My husband is a warlord.

So desperate Wu Anguo, at the last moment, when he was ready to take his brothers to die with the group, saw a team behind him, well-equipped, not knowing whether it was enemy or friend.


So desperate Wu Anguo, at the last moment, when he was ready to take his brothers to die with the group, saw a team behind him, well-equipped, not knowing whether it was enemy or friend. Chapter 11: Great Victory Head Zhuang was in a particularly good mood today. At home, he turned on the gramophone bought by his baby daughter from Shanghai and listened to the play. While listening, he sat on a rattan chair and swayed, squinting his eyes. He has a report in his drawer, waiting for today's results. Wu Anguo that disobedient boy, want to have been sent to the West at the moment, even if his life is big, ran back, his men are almost dead. The report made it clear to him that he had robbed the passing military funds without authorization and destroyed the friendship and unity of the Shanxi military headquarters. Division commander Liu has always been conservative, to the arrogant viceroy of Yan, has been to avoid its edge, the robbery of military supplies is their own side is in the wrong, I think division commander Liu will not stand out for a small battalion commander. From the gramophone came the "Empty City Plan" of Peking Opera. I have no ambush and no soldiers, you don't have to be cranky, you come, come, come, please come to the city to listen to me play the piano. "Report to the regiment seat. Battalion Commander Wu wants to see you!" The guard's announcement interrupted Zhuang Cannon, who was listening to the play. But he is not unhappy, very happy to stand up, this is coming, he is going to meet,Nail machine supplier, get dressed, open the door to go out, his face has changed from just comfortable to serious. Sure enough, seeing Wu Anguo coming alone, with blood on his face and rags on his clothes, Colonel Zhuang went out in person, holding Wu Anguo with his dirty hands, looking very concerned about his subordinates. What's the matter, Anguo? Zhuang Cannon asked with a worried look on his face. Wu Anguo thought of the dead brothers,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, his eyes were red, and he saluted the head of the regiment. He did not speak, but he choked up. Sure enough, as Shiqing said, the regimental commander looked at him like this and heard him say that many brothers were dead. Instead of comforting him, he began to curse, saying that he was hasty, brainless, and self-assertive! "Anguo, you said you were trained by me, how could you be so confused!"! Do you even dare to fight the idea of the military capital of the viceroy of Yan? You're going against the sky! Zhuang Cannon cursed angrily, as if he had no prior knowledge of it. Wu Anguo originally had a little fantasy about the group seat, after all, he was his first boss, but now, as expected by Shiqing, even the expression is exactly the same. Tuan Zuo, didn't you give the order to cut off this batch of military funds? Wu Anguo asked with an incredible face? "Bastard, how can I give such an order, High Speed Nail Making Machine ,Automatic Nail Making Machine, not to say that it is Yan Du Du's military resources, said the other side so many troops, how can I call you a battalion in the past!"! Somebody call Xiyi and Li Jiu! Zhuang Cannon, with an angry look on his face, paced back and forth, looking very angry, and conveniently threw a porcelain cup on the table, listening to the soldiers outside trembling. Soon, the first battalion commander and the third battalion commander came. The two men, dressed in brand-new military uniforms, came over with big smiles and came in to salute and report on their work. Report to the regimental commander that the internal exercise of the first battalion has been completed and everything is normal. Yang Xiyi, a battalion commander, had a serious face and did not even look at Wu Anguo. Li Jiu, commander of the third battalion, followed suit and said the words again. Zhuang Cannon nodded his head with satisfaction, then turned to look at Wu Anguo and said coldly, "Xiao Wu, today is the day of the exercise for the battalions of our regiment headquarters. I didn't expect you to use the excuse of the exercise to hijack other people's military funds. It's a serious violation of discipline. You let me down too much. I will report this matter to my superiors, and you go back for review." Wu Anguo still wanted to speak: "But." He was interrupted by Colonel Zhuang with a wave of his hand: "No, but the mistake you made is too serious. Go back and wait for punishment.". ” Yang Xiyi, a battalion commander on one side, also heckled and said, "Brother Anguo, why are you so reckless? Is the military capital of the viceroy of Yan so delicious? It's fantastic to rob the military capital under the pretext of exercises. You can think of it. Now you have lost your wife and lost your army.." This was originally a stratagem. Zhuang Cannon was fishing for fame. He was a regimental commander. It was a matter of minutes to get rid of his men. But he also tried his best to go around such a big circle and weave a trap for Wu Anguo to jump. On the one hand, he had a good face. On the other hand, he was afraid of the relationship between Wu Anguo's wife and the division commander's wife. Last time, although he sent his wife and daughter to contact him, the two fools, who did not lose money on weekdays, were waiting to lose money with the girl from the countryside. But it seems that they are not familiar with each other in advance, and there is no special relationship, just a country girl who does not know how to advance and retreat. Wu Anguo looked at their sanctimonious faces, completely disappointed in his heart, and could not help sneering. Yes, if the guard of the division headquarters had not appeared today, Wu Anguo might have been decapitated by now. At that time, their battalion headquarters was obviously in a weak position, and there was a serious shortage of guns and ammunition, so they were in a passive situation of being beaten. At this time, Wu Anguo was extremely regretful. If he could do it again, even if he had the punishment of disobedience on his back, he would not go up to his brother's door. This was hitting a stone with an egg, and it was obvious that he would die. He had been with his brothers for so long, and it was not easy to build up the battalion headquarters, and it was not easy for everyone to have a little money, so he was not reconciled. Knowing that Tuan Zuo is digging a hole for himself to jump, he still has illusions. Yes, at that moment, Wu Anguo silently told himself that if he could go back alive, he would change the status quo, he would get rid of control, he would strengthen his forces and no longer be trampled upon by others. When Xu Bao and the division commander's wife's car arrived at the scene, the division commander's wife drove to the front and did not care about shooting. The troops often engaged in exercises. This was their territory, and no one dared to do anything. She said generously, "Go quickly, sister. Sister will wait for you to come back and continue to face each other." Xu Bao was very happy to get off. Looking at her husband's figure in her eyes, grandma, she wanted to ask if she had eaten something messy in the morning,Nail production machine, why she was restless all day, and her face was always hot. Thank you, Sister Qiu. Wait for me. I'll be right back! Xu Bao jumped out of the car.