Mad Dog Plus Three (1)

When Jia San entered the tent, he had already brought the situation inside the tent into his eyes. They are all strangers that the original Jiasan has never met.


When Jia San entered the tent, he had already brought the situation inside the tent into his eyes. They are all strangers that the original Jiasan has never met. The son of a Lord and a sorcerer? At present, it seems that they have no malice towards him? As for the behavior of the eldest son of the suspected Lord, there was a sense of dislike for him, and he did not mind. When normal people see a beggar with a stench, most of them will avoid it, just human nature. Of course, this is limited to others to himself, if the eldest son of the Lord dare to show such a look of disgust to the family, plus three do not say immediately revenge, the heart will certainly give him a note. Since these "noble people" had no malice towards him for the time being, Jiasan decided to be a polite person for the time being. Recalling the etiquette of the world, Jia San stroked his chest with his right hand, bent down and said, "Jia San, I have seen the respected Lord, the magician and the knights. May the eyes of the God of luck always stare at you and me." At the end of the ceremony, Jia San looked up and smiled generously at the crowd. The eldest son of the Lord frowned. Although she was the child of a prostitute,Iron Nail Making Machine, she was not rude, nor did she have the fear of ordinary country children when they saw a noble person. She was a little dirty and smelly, but she was quite cute when she smiled. On the whole, the eldest son of the Lord's first impression of the third is not bad. The sorcerer also paid a little more attention to the plus three. A very thin child, looks like the local blood, the family should be extremely poor,Nail machine manufacturer, there is nothing else surprising. Plus three, right? Have you been to the pharmacist in the village? Asked the sorcerer. Back to your excellency, yes. Add three nods, a little nervous in the heart. The old man can see what kind of pure Xia blood he is, so can this magician also see it? The expression and muscle changes of Garsan did not deceive the magician's eyes, but it was normal for a country child to be nervous when he first met the noble Lord's son and the magician, and Garsan's performance had surpassed that of many ordinary people. Is the pharmacist at home? The magician asked again. I didn't see the adult when I left in the morning, and I don't know if he was at home. Add three and shake your head. He could feel that the magician's eyes on him did not stay much longer, and the other side was obviously more interested in the old man. What did the pharmacist do to you? The sorcerer used the power word. Add three eyes in a moment became blank, open mouth answer: "He to me … …" To me.. Add 3 hold a head, it seems that the head is very painful appearance: "I … … I can't remember. "Did he ask you to lie on the stone platform?" "Shitai.." I saw the stone platform. He I don't know. I can't remember. Add three eyes pain, voice broken. Seeing the painful little appearance of Gassan, the eldest son of the Lord, Nail machine supplier ,iron nail machine, who was watching from the front, suddenly felt a little uncomfortable. The child is still remembering in such pain. It is obvious that the magician has used witchcraft on him. Poor child. Several waiters, who were directly in front of and to the side of Jiasan, also showed a sympathetic look. Even the village head at the back of Jiasan, listening to Jiasan's uncomfortable voice, wanted to shout to him, "Don't think any more.". Several knights' expressions did not change, but the more sympathetic knights sighed in their hearts. Not to mention an ordinary child, even they can't resist the sorcery of magicians at all, unless they practice fighting spirit and completely break away from the realm of ordinary people. Okay, you can stop thinking about it. The sorcerer pointed his finger at the child. Thought that the child's mental strength seems to be a little weak, the power word will not make people so painful, can not think of a direct answer do not know, the power word just let you tell the truth. Or maybe the child's pain has something to do with the memory interference spell that the alchemist cast on the child? Leaving aside the child's reaction, he was not surprised by the child's answer. Most alchemists are cautious, they don't want their alchemy to leak out, and they usually interfere with the participants'memory. But what the magician didn't know was that he didn't forget the content of the transaction, he just didn't know the process and content of the experiment. What the magician did not know was that his power words had no effect on the addition of three, and that the addition of three was just a performance of an exaggerated drama segment at the level of a pupil. But the magician was so confident in his sorcery that he never thought that an ordinary child could not be affected by the power word. So even if the performance of plus three was poor, he didn't see it-because he didn't pay special attention to it, he just thought that the child's mental strength was too weak. And add three also do not know the magician used witchcraft to him, see the magician adult so believe, he is still a little surprised, is through a time, his acting also changed for the better? Seeing that Jia San had recovered his breath, straightened up, put down his hands holding his head, and his little face, which had not been covered by the mud, was all red. All the people in the tent, except the magician, were relieved in their hearts. Poor child, finally free from torture. Jia San raised his face, with tears in his black eyes and a little red in the corners of his eyes. The eldest son of the Lord, who was facing him, suddenly had a rapid heart beat several times. This child.. It seems to grow very well. His mouth was pouting, as if he was acting like a spoiled child with him. Drink some water. The eldest son of the Lord, who was over twenty and a half years old, actually picked up his cup and motioned to Jia San to take it. The magician raised his eyebrows. When did the eldest son of the Lord become so gentle to the humble pauper? His voice was at least an octave softer than usual. Plus three hesitated for a second and took the gold cup with both hands. The water in the glass had obviously been drunk, and only half of it was left. Is that an insult? Look at the expression of the people around and the look of the eldest son of the Lord,Coil Nail Making Machine, it really does not look like. Is that a good intention? Jia San felt nervous. You can at least ask the waiter to pour a new glass of water. It's not that he hasn't shared a bottle of water with his classmates and friends before. Jia San raised his glass and drank the water from it. When Jiasan restrained his psychological disgust, he did not know how much the village head and the waiters envied him. The noble gave him the things he had used and the water he had drunk, which was a supreme expression of intimacy that non-close people could not enjoy.