A record of survival in the last days

"Perhaps, there is a way." Looking at the unscathed golden bear standing behind the black hole, the doctor narrowed his eyes slightly, then turned on the communicator and whispered: "The nuclear bomb team is on command.


"Perhaps, there is a way." Looking at the unscathed golden bear standing behind the black hole, the doctor narrowed his eyes slightly, then turned on the communicator and whispered: "The nuclear bomb team is on command. The target black hole and the bear behind the black hole, try to launch a small yield nuclear bomb!" "Yes!" Hearing the doctor's words, the nuclear team began to activate the nuclear launcher without any hesitation. These team members are from the dragon group and the fifth unit, for Zhou Yulong is not afraid of the ability of nuclear bombs, so they are not worried that nuclear bombs will hurt Zhou Yulong, and even vaguely expect that nuclear bombs can kill more biological weapons. Poof-boom! Accompanied by a light sound, a tiny bullet jumped up in a large number of bullets, and then burst precisely above the black hole. Suddenly, I saw a beam of extremely strong light scattered from midair, like a small sun shining the entire No.1 forward base base pale. At the same time, the incandescent flame also instantly burned a large number of biological weapons, and accompanied by a strong shock wave and radiation toward the surrounding laser. But the next second, all the light, flames, and strong radiation as if they had never appeared, were swallowed up by the bottomless black hole in an instant,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, not even a trace of light left. And the light of the entire Atlantis 1 forward base has slowly returned to the level of the beginning. Is it true that even nuclear bombs are ineffective? Looking at the huge black hole, which had not been affected in any way and had expanded a few minutes, the doctor's eyes flashed a trace of deep anxiety. What can we do to solve this crisis? PS: Second watch, please support! Special thanks to [Wilderness Knight] brother for his reward support and [sxylj530] brother for his monthly ticket support! Not cold, very touched, very touched, thank you! PS2: Free to send vertical and horizontal coin activities have begun,Time Delay Tap, I hope that friends who have the ability and time can do some small tasks for vertical and horizontal coins to support not cold, very simple, as long as a few minutes can be. You can see it on the home page, thank you! Chapter 1308 Number One Heavenly King-Liangstena Hongmu Luojian! "Even nuclear bombs are ineffective?" When the nuclear bomb exploded, Zhou Yulong's face suddenly showed a trace of hope. However, the color of the attack soon disappeared with the incandescent light, and he never thought that the power of a nuclear bomb would be swallowed up by the black hole so silently. My God, it's a nuclear bomb! "Legend has it that Heavenly King No.1's black hole killing move can devour everything, even the light can't escape. It seems that this is true." Watching the towering flame caused by the nuclear bomb disappear in an instant, Heavenly King No.6's face suddenly showed a trace of horror. Then he clenched his fist and clenched his teeth and said, "No wonder this guy was able to break out of the holy city that day. But also hit the second king to make its strength greatly damaged, and finally the [emperor] personally to catch him this guy's strength, really strong terrible. "The second heavenly king was hit hard by the first one?"? Why don't I know? Hearing the words of Heavenly King No.6, Stainless Steel Shower Tray ,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, Heavenly King No.8, who had just arrived, frowned. His heart is a little unwilling, just short of two heavenly thrones, why the sixth heavenly king knows so much more than himself. It's top secret, and you weren't in the holy city that day, so of course you didn't know. Shaking his head, Heavenly King No.6, with fear shining in his eyes, said: "In the first battle of that day, [King Left], [King Right], and Heavenly King No.2 all failed to stop No.1, and finally let him break through the tight encirclement.". And the number two heavenly king was also injured by the number one in the core of life that day, and his strength was greatly damaged. "What about you?" Hearing the words of the sixth heavenly king, the eighth heavenly king's heart could not help but be somewhat turbulent. As a subordinate heavenly king, he has not played against the top heavenly kings. Nevertheless, he also knew that the second king, the left king and the right king were not his opponents at all. However, the No.1 Heavenly King can defeat the No.3 Heavenly King with one and hit the No.2 Heavenly King severely. This kind of fighting power is really shocking. "Me?" Hearing the words of Heavenly King No.8, Heavenly King No.6 shrugged his shoulders helplessly and said with a self-deprecating smile, "How can I intervene in a battle of that level?"? Before they could really fight, I had been thrown far away by them, and by the time I arrived, the battle was over. "Is the gap in strength so big?" Looking at the helpless expression of the No.6 Heavenly King, the heart of the No.8 Heavenly King was also gloomy. Yes, as the King of Atlantis, they are really arrogant, but compared with those top powers, what are they? Mole ants? Or a stronger bug? "There's no need to think so much, we still have a chance!" As if seeing the frustration in the heart of Heavenly King No.8, Heavenly King No.6 shook his head and said, "If my guess is right, the other Heavenly Kings should have died at the hands of those humans.". In addition, number one has been stripped of his soul by the emperor and has become a walking corpse, so now we are the only two of the twelve heavenly kings left. As long as we can win this war, then we will be the number one and number two kings in the future! At this point, there was a flash of brilliance in the eyes of Heavenly King No.6. He looked at the golden bear with a fanatical face and said: "As long as we get the materials of Heavenly King No.1 and Heavenly King No.2, then one day we will be able to stand proudly at the peak like him and despise all the heroes!" "Yes, as long as we win the war!" Hearing the words of the sixth heavenly king, the fighting spirit of the eighth heavenly king was completely ignited. They have lived too long, and if they can't seize this opportunity to soar into the sky,Flush Retrofit Kit, they might as well die in battle. The taste of being pressed, the taste of being seen as ants, they have had enough! "Boom! Boom!" 。 cnkexin.com