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"Afraid that my brother's hunger will affect his reading," Meng Xi came in lightly and put the leek cake on the desk. "Eat it while it's hot." Affect reading?


"Afraid that my brother's hunger will affect his reading," Meng Xi came in lightly and put the leek cake on the desk. "Eat it while it's hot." Affect reading? Meng Shen almost laughed. Did Meng Xi know who he was? He was the Marquis of Xuanning. His real name was Qin Shao. If it hadn't been for Meng Xi in his previous life, he would have recovered his memory and moved into the mansion of the Marquis of Xuanning. Because she was ill, he had to take Meng Xi from Yanzhen to Kyoto. Because before his adoptive father died, he had asked him to take good care of Mengxi. It was a pity that the little girl was so greedy for fame that she took a fancy to Lin Shiyuan and had to marry him. Later, she delayed herself. Seeing that she was terminally ill, he did not want to pay attention to her, but he owed her a favor to his adoptive father and wanted to pay it off once and for all. In this way, he had no more disputes with the Meng family. Who would have thought.. Meng Shen looked at Meng Xi, this is simply a jinx, because of her, he died young! If he hadn't saved her that day, he would have enjoyed a happy life in Xuanning Hou Fu. He had the title of Marquis and countless wealth. If he wanted to, he could also be an official in the court and have power in hand. But on that day, everything was lost. Thanks to who? Meng Shen took a look at the leek cake in disgust. Can a cake make up for it? Righteous elder brother is actually not bad, but he has a kind of evil spirit, always not so comfortable, for example, his eyes are very long and narrow, the end of the eyes up, when looking at people is always a bit superior, and once he smiles, the smile is a bit cool, seems to be a kind of ridicule. Meng Xi did not like him when he was young, and he did not know why his father saved the child and spent all his family's money on him. Later, when he was admitted to Xiucai, Mengxi felt that his brother still had advantages, because all the guests in the family would praise him, saying that it was rare for Yanzhen to be admitted to Xiucai at such a young age. But As the elder brother grew up, his laziness became more and more obvious. Sometimes she even knew how to help the family pack things, but the elder brother never did it. Uncle couldn't see it,akba boswellic acid, so he said, "Am I the one who does that kind of thing?" The implication is that he is either rich or noble. Unfortunately, brother's family has never appeared, Meng Xi thought, she will not be a cook for brother to study, she will only change her own life! But she was wrong. Meng Xi's voice was particularly gentle: "Brother, if you don't eat, this cake will be cold." Cold is cold, Meng Shenxin thought, he will leave Meng's home to Kyoto tomorrow, he will go to do his Xuanning Hou! Who wants to eat this cake? Meng Xi looked at him and almost lost his patience for a moment, but when he thought that his brother had died to help her, he sighed lightly, picked up the leek cake, picked up a piece and put it on Meng Shen's mouth: "Brother, you eat a mouthful. I made it specially for you. Would you like to eat a mouthful?" The voice is charming, turmeric extract powder ,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, Meng Shen got goose bumps all over his body, and his heart said, "Is Meng Xi taking the wrong medicine today?"? Why did she make him a cake? "You.." He stared at her. "What's the intention?" He was quite alienated from him. No wonder he was suspicious. Meng Xi had a brainwave: "Brother, I dreamed of my father yesterday. My father asked my brother if he could eat well and wear well. I realized that I had not cared enough about my brother." Heh. Do you have a conscience? But when it comes to Meng Fu, Meng Shen is always hard to heart, if not for him, he would not live to the present. In this family, only Meng Fu is sincere to him. Meng Shen opened his mouth and ate the leek cake. Who expected this taste, then some can not stop, obviously only put the leek egg cake has a kind of indescribable delicacy, crisp entrance, after swallowing, the lips and tongue are fragrant, salty, hemp, lasting flavor. He glanced at the cake and said haughtily, "One more bite." Meng Xi owes him, and he should feed a whole cake! He seems to feel very delicious, Meng Xi is happy, it seems that he is really talented as a cook, so that she can learn well. If she has the ability to settle down in the future, she can support herself. No, she can still support her brother to continue to study! "Brother, I'll cook something else for you tomorrow." She laughed. Meng Shen raised his eyebrows slightly and said to himself, tomorrow. He was leaving tomorrow and would never see her again. The author has something to say: This is a rebirth food, hit the face of the male main article ~ In addition, there are two pre-received articles. I hope you can help me collect them and they will be opened soon. Rebirth Marries the Marquis "Female Companion Salted Fish" Three years after entering the palace, Su Ying discovered that she was just an affectionate female companion in the palace. No wonder he was quite indifferent to her even if he gave his life to the emperor. Su Yingfo, intend to take back the feelings, leisurely life. So Give the wine brewed for Qin Xuanmu to someone else. The flowers planted for Qin Xuanmu were also given to others. The map drawn for Qin Xuanmu was also sent to others. Qin Xuanmu:? Later, Su Ying inexplicably found that his position rose again and again, the crown of the harem. 、002 Hearing that Meng Xi was willing to learn to cook, her uncle's daughter Meng Zhu, her cousin, was very worried. A Xi, that is not an easy thing, I think it is better to forget it! The two of them sat on a bench. She put her arm around Meng Xi's shoulder. "Ah Xi, you are the life of an official's wife. Look at the apricot of the Liu family. She married the county magistrate. What does she look like?"? Not even half as good as you! Meng Zhu also said so in her previous life, and she very much agreed, but after experiencing Lin Shiyuan, she found that it was very difficult to be an official's wife, and the threshold of family background could not be crossed if she wanted to. Cousin, Liu Xinger's father runs a rice shop anyway. The family is not short of money. What about our family? Do you really think my face is so precious? "It's precious!" Meng Zhu dreamed of growing up like Meng Xi, touching her face and fondling her, "Every place looks good, and I never get tired of seeing it." "All right." Meng Xi dodged her hand, "help me think about what to cook, after a while to learn from the teacher, there must be a master." Isn't salt what you're good at? With a wave, Master Liang was stunned. Meng Xi:.. "How can you just season it?" Meng Zhu thinks: "Would you like to make a fried day Lily with sliced meat?" Poor people eat a little meat and think this dish is very good,carnosic acid price, but if you want to go to the teacher, I'm afraid you can't. "It's more exquisite," said Meng Xi. 。