Deify the world

But Zhang Xiang was too proud, so he overlooked something.


But Zhang Xiang was too proud, so he overlooked something. He forgot that his opponent was Jiang Ziya, who was famous for his wisdom. The general, who was famous for his wisdom, always played tricks at any time and anywhere, and could never fight with the other side. There is one is the west qi army master Ji Fa, but he is the future son of heaven, the camp has a large number, although can not gallop in the frontal battlefield, but can be in the enemy's rear, the enemy's chaos vertical and horizontal master, in some specific time and place, this is an absolutely overbearing and terrible force. And the most important point is that Zhang Xiang forgot something called the hearts of the people. Perhaps in his view, the war is just the killing of the two armies, which has nothing to do with the untouchables, but he does not know that at the delicate moment when the strength of both sides is equal, the last straw can crush a strong camel. Chapter 11 The Last Line of Defense Under the rain of arrows, the elite of the third wave of the Xiqi Army had already broken 10% of the wall, and close to the wall, they had broken another 10%. Zhang looked at the mountains of arrows, wood and stones piled up on the wall and the young and strong slaves collected to transport defensive supplies. From the beginning, he became confident. The abundance of supplies was the cornerstone of his self-confidence. Sword and stone can definitely be said to be the nightmare of the siege side, in a commanding position, this is the absolute way to kill, if really can do the most reasonable deployment, even is only fifty thousand military forces in the city of Fengqiu, but also absolutely can let two hundred thousand Xiqi army drink hate. In his view, the full attack of the western qi army is just a certain doctor to the king's aphrodisiac, can be one and not again,classroom interactive whiteboard, just because of the city side rely on the slow long-term accumulation, solid foundation, and the siege side is by a one-time advantage investment, and Jiang Ziya absolutely did not once destroy the strength of two hundred thousand civilian workers, but die not to admit defeat, besides, he has twenty thousand strong soldiers, How should also hold back the west qi army's attack, if not for the sudden fire in the city, he almost thought he was the revitalization of Shang Yin. Feng Qiu fire in the city such as Ying can not disappear, when the fire just ignited,4k smart board, Zhang still don't care, the enemy sent spies to sneak into the city in advance, in the most critical moment to disturb, this is not a new trick, who will also'this is a bad idea ', just to see if it can be done. But when he realized that the north city was not a small peak smoke, but a huge fire, the enemy's spies had successfully attacked the north city that was built by hay, purely to boost morale and build a line of defense, Zhang Xiang knew he was defeated, lost a mess. When the defenders on the wall also noticed the fire in the north city, in a twinkling of an eye, the arrows and stones, swords and spears on the tower all disappeared without a trace. The attack of the Xiqi Army turned into a drill. They only had to climb up the wall, then open the gate and let the army in to win easily. Only then did he really regret not listening to Huang Feihu's advice, self-righteous, but the matter has come to this point, regret and useless, Zhang Xiang hurriedly to the side of the Qinwei confessed a few words, then drew the sword rushed to kill the Xiqi elite soldiers on the gate tower, touch screen board classroom ,smart board whiteboard, determined to be loyal to the Shang Dynasty. Things in the world are usually like this, there is no absolute good, there is no absolute bad, Zhang Xiang with hay to suppress his military forces to defend, inspire morale, if met the west qi lurking in the city of shenxuan two masters, this is a good thing, but he remembered, the enemy can also suppress morale through hay. In fact, when Jiang Ziya received the news that Zhang Xiang blocked the north gate with hay, he knew he had won. He could have waited for the spies in the city to launch an attack. In that case, the casualties would certainly not be as big as they are now. However, Jiang Ziya was afraid that since the last two hundred thousand Xiqi troops were defeated by Huang Feihu, the brave and overbearing Feihu Xiongshi had left an invincible shadow in his heart, which made him have the idea that he must not engage with the other side in the plain. With his toes, he could imagine that after Huang Feihu received the report that Fengqiu was in an emergency, in a few days, the Flying Tiger Army would surely return thousands of miles to help. If the Xiqi Army could not take Fengqiu, it would have to choose between learning from Yaoyang to retreat and losing both sides. Therefore, Jiang Ziya would be so anxious, so regardless of casualties, and so cautious to launch an attack. Looking at the towers have fallen down and quickly erected the flag again, Jiang Ziya breathed a sigh of relief, stroking the beard long smile, now XiongGuan in hand, longitudinal yellow flying tiger carved day, the west qi army can also lean on the city to fight, maybe you can avenge your past humiliation, if you can defeat the flying tiger XiongShi, into the alborada is easy, at that time, YaoYang also can only fall or die in two choose one, the unification of the world, just around the corner. In the battle, the Xiqi army attacked Xiongguan Fengqiu with two hundred thousand troops. It took less than three hours. It lost twenty-eight thousand, killed thirty-five thousand enemies, and dropped fifteen thousand. It opened the last door to March into Chaoge, the capital of Shang and Yin. As night fell, the gentle moonlight replaced the fierce sun, and the city of Fengqiu, which had just experienced the flames of war, came down smoothly in disorder and bustle. The God of war, whose totem was iron and blood, temporarily left the city that had made him feel a little better, and moved to the city thousands of miles away, where something he was interested in was going on. Affirming that the Flying Tiger Army had moved away, Yaoyang immediately marched into the city, but unlike Jiang Ziya, he did not want to attack fiercely. Xiqi had a lot of money and lost thirty or fifty thousand yuan, but only a round of pain. But if the Yaoyang Army lost thirty or fifty thousand yuan, it would not be a pain, but a serious injury to the bones and muscles. Is not foolhardy, that is the only way to outsmart, unfortunately, no matter the north Bo Hou Chong Hou Hu or Guocheng Shoujiang tea security are extremely uncooperative, the two armies a left and a right of the distant face, each other into an angle, Ren Yaoyang tease in every way also wholeheartedly stick to, put out a Lao Tze is a turtle, see how can you Nai I look like. A few days in a row in vain, Yao Yang people in the army have forced a stomach of resentment, if not their commander in chief has the authority to convince them, I am afraid to lead troops to hit the city long ago. Others were in a hurry,touch screen interactive whiteboard, but Yao Yang was not in a hurry at all, because he had thought of today's situation and the solution as early as the day when he avoided the Flying Tiger Division. As for why he didn't start, it was just that the time had not yet come.