Criminal police in the entertainment circle

Min Xue saw the driver's face when he got on the bus,


Min Xue saw the driver's face when he got on the bus, but it wasn't any of the three kidnappers! There are other people in this gang! Of course, the police assumed this possibility, but they didn't think it really happened. But Min Xue felt that the number of kidnappers would not be much more, why? Because of the ransom! How many people can share the five million ransom? So there's no need to worry too much. Gao Ming laughed and scolded, "Don't talk nonsense. Isn't more money for more people?" "What about the money?" The driver had been looking at the electric car for a long time, but he didn't see anything. What's the hurry? Your share is indispensable. "Gao Ming patted You Hongbo." Besides, isn't this money? A boss who can easily take out 30 million yuan is in our hands. Are you still afraid that you have no money to collect? Gao Ming didn't tell the truth. It seems that the driver is not a "gang insider". The driver hesitated to speak, and finally drove honestly because of his brilliant status and deterrence. Min Xue and You Hongbo, of course, were blindfolded as soon as they got on the bus. After Gao Ming took away their miscellaneous mobile phones and eavesdropping equipment and threw them away, the vehicle also turned around to a certain place. Min Xue is glad that his gun has not been applied for at the moment, otherwise his identity will be exposed in minutes. But did not search for weapons, Gao Ming began to believe that Min Xue might not really be a policeman, but a friend invited by You Hongbo to help. If it's the police, there's no reason to work so hard and come out to trade without a gun? How could Gao Ming have thought that this was a bitter criminal policeman who wanted to apply for a gun several times but could not.. This is a beautiful misunderstanding. In this case, Gao Ming relaxed his vigilance appropriately and took his finger out of the safety pin of the grenade. Of course, the gun had not been put down yet. The vehicle stopped steadily, and at the moment of taking off the blindfold,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, Min Xue discovered the situation! This is a good chance to do it! The kidnappers probably did not tie up Min and Xue in order not to attract attention when they got out of the car. With Min Xue's explosive power, it should not be difficult to quickly subdue Gao Ming in a few seconds. Min Xue even simulated a series of action scenes in his mind, and after seizing the gun to subdue Gao Ming, he could also use the gun against the driver's head. But do you want to do it now? Min Xue still has consideration, Gao Ming takes them to go now, can be the place that imprisons Yi Xiao them? If so, would it be better to determine the location of the hostages before doing it? Min Xue observed the environment out of the corner of his eye and found that it was an underground garage in a residential area, but there was no more obvious sign. According to the size of the underground garage,ultrasonic spray nozzle, the residents of the community should not be less, if the kidnappers are subdued first, it is difficult to guarantee that the hostages will be found immediately without being discovered, right? At this time, it may endanger the safety of the hostages, Min Xue decided to look at the situation again. Don't try to shout or attract attention, that's just killing them. Gao Ming saw Min Xue's eyes and thought he was thinking about it, so he shook the gun and grenade in his hand. Min Xue shrugged his shoulders and did not speak. There was a new car coming in behind him, but he did not intend to involve innocent people. But did not think of Gao Ming to look again, and finally remembered the reason why the person in front of him looked familiar. Come to think of it, you're the singer on TV! Although the smart kidnapper is also ferocious, as an idle person in society, he is not always committing crimes and planning crimes. On weekdays, ultrasonic dispersing machine ,ultrasonic cutting machine, when there is nothing to do, Gao Ming will also watch TV, so it is normal to feel that Min Xue looks familiar. Seeing being recognized as "identity", Min Xue smiled bitterly for a while. Gao Ming, who confirmed Min Xue's identity, was even more relieved and said to the driver with a smile, "See?"? Another big star, are you still afraid of having no money to collect? Although the driver did not know Min Xue, but since Gao Ming said so, he also believed, after all, Min Xue has a "star appearance". Seeing this, the driver also became active, thinking of the money he was about to get, and no longer worried about what he had or didn't have. He and Gao Ming, one on each side, took Min Xue to the elevator. It was clear all the way, and it was very late, so I didn't meet anyone. Thought he met Yi Xiao and her assistant, Min Xue did not act rashly, did not think of the elevator up, until the door opened and entered, the room was empty. Yi Xiao and his assistant are not here! The kidnappers chose to hide the hostages in different places, which was really unexpected. Get the rope! Gao Ming ordered the driver to leave you Hongbo's side. Right now! Since the hostage is not here, what is the need to pretend? Really wait to be tied up by a rope, not to say to go to a lot of trouble! Min Xue immediately decided to do it! Chapter three hundred and ten don't worry. Time back, on the other side, when Gao Ming hijacked Min Xue, the police tracked the electric car fruitlessly, and the situation once fell into stagnation. Although it may be possible to find it with a lot of manpower and material resources, it also means spending a lot of time, which is undoubtedly the most urgent need for the police at present. Just then, Cao Xiaobai appeared. Captain Guan, it's terrible. Why can't I contact Brother Min? Cao Xiaobai shouted as soon as he got on the command car. Xiao Li gave her a white look, and everyone knew it early, okay? I'm in a hurry if I don't see it! Guan Hongji realized something and asked, "Why did you contact him?" "Brother Min just asked me to check the cars that have been hanging around here." Cao Xiaobai answered in a low voice with his head down. The solidified atmosphere in the car made the little girl feel that her behavior just now was really inappropriate. What did you find out? Guan Hongji continued to ask when he heard this. Just now, there were a lot of cars around, but they were basically around one or two places, mostly because they couldn't find a place, but in the end they basically found it. Cao Xiaobai's words let everyone a burst of discouragement, this is not still not found? Unexpectedly, Cao Xiaobai said here, the mood obviously rose,ultrasonic extraction cbd, "so I pushed the time forward, the kidnappers can not come to step on the spot now, so I began to search the vehicles that repeatedly wandered around these six places during the day." "I really found one!" Cao Xiaobai said that he opened his laptop and found a picture of a surveillance video screenshot.