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The silver-haired man, with a pair of eyes, could not believe that the man in front of him could be so powerful.


The silver-haired man, with a pair of eyes, could not believe that the man in front of him could be so powerful. He had always been proud of his swordsmanship, although he could still be proud now, because the other side did not defeat him with swordsmanship. But that pair of hands of the other side, that pair of soft hands that people can't help but want to hold in the palm of their hands to play well, actually contains such a terrible power, for the first time let the silver-haired man know what is called "people can't be judged by appearances", this man seems to be stronger than the man he recognized, at least now. I don't want to say it again. Zai also frowned, just so gently frowned, people can clearly feel his dissatisfaction, but also people can not resist his orders. When the silver-haired man let go of the sword in his hand, he immediately put the sword into the scabbard, "OK, I.." "Hee Hee!"! Squaro, what are you doing here? A little boy of about ten years old, with brilliant blond hair and a black coat similar to that of the silver-haired man,aluminium laminated tube, came up, perhaps younger, after all, Europeans develop their bodies much faster than Asians, and where he passed, some of the Pengley people moved out of the way with frightened expressions on their faces. The open mouth of the boy in front of him seemed to be full of cruelty. Can't you see I'm entertaining guests? Squaro's face was unhappy,cosmetic tube packaging, too. It would be strange if he was not angry when he was defeated by a man in a way that was not swordsmanship. Fortunately, he remembered that now was not the time for impulse. Guest Bell looked strangely at Zaya, who was curious about how he could see things through his hair, or whether the world was really not normal. Hee Hee, looks good, but seems a little familiar ah, er. I seem to have seen his information on yesterday's intelligence. Zai also helpless, this kind of words can be so unhesitatingly said, this is not deliberately let him this guest heart give birth to dissatisfaction? Who would like to be investigated by others, even if he knows that he has been investigated, but at least you do not say ah, do not know that sometimes playing dumb is also a survival skill? Or does Pengley really specialize in snooty guys? "Bell, get your ass back!" Squaro's mind was a little better than that of the so-called prince, plastic packing tube ,empty lotion tubes, and at least he knew that something had to be covered up. Hee Hee, I won't. Bell said, stretching out his red tongue and licking his lips, and then for a moment, the silver light slipped across the sky and flashed away at Zaiye's neck. That's all. What demon boy, eh? "Are you looking for this?" He held a delicate knife between his fingers, and with a slight force, the knife broke in the middle. Everyone except Cather was shocked, including the subordinates of Pengley who were walking around in the front yard. It was not a knife made of ordinary metal. It was so easily broken. Didn't they wake up yet? Otherwise, how can there be hallucinations? It's really too hard recently. It seems that we must go to bed early tonight. Don't go out to gamble again. Gambling is harmful to our health. Zai also touched his right hand on his neck, although it avoided the blade, but it was still a slight blood stain swept by the wind of the knife. This place has not been injured for a long time. It seems that he was a little too careless just now. The pink uvula stretched out and gently licked the blood on his fingertips. He hadn't tasted his own blood for a long time. It seemed that he had to pay more attention to it in the future. Otherwise, it would be a pity if he died before the big play began. Thinking of this, he laughed, laughing so evil and loud. Bell gawked at the little tongue sticking out, the little red licked by the tip of his tongue, the slightly thin red lips, the more dazzling brown and chestnut eyes after tasting the blood, and the smile that could almost charm the world. This man, this man was what he wanted. Squaro knew that he and Bell were no match for the man in front of him, not to mention that he had a man who didn't know how good he was, and it seemed that the other side was a guest at Pengley, and if he went too far, the face of the ninth generation would not look good, so Squaro didn't pay any more attention to Bell at that moment, and tried to concentrate on bringing the man in front of him to the ninth generation. He doesn't have to worry about anything when it happens. Hey, I'll take you there now. Follow me. It's none of my business to get lost. He did not notice anything unusual about Bell, after all, a man with half his face covered by hair, his expression was very elusive, so he only glanced at Bell slightly, then nodded to Squaro and followed him. All of a sudden, Bel followed quickly towards Yaya. "Tignette! Uranus!" Prince Ben has a lot of time today, and I would like to be your guide at Pengley. Be moved. Zai also shook his head slightly toward Cather, who wanted to stop Bell from approaching, and did not want to make a big deal out of it without knowing what Bell wanted to do. After all, among the important people he had asked Cather to investigate before, this Bell was not a good stubble, a man who could easily kill his own relatives and abandon his country. How can it be a person with a good heart? Bell, don't you want to live? Go back. "Squaro's loud voice is working its power again." Hee Hee,custom cosmetic packing, I don't want it. Prince Ben can go wherever he wants. It's none of your business. Bell is not so easy to be dismissed, not to mention that he is now purposefully planning to get close to the princess in his mind, let alone leave. emptycosmetictubes.com