Lion Lianmeng

From the day of successful hunting, they finally broke away from the identity of the cubs, from the protectors of the pride to the protectors of the pride, although they are still not officially adults in the physical sense.


From the day of successful hunting, they finally broke away from the identity of the cubs, from the protectors of the pride to the protectors of the pride, although they are still not officially adults in the physical sense. Over the next few days, the pride began hunting frequently to raise a new generation of hungry cubs. During this period of time, the newly formed hunting team of the three lion brothers was extremely prominent and active. With Andre's command, more and more tacit cooperation with each other, and the spirit of daring to fight, they soon emerged and gradually became part of the main force in the hunting process of lions. As a result, the adult lionesses' attitude toward them gradually improved; The lion leaders did not seem to show any intention of driving their sons away. These are all things that did not happen in previous lives. In previous lives, because Alan died early, Andre was not reborn, Timmy, though smart, could not be a hunting expert, so there was no appearance of the Three Lions Legion at all, only two novice underage lions, who fought hard all the way, often suffered from hunger, and were rejected by all kinds of members of the pride.. Nowadays, all the developments are so reasonable and beautiful. Andre even had an illusion that he could stay in the pride of lions for the rest of his life and never leave. Since even the reborn Andre thinks so. Timmy,euro plastic pallet, who has no memory of past lives, is undoubtedly more so. Even though he was often angry by the lion's father's action of grabbing food. But the cubs, who were once loved by the whole pride, could not hate their mother and father lions emotionally, no matter how many blows they had experienced. In this case, Timmy was a little uncertain. He can't think well, will he continue to believe in the future of being driven out of the house? Inevitably, then,wholesale plastic pallet, he thought of his humans again. As he grew older, the young lion stopped playing games with the gods. If I were really a God, I would want to eat bison, eat bison, eat zebra, eat zebra.. The subadult male lion made a practical analysis: "If not, what's the point of being a God?"? Even if the Buffalo becomes a God, it will still be eaten by the lion God, right? Therefore, the life of God is the same as the present life. In this way, he gave up being a God in a particularly fickle way. But it's amazing to say that this ring toy picked up has a strong concealment. When the young lion grows up, it also grows bigger and becomes as yellow as its fur. If you don't look carefully, you can hardly find its existence. Although, as a lion, even the most intelligent lion in the pride, collapsible bulk container ,heavy duty plastic pallet, he can not understand the high technology of human beings. But Timmy still relies on his own understanding to name this magical, deformable and discolored toy, together with the virtual projection that can appear in midair with a click, as the "Eye of God". In his mind, even if I am not God. This thing that can see animals in other worlds should also be regarded as the eyes of the gods, right? As for himself who can get the'eye of God ', he is probably an extraordinary lion! Timmy, who has always had confidence in himself, soon found a new reason: "I am the lion who will become the lion king of the prairie in the future. Is it normal to have special treatment?" He thought he understood everything and became comfortable. He turned on the computer when he had nothing to do to see what "my silly human" was doing today, or to listen to how "my silly human" worshipped and fawned on me today. It was also a leisure entertainment for busy lions. As for why clearly understand human words, but always pretend not to understand? Come on, Timmy, why would the Lion King want to talk to an animal he doesn't know, doesn't look good without hair, and doesn't look like he can hunt? In short, Timmy did not attach any importance to the so-called "God's Eye" and defined it as a recreational toy until he got the information that the lion would be driven out of the house by the lion leader when he grew up. But now, the clever little lion has apparently discovered a new function of the Eye of God. Timmy turned on the observation machine again. The human was jubilant again: 'Here comes the big cat again, this time he's much bigger!' "Is it strange to get bigger?"? I'm not an adult yet, and when I grow up, I'll definitely scare you! As Timmy muttered to himself, he lolled into the shade and continued to pretend that he did not understand, looking innocently at the humans on the screen, trying to hear what information they had to offer him. Humans in Blue Star have long been accustomed to felines doing whatever they want. They are busy on their own, videotaping and broadcasting, trying to seize the time to give the new generation of humans on the Blue Star who have never seen lions a good look at the live, real, hairy and bad-natured big cats. On the other side, a group of zoologists and botanists gathered in front of the screen and danced to greet Timmy. Timmy kept saying, 'I'll just watch you quietly. JPG'. Then, the group habitually turned on the translation machine. But this time, the translation machine is obviously "useless". Since there is no way to communicate, they can not look at each other, they can only continue to do their own thing. So, under the lion's gaze, the scholars began to discuss the planet's soil, vegetation, and the growth and development of the lion in front of them. Timmy yawned, put his head carelessly on his front paws, and continued to look at the humans with a languid and innocent look. However, his long tail, which has nowhere to be placed, has already revealed his thoughts. For example, when humans talk about plants and soil, he is obviously not interested, and his tail will swing back and forth frequently and quickly. But when humans mention such questions as the weight and body shape of the sub-adult male lion, his tail will stop immediately and swing for a long time. Unfortunately, due to species differences,wholesale plastic pallet, Bluestar humans, who do not understand the lion's body language, still do not find the cunning cat eavesdropping.