Travel for thousands of years

But he very much hates the thousand night this kind of expression


But he very much hates the thousand night this kind of expression, she obviously is such evil, damn, shameless woman, does not have the moral integrity woman. But looking at her clear eyes, Qiantianke suddenly felt that he was talkative, why should he ask her, why should he let him see her expression. Suddenly he had an impulse to tear the'disguise 'of a thousand nights into a pure face, because the real thousand nights do not deserve to have this beautiful face. Do you remember that you promised a thousand nights? Thousand nights suddenly evil said, and then looked at the thousand day guest that doubt expression, ha ha, he forgot, but she is not forgotten, some things are to be used until now. What did you promise a thousand nights three years ago? What, you don't remember? Three years ago, he should have just met a thousand nights, what did he promise a thousand nights? Never thought of, also because of the thousand night, never asked him, at this time, thousand day guest, suddenly realized that he and thousand night acquaintance for more than three years, from the verbal point of view, he has never done anything for the thousand night. Three years ago, the thousand nights were still a child for him, a beautiful child. Ha ha, thousand family Lord, when the night thousand night leaves, but clearly has said to you, do not forget what you said,face recognition identification kiosk, how, but a short period of three years, all forgotten? Looking at Qiantianke, Qianye said with interest. Qiantianke regarded Qianye's words at that time as a child's farce, because later, Qianye had been attracting his eyes, so he did not take Qianye's words at that time to heart, let alone seriously think about them. Even so, he still remembered, because the thousand nights at that time were special and attracted him in that way. That is more than three years ago, thousand night for the first time to blue water villa,thermal imaging camera, is also the first time he saw thousand night, in that night, because of curiosity, also because do not believe, he put forward his servant, and thousand night servant fight, the results of thousand night conditions, then he should be her, said a sentence: "If the servant of a thousand nights wins, no matter what the reward is, as long as I can do it!" For so long, what does she propose to do now? What is her purpose? After the thousand day guest thinks clearly, is looking at the thousand night doubtfully. The condition is very simple, and what you can do is: do not attend today's engagement banquet, that is, do not engage with Jin Lingfei! A thousand nights said lightly. Although now with this condition, some waste, but a thousand days guest, also can not do anything for a thousand nights, this is the only thing that can make a thousand nights a little happy. Small night night, touch screen digital signage ,smart whiteboard price, how did you run here, let me look for a long time? Ji Ming came to the seashore and immediately pulled Qianye to say. It turned out that she had come to meet her old lover, and this damned thousand nights had disappeared as soon as she arrived at Bishui Villa. After listening to the conditions of the thousand nights, the thousand days guest was shocked, and naturally could not tell the reason. Now he looked at them cuddling, and was even more angry. As a result, he laughed angrily and said: "I can't agree to your terms!" "Congratulations, Master Qian, today is your big day!" Not to the thousand night reply, Ji Ming then opened his mouth and said. Although he did not know the conditions mentioned by Qiantianke, he could feel that the atmosphere was not right. Thousand days guest glanced at Ji Ming, and did not speak, he has what to be worth congratulating. Ha ha, very funny, a person congratulates him, one asks him not to come out today's engagement banquet. Oh, how, thousand family master, such a thing can not be done, that thousand nights have to be when you break your promise to thousand nights, in that case, that thousand nights will ask you for some justice back. Are you going to let a thousand nights do it yourself, or do you want to cut yourself? Thousand night cold evil said, looking at thousand day guest, couldn't help sneer at a way: "The result is the same, anyway, you and Jin Lingfei are engaged, not engaged, married!"! Isn't it?! Really not smart enough person, he is to feel that his status is special, thousand nights will not do anything to him? "Oh, have you ever touched Jin Lingfei?" Although the thousand nights are smiling, they are in a cold tone. Qianye is not happy because of the engagement of Qiantianke? So why did she stop it? Ji Ming thought doubtfully. Naturally, today's engagement banquet, because a thousand days of guests have not appeared, will be the same, such as three days ago, again cancelled, nothing. Once so, it is difficult to hide, twice so, it can be imagined that the present Bishui Villa, in the eyes of the public, is almost an ominous place of laughter. Fortunately, there is a celebration banquet for Jin Shaofei to take over as the head of the Jin family, otherwise, Bishui Villa must be more lively. But in the same way, the celebration became extremely bleak because of the disappearance of the thousand-day guest. Even if that is the case, it must be maintained. Can't find the thousand day guest everywhere, the thousand Boren in the inner room anxious round and round, he doesn't think the day guest will go away, more won't leave this kind of scene. So many people were sent to look around, but there was still no sign of Qiantianke. Qian Boren sat in the inner room angrily and feebly, and Jin Shiyuan also felt that the ghost had appeared, but what he did not expect was that he would start from Qian Tianke. Because he will focus, all on Jin Lingfei and other people's body, is a thousand nights, but a thousand nights in the blue water villa, then disappeared, but she will soon come with Ji Ming. So the doubts were dispelled. . But no one thought that the grand master of a thousand families would not attend his engagement banquet. There are people who can understand. For example, Fang Shi, Yu Jialun, Direction, including Jin Shiyuan, but they agreed that it was not that reason. It was supposed to catch ghosts,facial recognization camera, but unexpectedly, the result was that the ghosts played again and performed in public. But he did not know that the real performance was still ahead. What kind of feast will be waiting for them? The curtain opening in the curtain closing! Qian Ye's offer to Jin Shiyuan..! The Ending of the Generous Elegy of the Journey of a Thousand Years!!! Enter the gray world again, turn bright!!!! Love and Hatred in the Story of Traveling for a Thousand Years Jin Mansion: 'Ghost' Jin Lingfei [Part 1].