Harem ascendancy

Emperor Jing gave a sneer and said as if nothing had happened,


Emperor Jing gave a sneer and said as if nothing had happened, "She will be willing.". You tell her that if you want to get a foothold in the palace, you have to have a place that makes others feel different, and you have to have your own ability. Fu Jinyan is not a fool, she will understand this truth. Seeing Emperor Jing in the twelfth lunar month, he nodded his head. De Fei's death is different, but Jing Di forbears not to send, today will give things to Fu Jinyan, and for what? Although the twelfth lunar month has the suspicion, but did not say much, only one sentence: "I know, naturally will handle well." 、165 When Emperor Jing left, the twelfth lunar month did not have the idea of continuing to sleep, and after another thought, he got up. How can it be so simple? However, since Emperor Jing asked her to give it to Fu Jinyan, she did not care much about it. She arranged for someone to invite Fu Jinyan to come over and explain it. As Emperor Jing guessed, Fu Jinyan did not refuse. When Fu Jinyan left, December looked at her back and sighed with emotion. If I go to the palace with this group of beautiful girls, I think I will never come to the fore, right? One side of the apricot is naturally not, in her heart, naturally their own master is the best. He retorted, "Master, don't belittle yourself. According to the maidservant,digital interactive whiteboard, you are the best.". They are no better than you. The twelfth lunar month just smiled, but did not say much. Life always has a lot of fate, she is so, if not reborn, how can there be so many different? In the previous life, these women were all favored by the emperor, and they cheated each other. There is a big difference in this life, originally did not enter the palace of white butterfly into the palace, and even the previous life did not enter the palace of Fu Jinyan have entered the palace. But since she had a head start, it was fate. The news of the thorough investigation came out quickly,electronic board for classroom, but in one day, everyone in the palace knew it. Do not say others, just say this Qi Fei. Although he is a man with a firm heart, it is always the first time to kill people with his own hands, which is essentially different from ordering others to kill. I thought I was happy to avenge myself, but when I looked at it today, there was endless trouble. If others, Qi Fei is not afraid, even Shen Layue is the same, this palace, if there is concern, it is difficult to get things done. But this person is Fu Jinyan. Compared to her sister Fu Jinyao, she is a lot more scheming, I think so. This Fu Xiang is what kind of person, immersed in the court for many years standing, he took a fancy to the concubine, nature is not simple. Qi Fei thought that there was no flaw in killing De Fei, smartboard for business ,75 smart board, but Yan Jia's so-called "accident" made her work for several people. Now she was perturbed and suspicious. Moreover, the imperial concubine Shen of the Qing'an Palace was already surrounded by the emperor's people, so she was not 100% safe here. Now everyone in the palace knows that this fruit must be the person arranged by Emperor Jing. At that time, the skill of saving people, if she was only a small maid of honor, who would believe it. Even if the emperor indulged Yan Jia's closeness to her, it could be seen that she must be one of the dark guards. People in the palace dare not say, but there are two groups of people who will not suspect, one is the dark guard, the other is the imperial guards led by Zhou Nan. Come to think of it, everyone in this palace knows, but it's just pretending to be confused and refusing to say much. Ever since she knew that Guo'er was the son of Emperor Jing, the imperial concubine Qi became a soldier. Look, everyone is suspected to be the people of Emperor Jing. Come to think of this Shen December into the palace so far, several big palace maids seem to be loyal, but who would have thought that this fruit is the people of Emperor Jing. Also think of their own situation, so many years, Jing Di to arrange people around her, is also easy. At this time, she was very glad that the killing of De Fei was done by herself, and no one else was involved. But he was worried about Yan Jia's "accident". Qi Fei was very anxious, but she covered up everywhere and did not want to be spied on by others. Fu Jinyan launched an investigation in full swing. Her behavior had nothing to do with others, but Fu Jinyao was so angry. Now she this Huifei, but more and more people do not respect up. Fu Jinyao is such a person, irrational, always confused about the primary and secondary, she likes people, even if there are shortcomings, in her heart is also very good. The person you don't like is the most abominable person in the world. And this Fu Jinyan is such an existence. Yun Lan looked at the master who kept losing his temper and the cloud snow who comforted him, and curled the corners of his mouth. Since the last thing, she did not dare to say a word in this bamboo Xuan, for fear of offending the master. Whenever Emperor Jing showed a little bit of kindness from several little princes, the master came back to find a reason to scold and scold her. Now the master has completely forgotten that the fetus could not be saved, and it was the master himself who set up the game. To have no children now is to blame everything on her. Yun Lan rubbed his arm, which was an angry injury from his master a few days ago. Why are you standing there, you dead girl? Why don't you pour a cup of tea for me. "I see you standing there every day, but you're not as clever as the maid in the palace." Yunxue and Yunlan always have some friendship. "Master, don't be careful," he advised. "Have you forgotten about the traitor?"? Not to mention them, even the Qing'an Palace has the emperor's people, we also do not know in the palace. For people, always have twelve points of defense. We always have to be careful about the maids from the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In fact, she did not say this, Fu Jinyao also knew, but at this time she was angry, naturally is not polite. This dead wench is not good to say, also is that Fu Jinyan arranges to come over. The more you say this, the more ridiculous it is. Yun Lan trembled and knelt there, feeling cold in her heart. Master, but don't be so wronged Yunlan. The two of us have followed the master since childhood. Naturally, we are very loyal. I hope the master will be wise. Yunxue also knelt down. Fu Jinyao breathed a sigh of relief: "You have suffered a knife for this palace, this palace naturally believes, but this dead wench has harmed my child, has harmed my child.". If my child was born that day, what's the matter with her now? Cloud Lan and cloud snow are silent, in fact,smartboards for business, who do not know, even without that Bureau, Huifei's child can not be born safely. hsdsmartboard.com