Jedi, please, spare my life.

Yin Pinhuan walked over, and did not want the BB box as a treasure of the troll


Yin Pinhuan walked over, and did not want the BB box as a treasure of the troll, her armor and helmet were broken by the unfortunate child No.2, "take off your clothes and helmet." “?” BB box was silent for a while, "It's not good to let people take off their clothes casually, big brother, I'm more reserved, you let me take off my clothes so bluntly, I'm a little." Afraid Yin Pinhuan raised his eyebrows. 【??? Take off third class armour to take off third class armour, what to say to take off clothes? [Taking off clothes? Crooked, is Supertube here? [Yin Pinhuan] Look, you scared the little box too much! Why don't you take it off? [Yin Pinhuan: Don't talk nonsense. I speak honestly.] Yin Pinhuan looked up at the bullet screen and put his eyes back on the screen. The shivering BB box was still hesitating whether he should be reserved or not. Yin Pinhuan shot at the foot of the BB box: "Take it off quickly!" "Ow!" The BB box was shocked and dared not delay at all. It immediately took off its third-level armour and second-level head. "Give it to you. Give it to you." Yin Pinhuan put away his gun and contentedly put on his third-class armor and second-class head. After putting on, she glanced at the broken armor and helmet that had been replaced. "You put on what I have replaced, and you will soon be in the finals." "Big Brother, you haven't picked up my dirty vest yet." The BB box said seriously. That dirty vest, is the BB box has been wearing the white T-shirt, Yin Pinhuan some helplessly looked at the dirty vest lying alone on the ground, and looked at the naked black man, as if there is something in the heart. Yin Pinhuan: ".." [Hahahaha,decorative palm trees, my BB box is an honest person]. [Big brother wonders about your dirty vest?] [Shit, swap clothes. What are these fairy sisters] [I really want to see what Pinhuan's expression looks like now. Ha ha ha ha.] [Want to see the expression + 1] 【+2】 【+10086】 Yin Pinhuan turned and walked away, and the BB box gloomily picked up the dirty vest and the broken second-class armor and helmet on the ground. At this time, there were less than thirteen people left to eat chicken. Apart from the two of them, there were eleven people left. The luck of this is not very good, the two of them are not in the safety zone, the electric circle shrinks, the two of them have to run over. Yin Pinhuan opened the mirror and looked around. When she heard someone fighting in the northeast,silk olive tree, she said in a deep voice, "Go." "All right!" Yin Pinhuan jumped out of the window vigorously. Looking back, he saw the BB box jumping on the window for a long time before it came down. The two men took their guns and ran up the hill. Unfortunately, they were found crossing the road. Yin Pinhuan walked well, but was shot twice. BB box is not the same, was directly knocked down to the ground, BB box behind him shouted hissing lungs: "Big Brother!"! You go! You leave me alone! Yin Pinhuan looked up, did not open the microphone, said in the live broadcast room: "fell on the main road, can not be saved." If she goes back to save the BB box now, it is tantamount to being a live target, waiting for others to hit, she is afraid that she has not saved the BB box, fake ficus tree ,faux ficus tree, she will also go in. The crowd in the live broadcast room lit a wax for the BB box. When the house leaked, it rained overnight. Before the BB box got up, the electric circle had contracted to the back of her buttocks. There was only one minute left before it contracted. The man who had just shot down the BB box seemed to be waiting for Yin Pinhuan to save it, so he never made the final shot at the BB box. But anyone who has some brains should not be saved. BB Box: "Big Brother!"! You go quickly, the electric circle also came, you want to take my last hope to eat chicken! "Big brother, if I die here, you must not be sad, after all, you are still wearing my clothes and helmet, you take them to eat together, as if I am still alive." Yin Pinhuan hid behind the stone, opened the mirror to look at the person who had just played the BB box, and was beaten by another team. Yin Pinhuan took advantage of this time, turn back, back to the spacious road above, she calm eyes, not sloppy, squat down directly began to hold the BB box. BB Box: "Big Brother?"? You go quickly, you save me, someone will beat you! The bullet screen is even more flooded, in addition to gifts, there are all kinds of greetings. 【???? Is this the live broadcast room of the coolest Miss Yin Pinhuan in the PUBG commentary circle? 【???? Is this the live broadcast room of PUBG's most impersonal Miss Yin Pinhuan? 【???? Is this the live studio of Miss Yin Pinhuan, who is never arranged by PUBG? 【???? Is this the live broadcast room of Miss Yin Pinhuan, who never says dirty in PUBG? No, you're going the wrong way. Yin Pinhuan lowered his eyes, opened the microphone and said in the game, "Why did you suddenly take a bullet for me when that fool No.2 hit me just now?" The BB box that had just been clamoring for Yin Pinhuan to leave quickly suddenly quieted down. The team that had just knocked down the BB box seemed to have finished the fight. Finally, they had time to clean up Yin Pinhuan and the BB box. But it was at this time that Yin Pinhuan finally saved the BB box. Yin Pinhuan took the BB box to find a stone shelter, hurriedly filled the medicine, Yin Pinhuan probe out, has already locked the position of the opposite person. She was shot in the head by SKS, but it was a pity that it was SKS, not pulling the bolt. Opposite is also a two-man team, one was beaten, immediately shrink back to the medicine, the other jumped out to hit people, Yin Pinhuan is still holding SKS, to the other side is a crazy fight, after more than a dozen shots is finally to make up for the death. But the other person is more dog, has been shrinking behind the stone not to show his head. Yin Pinhuan looked up at the survivors in the upper right corner, and there were three people. That is to say, only their team and the person opposite were left. Ten seconds later, the new electric circle began to shrink,artificial grass panels, the last electric circle actually shrank in Yin Pinhuan here, the opposite person must run over, otherwise they will be electrocuted.