A record of survival in the last days

Younger Martial Brother, come quickly. Elder Martial Brother will introduce you. This master is the Qingyuan Master of Amitabha Mountain, but he is a great Buddhist power.


Younger Martial Brother, come quickly. Elder Martial Brother will introduce you. This master is the Qingyuan Master of Amitabha Mountain, but he is a great Buddhist power. Seeing Zhou Yulong, Liao Xuebing shouted and said to the old monk beside him, "Master Qingyuan, this is my younger brother, Zhou Yulong." "Amitabha, the benefactor is courteous." When the old Qingyuan monk saw Zhou Yulong, he smiled and announced the name of the Buddha. The master is polite. Walking to the front of Qingyuan Monk, Zhou Yulong respectfully returned a salute, and then carefully looked up at the old monk who made him confused at a glance. The old monk, wearing black shoes with white soles and neat gray and white linen robes, with several patches on them, looked like he should be some years old. Although he is only about 1.6 meters tall, standing in front of him, Zhou Yulong has a heavy feeling like facing a high mountain. What surprised Zhou Yulong most was the old monk's face. Although his face was wrinkled and he had a long snow-white beard, the monk's crystal clear eyes gave people a pure and young feeling. This is the first time that Zhou Yulong has seen this kind of clear eyes except from those ignorant children. Seeing Zhou Yulong's slightly restrained appearance, Master Qingyuan shook his head slightly. Then, like a kind old man,pump tube, he laughed and said, "You don't have to call me a master. I'm just an old monk who has wasted his time." "Oh, the order of the old and the young, courtesy can not be lost.". Master Qingyuan, you are still the elder of my master. The Royal Dragon should be respectful to you. Seeing Qingyuan's modesty, Liao Xuebing smiled and asked, "Master Qingyuan, did the Dragon Group send you alone this time?" "It's an eventful autumn now,tube lip gloss, and the headquarters can't spare too many people to deal with this matter, so I was assigned to come alone." Hearing Liao Xuebing's question, Qingyuan shook his head and sighed: "The drawings you sent to the headquarters have been studied, and it is estimated that there will be products coming out soon.". At that time, maybe the situation will ease a little. "It's just, haven't you already made a vow that you will only practice Buddhism and meditate in this life and not come into the world?" Looking at Qingyuan's compassionate face, Liao Xuebing finally stammered out his doubts. Buddhas have Bodhisattvas with good eyes and Vajra with angry eyes. Now the world is reduced to hell, and all living beings are suffering. I can only use the Buddha's heart to kill the heart, in order to do my best. Qingyuan shook his head and said with a smile, "Killing one evil may save all good. As long as I can save a few more people, even if I kill a little evil, Buddha should turn a blind eye. Hehehe." "Well.." After being choked by Qingyuan's humor, Liao Xuebing nodded and said, plastic cosmetic tubes ,plastic laminted tube, "Master Qingyuan, Buddhism is boundless. Now that you have decided, I won't say anything more." Then he glanced at the already dark sky and said, "Then ask the master to take a rest. After dinner, I will talk to the master about the specific situation." "Oh, that's as the benefactor Liao said." The Qingyuan monk nodded and followed Liao Xuebing to the metal fortress. Brother Long, is this master all right? Why does he look like he's going to be buried? When Liao Xuebing and Qingyuan left, Zhao Guobin, who had heard the news, and other talents gathered around Zhou Yulong and asked. It should be all right. Recalling the heavy feeling when he just faced Qingyuan, Zhou Yulong nodded and said, "If he was not strong, the Elder Martial Brother would not be so respectful to him.". Besides, the Dragon Group is not a fool and will not send a weak person to support us. "But how do I look at this old monk is not like a master, ah, thin and weak, feeling the wind can fall." After taking a look at the factory area, Zhao Guobin still felt that it was not very reliable. You have no culture at first sight. Have you seen the Eighteen Palms of Subduing the Dragon? Isn't the sweeping monk in it a sorcerer who looks plain but is actually too strong. I think this old monk should be the kind of person who hides himself, otherwise his voice would not have made me feel clear just now. Hearing Zhao Guobin's words, Li Decai immediately shook his head and retorted with disdain. Seeing that they were going to quarrel again, Zhou Yulong sighed and said, "In other words, that novel seems to be called Tian Long Ba Bu, so you two are six of one and half a dozen of the other. Don't say anything about each other.." Say, he is too lazy to take care of these two people again, pull Li Bingru to walk toward canteen. After a day of fighting, his stomach was rumbling. After a sumptuous dinner, Qingyuan Monk, Zhou Yulong and Liao Xuebing came to the conference room together, closed the door and talked in secret. We have seen the video that benefactor Yang brought back this time. That kind of mutant creature is really terrible. No wonder you sent someone to the headquarters to ask for help. As soon as the door closed, the Qingyuan monk went straight to the point and said, "But according to my observation when I came here, it seems that the situation here is worse than you said." Looking back on the ruins and scorched earth he had seen, the wrinkles on the face of the old monk in Qingyuan were almost crowded together. That's because 'X' is frantically using blood to attract corpses and surround our base. When it comes to this, Liao Xuebing is so angry that he tells Qingyuan all the misdeeds committed by the 'X' in one breath. That's about it. It's getting worse and worse. It's out of my control. After telling Qingyuan about the general situation, Liao Xuebing took a breath, picked up the tea in front of him and drank it down. Unexpectedly, a moment of softness contributed to such a cancer. Hearing Liao Xuebing's words, Qingyuan finally could not keep calm. With a deep sigh, he said, "Hey, Amitabha, this is all the crime committed by us old guys." "The most important thing now is not to regret, but to find a way to eradicate this cancer." Looking at Qingyuan Monk's annoyed appearance,custom cosmetic packaging, Zhou Yulong reminded him softly: "Now 'X' has been able to inject animal genes into the human body, and then let them develop, I don't know what they will make." "Almsgiver Zhou said that the cancer of 'X' must be eradicated." 。 emptycosmetictubes.com