the way, I heard that you are going to set up the'Divine Sword Gate 'to recruit disciples for the benefit of Wulin, which is respectable and admirable! Wei Jiudi looked at the "Juechen" monk and saw that although his face was ugly, uns c68700 ,316ti stainless steel, he looked like a natural official in his manner and gestures. He was not a man in the martial arts world. Turbulent, can not help but see a few more eyes, suddenly feel as if where to see! Suddenly there was a sissy noise outside the hall, which was not solemn enough in the solemn and sad main hall of the mourning hall, but no one dared to look unhappy, especially the disciples of the "Tiancan Gate" who all looked respectful and stepped aside. He was Cui Zhaozhong, the leader of Tiancanmen. When he stepped into the mourning hall and did not follow up, he was stunned and dumbfounded when he saw the monk Juechen. He was nailed in place like an iron nail. Suddenly- Cui Zhaozhong wailed loudly, not running to the front of the spirit, but crawling on the ground and hugging the legs of the monk Juechen, which really shocked the public. Just listen to her choking, sobbing and twitching, if the woman's delicate posture: "Oh, heaven has eyes.." 'Huang Men Ling 'Eunuch Deputy Manager Zhao Zhong See'Boss'! People know that you are lucky enough to throw yourself into the river and not die. Knowing that you were taken by Master An Shigao as a monk.. When he wanted to look for it, he disappeared in the Central Plains. All the Jianghu people in the world didn't know that Cui Zhaozhong was one of the eunuchs of the former Dynasty. Since he recognized his ancestors, he added Cui's surname. In his tears of joy, he accidentally revealed his identity, and the'boss' in his mouth was Zhang Rang! Wei Jiu enemy heard a shock all over! His eyes suddenly showed joy, and his expression disappeared, and he turned to a resentful face. Unexpectedly, the ugly monk Juechen blushed and could not get rid of his hugs and entanglements. He clasped his hands together and recited the name of the Buddha, saying, "How can you call the poor monk'eldest brother '?"? I don't know who I'm talking about! The poor monk vaguely remembered the name of Zhao Zhong, but he couldn't remember it for a moment. Cui Zhaozhong wept like a tearful person, and the Rouge and gouache on the man's face melted into a mess. It was very sad. "You and I were in the hands of Bai Lingjue, the leader of the Supreme Demon Sect, so that we lost our memory and life was worse than death." Even if you turn to ashes, I can recognize you. Why haven't you recovered your memory yet? Monk Juechen was hugged by the man's wife. He was very embarrassed and at a loss. He even said that Tan Yue had mistaken him for someone else, so he had to look for Master An Shigao to rescue him. Master An Shigao exclaimed that something was wrong. He hurried forward and folded his hands together, saying, "Cui Tanyue!"! All the things of yesterday are like yesterday's death, and all the things of today are like today's life. The past and the past should never be mentioned again. 'Juechen' is a quiet monk of practice, just like the name of the Dharma. Although he is in the world of mortals, his mind is as still as if he were not moving, far away from the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, and mind, which are transformed into six desires: color, sound, fragrance, taste, touch, and Dharma. Cui Zhaozhong rose to his feet angrily and said,uns s32750 sheet, "You bald donkey!"! I don't know what magic tricks have been used to confuse Zhang Rang, but instead of treating his amnesia, he has become a different person. Who can understand what you're saying? It's more like cheating a three-year-old child! 。 lksteelpipe.com