Super thief

Mind sharp turn, Xiao Hua body swept, will continue to kill the red demon! Ten meters away, it's just a blink of an eye! "Eight wild fires!"


Mind sharp turn, Xiao Hua body swept, will continue to kill the red demon! Ten meters away, it's just a blink of an eye! "Eight wild fires!" On the other hand, after seeing Xiao Hua's amazing speed of movement, the eternal gods were shocked, but they also instantly thought of the countermeasures to force back or even kill Xiao Hua! The Eight Wilderness Fire Sea is a skill that comes with the weapon of the Eternal Gods. It does not need to sing. It can be cast instantly. After using it, it will scatter a sea of fire with a radius of four meters around the caster. Every time the enemy takes a step forward on the sea of fire, it will be damaged once. This skill is used to kill monsters and PK with close combat. The effect is very obvious, especially the fast moving close combat, facing the eight wild fire sea, absolutely headache unceasingly! However, the cooldown time of this skill is too long, and the eternal gods are generally not forced to use it, so these hours, it has not been used once! It was the first time for Xiao Hua to see the skill of the Eight Wilderness Fire Sea. For a moment, he didn't know the details of the middle part. His body flashed down. As soon as he stepped in, a thousand injuries floated on his head! See this, Xiao Hua startled in the heart, the pace of speed forward suddenly a meal,stesweet stevia, and then instantly used the anti-magic shell! But as a result, Xiao Hua took the next step, but the anti-magic shell did not work at all, and his head was still floating with more than a thousand injuries! In the heart a burst of Rin, Xiao Hua knew in front of these people, than he imagined much more difficult to deal with! Eyes flying around, Xiao Hua saw the archers and the bright stars in the distance were raising their bows and arrows and staffs to him,jujube seed powder, and the soldiers were ready to charge and attack! Mind turned sharply, Xiao Hua decided to retreat first! Although he exposed his whereabouts, he also obtained some information that could not be known only by observation. More importantly, he already has the next attack in mind, and there is a great chance of success! Without hesitation, before the bright stars and blooming everywhere, Xiao Hua's figure flashed, with the amazing speed of extreme force, flashed past the eyes of several people, disappeared into the woods, and disappeared in the blink of an eye! The whole battle lasted only five seconds in total, destroying the blue knife light of the slow reaction in the star team. Wiped his eyes, showing a look of disbelief! If he hadn't seen the six of them together, he almost suspected that he had seen a ghost himself! "This amazing speed is definitely the one who doesn't steal a wife!" The eternal God looked in the direction of Xiao Hua's disappearance and said heavily. In that direction, best green coffee bean extract ,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, there was silence in the forest, and there was no shadow of Xiao Hua. How did this guy get out of the thunder cage? The bright star asked doubtfully. They have seen the video on the forum and know that the person with this speed is definitely the one who does not steal a wife in the Wolf Warrior team. But this person in the cage of thunder, actually really survived, it is too incredible, bright stars how can not understand! "Beyond invincible skills, there is absolutely no other way to get out of the thunder cage alive!" "Eternal God said coldly, his eyes even more dignified." Invincible skills? Then why didn't you come out just now, otherwise the demon would have died, and we were afraid it would be difficult for us to survive the sneak attack after him! The bright stars frowned. The scene just now was still vivid in his mind. At the critical moment, if it hadn't been for the skill of the Red Demon's substitute, the Red Demon would have died. Probably in a cooling state. This trouble, the use of thunder cage, the most want to kill him, did not expect him to survive. Now we are in an absolute disadvantage, let him sneak attack twice more, find a way to deal with our skills, want to kill the demon is sooner or later, and then we will be broken by him one by one. The eternal God sighed. Xiao Hua's unparalleled speed gave him a headache. At that speed close to the limit, many powerful skills were too late to use to deal with Xiao Hua. At that speed, if Xiao Hua was not killed by a blow, he could only cause serious injury to Xiao Hua at most, and then let him escape. What now? The red demon asked in shock. It was not the first time that the substitute grass man had saved her life, but it was the first time that she felt that the substitute grass man was so useful! "Mount.". Stay away from him first. He can't keep up with our speed by stealth. Now it is probably known that the general Xiaoguai here will not be too strong, we should be careful, there should be no danger. The eternal God finished with his bare hands and summoned the mount to come out. Now they are in the open, Xiao Hua in the dark, if let Xiao Hua sneak behind them again, as long as they are not careful, they will be attacked by Xiao Hua! Instead, they might as well take risks, run on the mount, and get rid of Xiao Hua first. This method is indeed the best way at present, Xiao Hua through the illusion, looking at their movements from hundreds of meters away, can only sigh helplessly. Although he had found a way to deal with them, it required the use of the shadow state in the cooling state, and now he could only watch them leave first. Bright star six people, each on their mounts, ran toward the woods ahead, and disappeared from the false vision in the blink of an eye. Xiao Hua at this time want to chase, is also impossible, the land bird in the use of the giant, it will take more than three days to wake up, and only by stealth,saw palmetto extract, it is impossible to catch up with these super elite mounts. Lost the trace of a few of them, Xiao Hua turned to look at the body of the adventure of this armor, but is a slight sigh. Chapter 350 the farmer's cornfield. When did you get Adventurer Armor? Strictly speaking. It has been more than five months since the official restoration of the fat mutant Slyme.