Imagine the eternal night

When Qingxue saw the lion, she sensitively noticed that the silver elite of level 26 was a rare refresh, and like the big spider in the twilight forest, Qingxue had planned to flash, after all, she was herself, no one was in front of her to fight monsters, and she couldn't kill herse


When Qingxue saw the lion, she sensitively noticed that the silver elite of level 26 was a rare refresh, and like the big spider in the twilight forest, Qingxue had planned to flash, after all, she was herself, no one was in front of her to fight monsters, and she couldn't kill herself at all, but just before Qingxue flashed, she suddenly found that a mage had thrown an ice arrow to it. This originally imposing silly lion was immediately slowed down, making the eyes of Qingxue bright, this stupid lion actually slowed down! Alas, if that stupid lion doesn't eat deceleration, it's all right, but if he eats deceleration, what's the difference between it and the food delivered to his door? Qingxue for this kind of clear cheap and how can let go, so Qingxue big miss directly! Unconsciously, Qingxue's spell did not know when it had changed greatly. Originally, Qingxue's ice arrow could only slow down the monster by 20% for 8 seconds,jujube seed powder, but it could not be superimposed. But now, I don't know when to start. The ice arrow of Qingxue has become the kind that can slow down the monster by 30% for 15 seconds and can be superimposed, up to 5 layers. It can slow down the monster by up to 50% and last for 15 seconds. In this way, for Qingxue, who is a kite master, the monster is a moving target. With the chance of freezing from time to time, the stupid lion named Daliga was depressed to death by Qingxue in less than 10 minutes. Qingxue finally sent out an ice arrow,pumpkin seed extract, satisfied to see the ice arrow out of a crit and kill the stupid lion, very satisfied to clap his hands, quickly stepped forward, ready to pack things and leave here. Silver elite in the game is very rare, here is so close to talon mill, maybe there is already a team over, snow can not want to argue with those teams, to know that the game is not the player did not attempt to play the game, although let the players are criticized unceasingly, but for the robbery, or silver elite is very useful, snow dare The guys who left just now must be coming soon. If they see themselves here, something will happen. Although Qingxue is not afraid of trouble, turmeric extract powder ,lutein and zeaxanthin supplements, it does not mean that she loves to cause trouble, plus there are important camp tasks to be done in her hands, so she went straight up after picking up the equipment dropped by the monster. Less than three minutes after Qingxue left, a group of people rushed over aggressively. Originally, these men came to kill the silver elite, but what they saw was the body of the big lion, which made everyone stare at the body of the big lion in a daze. And the one who took the lead grabbed the messenger and shouted, "What's going on?"? The poor messenger thought he could get some benefits, but he didn't expect to be robbed first, but they were clearly guarding below, there was only one entrance, and no one went up before their own team came. Not to mention that the grumpy leader was furious, but the dwarf warriors and their team members who followed him looked at each other in the back. They all remembered that they were the last to run, but there should be a player behind them, that is, the sorceress who looked very powerful. However, could a sorceress kill a silver elite alone? And the team over there had already started to go up, after all, no one was a fool who could be in the lead of a team, and he soon thought that the despicable guys who had "robbed" his silver elite must have gone up and hid, trying to wait for them to leave, so he simply went straight up with them. Even if you can't find anyone, you have to force those guys to the Syndicate camp and let the monsters kill him. Well, he didn't think about what he would do if it wasn't a group of people, but a person? The game has already started for more than three months, and the original team cooperation has also begun to slowly change to a single player. Some players have begun to become prominent, as evidenced by the Purgatory Mercenary Corps, which forced the Eternal Guild, a super-large guild with more than 100,000 players, to compromise with a small mercenary corps of only ten people, and even dared not confront them head-on. But no matter what the players below were thinking, soon the players began to push up, but as they slowly approached the Syndicate camp, they still found no trace of the players coming, but the Syndicate thieves and Syndicate robbers who were wandering around the Syndic camp, after seeing the players approaching, rushed over in groups. Those players are defeated and can only retreat to avoid attracting more monsters. Don't forget that humanoid monsters have the problem of "bullying the weak and fearing the strong". While the players here are fighting with the syndicate thieves and the syndicate thieves on the periphery, Qingxue has already sneaked into the interior of the syndicate camp, huh? How did you get in? Of course it's a great card! Special Potion Produced by Seductive: Invisibility Potion: It can be invisible within 3 minutes. Players or NPC monsters who do not exceed their own level 5 or above cannot see through it. Qingxue is already level 28, and the highest level of the monster in the Syndicate camp is the so-called person in charge in the middle of the camp. According to Qingxue's calculation, it should be the evolutionary silver elite of level 31. It should not be higher. If it is higher, she can't finish it at all. It is because of this consciousness,pumpkin seed extract, so when Qingxue saw that the level of the guy who was swaying arrogantly in the middle of the camp was 32, he almost didn't scold directly. Damn old NPC, is it true that my spell is not suppressed by the law of diminishing spells now?.