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Phoenix left the battlefield in the form of suspended animation and came to the mainland of Rangoon.


Phoenix left the battlefield in the form of suspended animation and came to the mainland of Rangoon. Soon, he found the active volcano located in the Langmu Empire. He passed on his blood to the local people and passed down his cultivation methods. After that, his remaining energy fell asleep in the volcano. And these humans are the predecessors of the Phoenix Clan. The sleeping of the phoenix was a process of cultivation. When he had been sleeping in the volcano for a thousand years, he realized that he could never recover to his original ability. His spiritual brand was fatally destroyed in the fierce battle in the land of God. What he could retain was only his life consciousness and the pure true fire of the phoenix. He was waiting, waiting for the Phoenix people who had inherited his blood, and all he could do was to cultivate a new Phoenix to take over from him. And this new phoenix is the human who may appear in the body of the ice phoenix in the phoenix clan. However, where did he know that he left the Phoenix clan's memory to form the classics but misunderstood his meaning, until after ten thousand years, his wish was really fulfilled. The energy of the ice phoenix is extremely cold, but as the saying goes, when the cold reaches an extreme, it will change in the opposite direction, and it is in this change that the Yin fire produced by the ice phoenix can inherit the energy of the phoenix, communicate with the soul left by the phoenix when the volcano erupts in the nirvana ceremony of the phoenix, and obtain the true fire of the true phoenix. Phoenix originally did not expect that his waiting would be so long, his accumulated energy is much larger than he imagined, but if these energies are borne by a human of the body of an ice phoenix, the outcome will be unknown, but his spiritual brand is damaged, he can only gamble. However, to his surprise, when the ice phoenix was under his control, there was a fire phoenix with pure blood. In this case,drum spill containment, the phoenix was greatly surprised. Only then did he pass the true fire he had to the phoenix girl and the Lanchen sisters, making their phoenix nine changes leap to the eighth change. This is because their current bodies are still unable to fully absorb the true fire of the phoenix, the phoenix in their bodies, respectively, left the seeds of the true fire, once the time is ripe, their power can reach the ninth change, then,plastic pallet box, two new phoenixes have been born. Although they also have human blood, but they are still the real phoenix, this point, there is no problem. After listening to the narration of Lan Chen and Feng Nu, Yu Ruyan smiled, but Feng Xu bowed down with a serious face. "Feng Xu, the elder of the Feng clan, welcomes the two patriarchs. On behalf of the Feng clan, I ask the two patriarchs to take charge of the overall situation for our Feng clan." The phoenix clan has a patriarch since it appeared, that is, the phoenix. All the phoenix people believe that the phoenix is immortal, so for ten thousand years, they have been waiting, waiting for their patriarch's reply. At this time, Lan Chen and Feng Nu have obviously become new phoenixes. Feng Xu in the heart of regret at the same time, but also full of excitement, collapsible pallet box ,plastic trash bins, with these two very strong, the spring of the Phoenix finally really arrived. Feng Nu stepped forward and helped Feng Xu up. 'Elder, don't do this. In fact, even we didn't know so many things would happen. We are still young, and the overall situation of the Phoenix clan still needs your experience to preside over. Feng Xu smiled, shook his head and said, "No, I am really old. When people get old, their brains will become dull. Through this Phoenix Nirvana ceremony, I understand that it is time for our Phoenix clan to start changing, and this change needs two patriarchs to complete.". No matter what changes you make to the rules of the Phoenix clan, I will always support you. For the sake of the future of thousands of members of the Phoenix clan, please ask the two patriarchs to promise to stay. As he spoke, his eyes fell on Nian Bing with some entreaties. He knew that whether Feng Nu and Lan Chen were willing to stay or not had a direct relationship with Nian Bing. Without saying a word, Nian Bing cast her eyes on Feng Nu and Lan Chen and said, "You have the right to choose your own destiny.". Elder Fengxu is right. Now the Phoenix Clan really needs you. It needs strong people like you to lead the development of the Phoenix Clan. There is still some time to go before the first battle between me and the goddess of ice and snow. Let's stay in the Phoenix clan first. As for how you choose, I'll listen to you. ” Phoenix Nirvana ceremony, the overall situation has been decided, Nian Bing knows that he is about to face several difficult moments, in fact, in his heart is to let the Phoenix girl and Lanchen stay, even the dragon spirit he also wants to stay, so that when he does anything, scruples are much smaller. Although to the eighth change of the phoenix female and blue morning strength has been greatly improved, but read the ice through the eye point observation concluded that now they have just entered the eighth change, strength is still close to the edge of the thirteenth order, if you meet a large number of gods of the mainland master, is also dangerous, what's more, in the evil month to summon back to the lost mainland ceremony, what will happen? No one can say clearly at all. WWw.xiAosHuotxt.COM Chapter two hundred and seven in front of the ice tower Looking at Feng Xu elder sincere eyes, Feng Nu at this time really can not say the words of refusal, "Elder, let's go back to the Feng clan first, it's time for our clansmen to come back.". At the same time, I hope you can promise me that I will leave if necessary, and that we have a common husband, for us, although the clan is important, but the husband is more important. Feng Xu hastened to say, "Well, that's no problem. As long as the two patriarchs agree to stay, how can I restrict your freedom?"? I just hope that under your leadership, the Phoenix clan can get out of the present predicament. Feng Nu smiled and said, "Actually, my mother is the one who should be the head of the clan. Although my mother has not been in the Feng Clan all these years, she has always been concerned about the situation of the Feng Clan. Over the years, she has already come up with many ways to help the Phoenix Clan become strong. This time we come back, one is to help the Phoenix Clan face the Phoenix Nirvana Ceremony, and the other is to help them face the Phoenix Nirvana Ceremony." It is to tell these methods to several elders,foldable bulk container, and I hope you can adopt them. Feng Xu smiled and said, "You don't need to tell me these methods now.". As the head of the clan, it is enough for you to tell the truth about these methods. Feng Kong and I will support you. 。