Mortal Mortal

When he spent a lot of effort to climb up the last knot and sit on it, he felt that his whole body was so soft that he couldn't even move a finger.


When he spent a lot of effort to climb up the last knot and sit on it, he felt that his whole body was so soft that he couldn't even move a finger. He turned his head and looked at the stone wall behind him. There were still some children sitting there, breathing heavily. It seemed that they had used up their last bit of strength like himself. Han Li could only smile bitterly in his heart. He looked down on the test too much. Fortunately, he didn't fall behind. He turned around and saw the cold brother again. Han Li hesitated for a moment, or determined to work hard, and then climb up some, although he absolutely can not climb before noon, but this is not too ugly! Han Kui stretched out his hands, which were a little stiff, and slowly moved up the knot with a little strength that he had just recovered, but by this time Han Li's hands were completely out of control, and he could not grasp the rope at all. He dawdled for a moment, but still failed to get a result. Volume 1 Seven Xuanmen Wind and Cloud Chapter 5 Doctor Mo After a while, Han Li only felt a tight waist, a light body,naringenin price, the whole person suddenly automatically up. Han Li turned his head and saw that the brother who was following closely behind him was holding himself in one hand and climbing up quickly with the other hand and legs. At the same time, Han Li noticed that the sun was hanging high in the middle of the sky. Originally, he finally failed to complete this journey, Han Li was a little sad, he worked so hard, how can he not compare with others? In the twinkling of an eye,fenugreek saponins, at the top of the cliff, there were only six children sitting on one side to rest, while Wu Yan was talking to a wealthy old man in his fifties wearing a dark blue robe and carrying his hands on his back. Master Yue and Dharma Protector Wang were standing beside him, and several people were standing beside them, waiting for the young brothers to send the other slower boys up the mountain one by one. After waiting for a while, all the children were sent up, when Lord Yue stepped forward and faced the boys in awe. A total of seven people were qualified this time, and six of them entered the Forging Hall of the Hall and formally became the inner disciples of the school. He said slowly. Another person dance rock, the first to reach the cliff, outstanding performance, directly sent to Qijue Hall to learn their own stunts. Lord Yue looked back at the old man in his robe. The old man twirled his beard and nodded to him with satisfaction. As for the others. "Lord Yue looked at the rest of the boys a few times, tannic acid astringent ,rosmarinic acid supplement, touched his chin gently with his right hand, and hesitated for a moment:" "Zhang Tie and Han Li, although they didn't arrive at the top of the cliff on time, they performed outstandingly. It seems that they can endure the hardships of practicing martial arts. You two should lay a foundation with several teachers in this school first, and then take an examination after half a year. If you are qualified, you will formally become an inner disciple. If you are not qualified, you will be sent to the outer school as an outer disciple." Han Li glanced at another boy who stood out at the same time and called Zhang Tie. He was the one who followed him closely and hung on the rope and almost climbed to the top of the cliff. The king protects the Dharma. Each of the rest of the people will get some silver and be sent home. Lord Yue looked coldly at the last remaining boy. As you wish! "Dharma Protector Wang stepped out and respectfully led the boy who had not yet passed down the cliff." Zhang Jun, Wu Mingrui, you two take these people who have passed the customs to this hall, and hand them over to Vice President Gu and Teacher Li respectively. Two more young men came out and divided Han Li into two groups and walked down the cliff. One of them was the cold brother. Down the cliff, Han Li couldn't help but take a look at the dancing rock and found that he was still talking to the old man in blue robe, without the slightest sign of starting. He is different from you. He is the core disciple who was sent to Qijue Hall. Once he learns, at least he is a Dharma Protector. Another long-faced brother seemed to see the doubts in Han Li's mind and took the initiative to solve them, but in his words, there seemed to be an indescribable taste of envy and jealousy. Is not to rely on a deputy master of the cousin brother-in-law, if not he has a cousin married to the deputy master of the horse to do a continuation of Mrs. Xian, or by him! Age has exceeded the entry requirements, but can you still enter Qijue Hall? What the cold Elder Martial Brotherther said made people feel that there was a cold air coming up behind him. "Zhang Jun, you don't want to die, the deputy master is also the person we can talk about?"? If you are heard by other classmates, you and I can't escape the punishment of repentance! The lanky Elder Martial Brother was taken aback when he heard the cold Elder Martial Brother's words. He looked around hurriedly and was relieved to see that there were no other outsiders except these children. The cold brother snorted coldly, as if he had some scruples in his heart, so he stopped talking. Only then did Han Li know that the cold brother's name was Zhang Jun. Han Li seemed to understand what they said, but vaguely knew that Wuyan did not rely on genuine talent and learning to enter the Qijue Hall, but because there was a relative of the deputy head of the door as a backer, it was easy to enter. Walking on the mountain road, the two brothers were reminded of some frustrating things inside the gate. They were no longer in the mood to speak, but silently led them forward. Han Li and others did not dare to speak in private. Perhaps they were vaguely aware of some differences between Qixuanmen and home. While passing through a dense forest, an old man slowly came out of the forest. He was more than sixty years old. He was tall and thin. His face was brown, but he had a head of white hair that grew to his shoulders. The old man kept coughing respectfully as he walked. Looking at the hard way he coughed, it seemed that he might fall down at any time, which was very worrying. As soon as Zhang Jun saw the man, he did not look worried at all. Instead, he hurried forward and respectfully saluted the old man. Doctor Mo, how are you? Do you have anything to do with your disciples? Contrary to his usual cold expression,ghana seed extract, Zhang Junyi's face was full of respect. For him, the old man was more worthy of respect than the head of the hall or even the deputy head of the hall. Oh, is this the new disciple who just went up the mountain? The old man finally stopped coughing and asked slowly in a hoarse voice. Yes. There are six official disciples and two registered sons among these people. Zhang Jun answered carefully.