Ma'am, she's warm and sweet.

"Husband, don't be too harsh." Qing Qing is almost sixteen


"Husband, don't be too harsh." Qing Qing is almost sixteen. Since Pei Zhongshu and her love each other, not if. Not if what? Ruan Qing was a little worried, not knowing whether her sister-in-law, Mrs. Qi, could really persuade her brother, so she simply stood up and went to the wall of the reception hall to prick up her ears. The voice next door was sparse, as if Mrs. Qi, the sister-in-law, had lowered her voice and discussed with her brother in a low voice. She listened carefully for a long time and could not distinguish the specific news. Besides, after staying for a while, he did not hear Pei Jinyu's voice. If he had been there, he would have answered, and she would have been able to distinguish his voice. Ruan Qing pursed his lips, a little disappointed: "Is he not in the house now, but has already left?"? Just then, there was a slight sound behind the screen in the cubicle. Who's there? Ruan Qing suddenly recovered from the loss, the reception hall was discussing his marriage, how could there be a servant staying in the compartment at this time? She left the wall with a guilty conscience and turned to see a screen in the cubicle, which divided the room into two halves. There was an identical set of tables and chairs inside, and a man was sitting there,Agate Slabs For Sale, putting down the teacup in his hand. I only blame myself for being so nervous when I just came in that I didn't realize anyone was inside. Ruan Qing was hesitating whether to go out of the compartment at this time, but the man inside did not reply, and went straight to the screen. He walked steadily, but when he reached the screen, he paused and quickly came around. Ruan Qing froze: "Pei.." Mr. Pei? Aren't you supposed to be.. Pei Jinyu coughed lightly. "Just now Ruan Shaoshi asked me to find another place. He wants to have a good discussion with Mrs. Qi." He looked away unnaturally, but could not hold back, and looked up at the little girl in front of him. Pei took the liberty to come to the door today. Will Miss Ruan be angry? "How could it be?" Ruan Qing asked subconsciously. Then she realized that she was too eager and hurriedly covered her mouth with her hand. But the thump of the heartbeat could not deceive people,Carrara Marble Slab, honestly reflecting her true thoughts. Pei Jinyu's eyes lit up: "Although I take the liberty, I really can't wait. I don't want to make any more mistakes." The door of the wing was closed, and there was no one else but her and Pei Jinyu. At this time he was in front of Ruan Qing, smiling gently on his handsome face, and his tall figure blocked part of the light. Ruan Qing was enveloped by his shadow, and he was so flustered that his cheeks were flushed. She did not speak, but stepped back demurely to pull away, but with a tight back, she pressed against the wall. When he raised his eyes, the tall gentleman of the Pei family was no longer politely guarding the distance, but close at hand: "Qing Qing, would you like to be my only wife?" Don't come over here. Would you like to be his wife? Ruan Qing's eyes were full of Pei Jinyu looking down at herself, handsome to the extreme, and she stared blankly at the man who had admired her for two lifetimes, and her mind was in a trance. Pei Jinyu today specially changed the body solemn attire, Calacatta Nano Glass ,Granite Slab Supplier, the entire person is more abundant and handsome, the posture is square. Now there was no one else in the room, and his tall figure blocked part of the sky through the window screen, enveloping Ruan Qing in this small world with his own figure. This is a very oppressive posture, but Pei Jinyu is now soft and focused, the eyes of the world's treasures belong entirely to the little girl in front of him, no one can refuse. Ruan Qing dared not look at him again: "Since." Now that Mr. Pei has come to ask for marriage, the marriage is decided by the elders, I. The voice was so light that Youfang, who belonged to her daughter's family, and the cold wooden breath were entangled in one place. Pei Jinyu even breathed lightly, for fear of disturbing the little girl in front of her. She said a small voice, and intermittently did not follow up, Pei Jinyu listened attentively to her for a long time but did not see the following, chuckled. Qing Qing, why don't you look at me? Time passes very slowly, but the heartbeat is very clear. The man in front of her seemed to be very concerned about what she had said, and he was always serious about doing things, and at this time he was no exception: "Could it be that I'm not in good shape and Qingqing doesn't like it?" Ruan Qing's ears were already red. The gentleman of the Pei family, whom the ladies of the imperial city were flocking to, was the favored son of heaven, who could not get the golden branches and jade leaves, but now he was asking her if she liked it. Even though Even if he came to propose marriage today, he was also very much in love with him, even if there was no one in the compartment now, but a "like" now is not to mutton soup, not to cherries, but to say to himself, it is too embarrassing ah.. In his previous life, Pei Jinyu was always respectful and courteous, and in this life he never kept a distance, and Ruan Qing had never seen him like this. The desireless eyes now lit a spark, and Ruan Qing could see clearly before she lowered her eyes. It was the same deep obsession when she was rescued from the masked monster at night in Yunning Villa. Originally clear and cold Pei family gentleman is now so irregular, also so do not leave room, but the momentum is confusing, it is heart-breaking. Which face-saving girl dares to raise her eyes to look at him at this time? When Pei Jinyu saw that she did not speak, she raised her hand to her ear and bent over. "Qing Qing, did I scare you?" Ruan Qing was now extremely flustered, his whole body was dizzy with shame, and he could not hear anything else, only his heartbeat was very clear, and his heart was full of only one thought. Too close, too close.. Behind her is already against the wall, Pei Jinyu can never, never come forward again. What she didn't know was how soft and charming her little face was red and her eyes were flustered, but she still stayed in front of Pei Jinyu. Pei Jinyu smiled again and was about to say something more when the door of the compartment was pushed open: "Miss,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, madam asked you to come over." Ah Fang pushed open the door and stepped in with one foot. From the snow, he quickly shrank back as if he had been scalded. "Damn the slave," he said. "The slave didn't see anything!" 。