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Not to mention performing stars, socialites, even some executives,


Not to mention performing stars, socialites, even some executives, will want to have something to represent themselves in their clothes. China's special embroidery workers, even if only embroider a name, also have more than 20 fonts, not to mention in case the guests put forward the requirements of Su embroidery, Guangdong embroidery, Shu embroidery, Hunan embroidery, there are too many choices, which are full of attraction. Dashan agreed to come down. He made some necessary preparations in the shortest possible time. For example, to introduce the embroidery technology of many factions in China to the guests; for example, just take the name of embroidery as an example, the same name is embroidered with dozens of fonts as samples.. It further promises that if customers are willing, all the clothes they order in the future can be embroidered with names and other patterns on a designated part after discussion with the designer. This is a service for high-end customers, the purpose is to better maintain and develop high-end customer groups. Of course, it's easy to say yes, but if you want to do it, the trouble is not small. First of all, the high-end customization of high-end customers is basically done in Paris or New York studios, where there is no embroidery. Complete the order and send it back to China for embroidery? Not to mention the increased expenses and wasted time, what if there is damage in the process of mailing or embroidery? Moreover, it takes a lot of trouble to find skilled embroiderers who are proficient in all kinds of embroidery and gather them to work somewhere. Relying on the great cause of Oriental Element Clothing Company and willing to invest, the second point can be done, as for the first point, Dashan thought, the way is people come up with, there will always be a way to solve. Dong Jie is very much in favor of his brother's idea. The company can recruit a group of embroidery workers and regularly arrange some places to work abroad, which is also an incentive for them, and it is easy to recruit skilled embroidery workers. If you have talent, make the best use of it and launch a batch of limited edition clothes from time to time, with a little exquisite hand-embroidery on the cuffs, necklines, skirts or hemlines. Or more obvious, or only play a little decorative role. Use your head to design colors, such as traditional peony, plum, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum, and text symbols. You can also choose some improved patterns with foreign characteristics. Well, let's match it with different embroidery methods. Other pirates are no good, follow the trend of the unique ability is absolutely admirable, see the move, cope with it. Therefore, white marble mosaic ,Calacatta Quartz Slab, it is necessary for our brand to have some difficult characteristics. Domestic pirates, to put it nicely, "highly imitated" works, such as silk clothing, which is selling well at present, are really everywhere, and the good and bad are intermingled and flooded the market. Are you worried that your clothes will be adversely affected? This Paris Fashion Week, a reporter specifically asked this question. Fake and inferior products can not be simply stopped, just like weeds, which exist all over the world. Counterfeiting is a long-term and worldwide thing, but the effect is not ideal.. If the brand has a solid foundation, it is not afraid of fake goods, because loyal consumers will not buy fake goods.. We strive for excellence in material selection, workmanship and design, and the quality is obvious to all, so I believe that our brand is in the eyes of consumers.. Dashan answered confidently. Always one step ahead of others is the unique secret of success. He likes to hold the initiative in his own hands, if others can only follow the trend, in addition to imitation and piracy skills, can not do innovation, such opponents again, what is the fear? If we build up brand and brand culture and occupy the relatively high-end consumer market, we will be able to remain invincible! After the conference, at least one thing can be sure: DJ NO.1 brand silk series was positioned as high-grade, has been beyond doubt. In the days to come, Dashan will be able to safely stay out of the way and laugh at the situation in the cannibalism of others racking their brains and even selling at a lower price. In addition to Chinese silk, foreign businessmen who jointly invested with Oriental Element Garment Company and established silk textile mills in Suzhou and Hangzhou are also the biggest vested interests in this conference. Basically, the fabrics used by Dong Jie are mostly made by hand in China, and the rest are mostly fabrics from these two joint ventures. Because of the loss and the cost of developing the new version, domestic textile mills do not accept small orders, with their own textile mills, this problem will not become a problem. This is also a compromise, in exchange for Italian manufacturers agreeing to apply new technologies and processes in joint ventures by making a name for themselves at fashion shows. The quality of fabrics has been recognized and accepted by the international fashion industry, and future orders will naturally not worry, which will enhance the reputation of Italian manufacturers. Chapter 261 embarrassment. Children of four or five years old are like flowers blooming in the sunshine, all of them are innocent and lovely. At the same time, their desire to explore things is also unprecedentedly high. Newborn calves are not afraid of tigers. They shout their chants and rush to the world, fearlessly trampling all things in the world under their white and tender feet. Spring is coming, the grass sprouts, a small flowerpot on the balcony of Mr. Tang's house, one night, a small seedling poked its head out. Tang Feng is very curious. Every morning he would follow his grandfather and play with the flowers and plants together. It wasn't there yesterday. Who planted it secretly in one night? Why? Grandpa told him, "This is the watermelon seed planted by Xiaofeng." Last year, when eating watermelon for the last time, the little guy was suddenly curious about how the watermelon grew. Mr. Tang told him that it began to germinate from the seeds. The little guy buried the leftover melon seeds in a small flowerpot. After a winter of stinging, it germinated unexpectedly. Tang Feng thought and thought, as if there was such a thing? I can't remember. There seems to be a little impression that when he eats melons, he seems to eat melon seeds into his stomach. Two days later, the buds in the flowerpot grew stronger,White Marble Slabs, and the little guy suddenly had a stomachache. Will the watermelon seeds he ate last year take root and sprout quietly in his stomach? Children's spring sorrow, in addition to making a lot of adults laugh, comes and goes quickly.