The scene of debauchery

When the kiss fell to his chest, March used all his strength to push Chu Yingchuan away. Chu Yingchuan knocked over the floor lamp unprepared, and the frosted glass cover hit the wall, which also fell apart and cut a wound in his palm.


When the kiss fell to his chest, March used all his strength to push Chu Yingchuan away. Chu Yingchuan knocked over the floor lamp unprepared, and the frosted glass cover hit the wall, which also fell apart and cut a wound in his palm. Chu Yingchuan seemed to feel no pain and rushed over to crush March on the bed. The wound in his palm was about deep, leaving a bloody handprint on March's chest. March did not know why, all of a sudden lost strength can no longer refuse, arm vines wrapped around Chu Yingchuan's neck, kissed him. The eyes that refused to close were staring at him. It was black without a bottom, and no light could be reflected. Chu Yingchuan could not help but close his eyes instead. In the dark, the blood flowed out, and with the touch, it was mottled on her body. The ending of Chanel No.5 is gradually mixed with the smell of blood, which is as real as a dream. After a long time, March turned his back and frowned at the bloodstains on the bed. He could not help thinking that their beginning was in the night of blood and pain. Later, as an old saying goes, when men and women have more physical entanglements, they begin to become different. Gradually spread in the wind and moon, Tao March is Chu Yingchuan's woman. As a result, Bacardi's job was gone, and she did not know when she would become a vase sinecure in Lotte. At ten o'clock in the morning, sitting in the office in March, looking at the Tiffany makeup mirror that Chu Yingchuan brought back from Hong Kong, he was in a trance. In Xiaoyan, female pigs are noble and elegant, real gold, silver and diamonds are like passing clouds, except for the body, they almost have nothing to do with male pigs. And she fouls everything, so she is not destined to be a female pig,spill plastic pallet, right? ———————————————— Ladies and gentlemen, it's not the first night. Luke "and drew a deep mark of blood on his palm." This old man fought with wounds. Evil fate Said to be with Chu Yingchuan together, but in March, two people in a place of time is very little. By December, March had not been called for two months, and even she thought it was over. In the meantime, Lotte's company was talking about a project. In March, as a leftover vase, it was only known that it was a matter of renting the venue. A group of people spent the whole afternoon in the huge conference room without reaching an agreement. Finally, they moved to the newly opened Jiangnan Restaurant near the company. Originally,plastic pallet supplier, there was nothing to do in March, but Lotte appointed her to go with him. Said to be a restaurant in the south of the Yangtze River, but the sliding door painted with orchids, tatami, in March, it seems that Japanese Zephyr has a stronger flavor. The name of the box is very unique, because they set in the innermost, so "Quyuan Fenghe, Pinghu Qiuyue, Yunqi Bamboo Path, Longjing Wencha, Jiuxi Yanshu, Sudi Chunxiao, Nanping Evening Bell, Huagang Guanyu, Gem Liuxia, Hupao Mengquan, Huanglong Tuicui", like the twelve scenic spots of West Lake, enjoy them one by one during the stroll. Stepping into "Orioles Singing in the Willows", plastic bulk containers ,mobile garbage bin, there is a faint incense in the air, which is not the sweet and greasy Tibetan incense popular in recent years, but the serious sandalwood in the copper stove. Long low table is very strong Jiangnan flavor, March elbow on the top, feel bright and clean as jade cool and greasy, look closely even the texture pattern seems to be enough acid branch wood. In addition to several male guests who Lotte wanted to socialize with, they were accompanied by two women, both of whom were senior bank employees with medium-length straight hair and transparent makeup. This kind of makeup only hangs the name of light makeup, the same concealer, foundation, Rouge, dandelion powder, thick to cover the face, very much like the firing process of Japanese white porcelain, exquisite. When women are occasionally amused by Lotte's jokes, the sharpened crystal armor clearly covers their lips, but somehow slides over their earlobes and circles around the diamond-inlaid earrings, full of amorous feelings. Such a woman naturally can not persuade wine, to accompany the last seat of March, because recently lost a large meal ticket, so very winking to pick up the glass, lively atmosphere. After a few rounds, the host and guest enjoyed themselves to the full, and the conference table, where they could not reach an agreement, was very happy to push a cup for a change. Lotte was in even higher spirits and ordered a few more fresh dishes. When the waiter in a cheongsam opened the door, he saw a group of people in suits and leather shoes passing by. Although Lotte drank a little high, his eyes were still surprisingly sharp. He jumped up and shouted, "Yingchuan, Wei Liao!"! What a coincidence! Have you come to Fried Rice with Egg to make a tooth sacrifice again? Wei Liao was stunned by Lotte. Then he couldn't help laughing and said, "Aren't you a virtuous person?" Susie, who was in Wei Liao's arms, was used to talking and laughing with Lotte. Now she deliberately frowned and said, "I hate it. I can't avoid you wherever I go!" Chu Yingchuan, who was clustered in the middle like the stars holding the moon, looked a little impatient. But when he swept the March in "Orioles Singing in the Willows", he was stunned and came in. Only Chu Yingchuan, Wei Liao, and Su Xi were seated, and the rest of the entourage was sent elsewhere. But in the originally spacious private room, it still appeared to be tight, not only the atmosphere of the space, but also the light pink Rouge on the faces of the petty bourgeoisie women, which suddenly seemed to dissolve into hot water, with a blush on their cheeks. Originally, a drop of wine refused to touch his lips, but coincidentally he picked up his glass and spoke in a low voice. When they really and falsely exchanged pleasantries and chuckled, Susie squeezed beside March and clapped her hands on March's back: "Prodigal woman, how come you come here and don't ask me out?!" Susie really worked hard and was photographed in March. "Ouch!" She grinned and said, "I have to follow the boss's orders!"! How can I make an appointment with such a big reporter when I'm on business? Susie refused to buy it, poking March's forehead with a scallion finger, laughing and scolding, "*** you, silly girl!" March rubbed the forehead that was poked, just smiled, and refused to look up. Susie couldn't help poking over again, half-truthfully angry: "Why don't you look at me?" March had no choice but to see her in a twinkling of an eye. Today, as always, Susie's one-piece dress is a popular gradient color, seven colors are gradually excessive, and even the crystal flowers on the headband are neon, just like the SD doll reality show of Bohemian style, beautiful,plastic pallet bin, shaking March can not help but stagger eyes. Then, there was no way to avoid Wei Liao on the other side of Susie. The light in "Orioles Singing in the Willows" is as bright as day, and his eyes are full of surprise and surprise.