Move the universe with force

"These animals!" Lin moved to hear the anger in his eyes,


"These animals!" Lin moved to hear the anger in his eyes, no wonder Zhou Tong had previously fought for the last mind just to die, I think this kind of torture, he has been unable to bear. Yan, can Elder Martial Brother Zhou Tong be saved now? "Anyone who has been locked by the Demon Emperor will surely die, and even reincarnation cannot be entered, but.." Yan paused for a moment and then said, "But Zhou Tong is a little different this time. He has a space amulet. The primordial spirit should be under the protection of the amulet, so that it will not be completely eroded by the evil spirit." "If you can destroy this demon body, you can't say you can save his primordial spirit." Destroy this demon body? Lin's eyes flashed. Whew! The conversation between Lin Dong and Yan seemed to last for a long time, but it passed in a flash in his heart. At this time, there was a lot of uproar in the rear, but the expressionless Zhou Tong, with a black glove on his palm, was already shining with silver light, and then the space was distorted, and the sharp wind went straight to Lin Dong's throat. Boom! Bright thunder, burst from the palm of the forest, and then a backhand palm with the silver light hard regret together, thunder arc jump, but also the power of the space to resist down. Whoosh! As soon as Lin moved his body, he appeared behind Zhou Tong. yuan Li surged violently, and the violent wind of his fist, with a dragon singing, fell on Zhou Tong's body mercilessly. Clang, clang, clang! However,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, in the face of such a violent attack by Lin Dong, Zhou Tong's black skeleton burst out with sparks, and such an attack did not cause any damage to the black skeleton. Knock, knock! Zhou Tong turned around very quickly, the silver light surged, and the same sharp and incomparable palm wind whistled out, shaking with the front of Lin Dong, the fierce and incomparable fist wind palm shadow swept out, and the space of both of them was constantly broken and opened by the shock. Boom! Is a fierce confrontation, violent yuan Li swept through,Faux cherry blossom tree, two people's figures are hurriedly back, but this kind of hard collision, obviously is the forest moves to occupy the upper hand. In any case, the power of the two Zu Fu is always stronger than the space Zu Fu in Zhou Tong's hands. Hum The distant Tianyuanzi saw Zhou Tong fall into the leeward, but it was a cold hum, a flash of black light in his eyes, and Zhou Tong's body trembled violently. Immediately, he suddenly pressed his palm against the earth in the air, and a strange wave quickly spread into the earth. Then, everyone saw that the earth below had begun to become desolate at an alarming rate. The Great Wilderness?! Seeing this familiar scene, Ying Xiaoxiao and others immediately exclaimed, and immediately their eyes were complicated. Unexpectedly, even if Zhou Tong was controlled, he could still display the most powerful martial arts of their Taoist temple. In that case, Elder Martial Brother Zhou Tong, let's have a competition to see whose Dahuang Wujing is stronger! Lin Dong's eyes twinkled, and his hands were suddenly stamped. Then he pressed down on the earth below, and the sound of a low drink came from his mouth: "The Great Wilderness!" Below the earth, the speed of desolation is more and more rapid, large artificial blossom trees ,large palm trees for sale, everyone is able to see, the breath of desolation, along the earth quickly spread out, just a few breaths, this thousands of miles, unexpectedly is born into a barren land, so overbearing martial arts, but see a lot of people are a little frightened. Two people in the sky, far away from each other, are keeping the posture of touching the ground with their palms, seemingly calm, but anyone can feel an extremely violent wave from the flowing air. And this kind of fury, under the earth, is particularly crazy, everyone can feel the shaking of the earth, within a radius of thousands of miles, all the forces of the earth are gathered here, and then two ideas are competing. The ground below the two men, in the middle, has dense grass growing out, full of vitality, which is very conspicuous in the barren land. Ying Xuanzi, Ying Xiaoxiao, Ying Huanhuan and other Taoists all looked at this scene closely, with mixed feelings, because they knew that this was a competition between the two most outstanding disciples of Taoism in hundreds of years. In the hearts of the disciples of Taoism, one of them is the legend of the past, the other is the legend of the present, but today, these two legends must be divided into winners and losers. Buzz! The barren earth, like an earthquake at this time, was constantly trembling, and on the ground, the light could be seen seeping out from the depths of the earth, and the violent energy below could not help erupting. Whew. Lin Dong took a deep breath at this time. He stared at Zhou Tong in the distance, but a smile appeared on his face: "Elder Martial Brother Zhou Tong, maybe I won the competition this time." As soon as his voice fell, the black hole suddenly took shape in the pupil of his eyes, and under the palm of his hand, there was also a black light gushing out, which finally turned into two huge black holes, swallowing the force and gushing out. Boom! The earth finally broke at this time, thousands of feet of huge energy light column, like a volcano eruption, and then straight into the sky, even the clouds are torn away. Boom! And when Lin Dong's energy was forcibly pulled out, the earth below Zhou Tong also had a light column rushing out, but his energy light column was twice as thin as Lin Dong's. Obviously, in the competition to absorb and swallow energy, he is far from Lin Dong's opponent, the Great Wilderness Sutra plus devouring Zu Fu, such overbearing suction, far more than him. Such a contrast between the two also caused countless uproars, and Ying Xiaoxiao and others clenched their palms tightly, with joy pouring out on their cheeks. Boom! Thousands of feet of huge energy light column, a circle from the sky, and then without the slightest pause, a roar, is through the void, straight to Zhou Tong. When the terrible energy beam rushed to Zhou Tong,outdoor ficus tree, a black hole suddenly emerged in the space near him, and the violent devouring force tore the space apart, so that Zhou Tong could no longer use the space Zu Fu to avoid it.