Aidou will die if he doesn't kiss me.

There's no dog chasing after them. Why are they running so fast? The group of people got into the black nanny car in a flash.


There's no dog chasing after them. Why are they running so fast? The group of people got into the black nanny car in a flash. Lian Yue pulled the mask on her face, showing only a pair of sparkling eyes. She raised her eyes and looked at Lin Xibai. He wore the baseball cap she had bought before, half of his face was covered, and his deep eyes were clear and clean, without any impurities. Lian Yue's heart stagnated for no reason, and he was afraid that he would blush, so he turned his head and stopped looking at him. Where are we going? "Where do you want to go?" Lin Xibai's voice coincided with hers again. Lian Yue stretched out her hand and pulled her ear twice. "What did you say just now?" She said. "Can you repeat it?" With a hum, he whispered, "Where do you want to go?" Lian Yue pulled her lips and smiled: "I can do it." Lin Xibai's face was calm. "Come with me." "Good." Lian Yue answered. Then she was taken to the car by Lin Xibai, not the last ghost sports car, but a low-key black Mercedes Benz. Lian Yue looked at the man sitting in the driver's seat, his eyes moved up, and finally fixed on the baseball cap on his head. She twirled her fingers and asked softly, "Aren't you going to take off your hat?" Lin Xibai's side eyes are light and his voice is light: "It doesn't affect the line of sight. Why should I pick it?" You.. You Lian Yue obviously did not expect him to answer like this, and his voice could not help looking forward to it. "Do you like this baseball cap very much?"? I can buy you the same style as theirs,Stainless Steel Toilet China, shirts, belts, trousers, and I can give you whatever you want. Lin Xibai glanced at her with a half-smile. "Are you very rich?" "It's all right, it's not rich." Lian Yue avoided his sight and whispered. Lin Xibai pulled the corners of his mouth and said in a cold voice,stainless steel squatting pan, "I don't like this baseball cap very much. I just can't bear to see rich people waste things." Lian Yue's innocent face: "I didn't waste anything." Lin Xibai chuckled, "Do you acquiesce that you are rich?" Lian Yue: "…" Awful! She seems to have been tricked! Lin Xibai pursed his thin lips slightly. He raised his hand to straighten the eaves and whispered, "It's obviously a very good thing. Wouldn't it be a pity to throw it away?" Lian Yue looked up, noticed his movements, and remembered what he had said to him last time. Zai Zai really makes her feel satisfied everywhere. It's perfect. Today's Zai Zai can carry out the socialist values of hard struggle and not extravagance and waste to the end. Sure enough, her idol is the best. Before turning the key, Lin Xibai turned his head to look at her and reminded her softly: "Fasten your seat belt." Lian Yue blinked twice and reacted: "Huh?"? Are you ready to go? Lin Xibai nodded slightly: "Yes." "Where are you taking me?" "Are you free?" "It's okay." There's nothing to do today. Even Yue pulled for a long time, but did not find the right socket to buckle the seat belt. She frowned and her face turned red. Blame the damn long hair, blocking her view. Lin Xibai snorted in disgust: "Why are you so stupid?" Lian Yue curled her lips and wrinkled her face into a ball. "You dislike me," she said. Lin Xibai pulled the corners of her mouth and took the seat belt in her hand: "Whether I dislike it or not, I can't change the fact that you are stupid." He didn't want to admit that he just didn't want to make the atmosphere in the carriage so awkward after intimate contact. He's not feeling well now, Self-closing Faucet ,Service Sink Faucets, so he needs to get in touch with her urgently. Fortunately, when he took the seat belt from her just now, he deliberately touched her hand. Look at her. There's no reaction at all. This fool, surely he will not realize that he did it on purpose. Deliberately calling her stupid, deliberately making her angry, deliberately letting her down her guard against him, deliberately touching her hand. I'm not stupid. Lian Yue turned sideways and poked his head over there. It fell with a click, and Lin Xibai buckled her seat belt. He reached out his hand and adjusted her collar, which had been crooked by her seat belt. Cold fingertips across the skin of her neck, even the whole person trembled. Aah! Aah! What did Zai Zai do to her! How can he be so young. How can you be so flirty?! She had been completely stunned by his sudden movement, and her cheeks were covered with a layer of bright red. Lian Yue opened her eyes wide and looked at him: "You.." Lin Xibai turned his head and coughed lightly to hide it. "Your collar is crooked." Lian Yue bit the corner of his lower lip, "Zai Zai, you are so sweet." Lin Xibai started the car, stepped on the accelerator, and the black Mercedes-Benz left the underground parking lot. There was silence in the carriage. Before Lian Yue wanted to speak, the man asked, "Are you busy these days?" Lian Yue: "Not bad, not very busy, what's the matter?" The cartoon has entered the end period, and it will be over after drawing two more words. After that, she will have a good rest for a while. Lin Xibai did not answer her question directly, but said, "I want to go to Lancheng to meet a musician." Lian Yue was delighted and looked at him expectantly. "Do you want me to go with you?" To be honest, she really wanted Lin Xibai to say something like "hope" or "I can't do anything without you". However, the next moment, Lian Yue deeply felt that her inner drama was so much that she despised herself a little. Lin Xibai's face was expressionless and he said in a faint voice, "If you are very busy, just forget it." He pretended not to care, his slightly smiling eyebrows were flattened, and his fingers on the steering wheel were more active than ever. Hearing this, Lian Yue was even more disappointed, feeling that he was thinking too much, where there was still the mind to care about his little actions. She thought for a long time, but no sound came out. Lin Xibai inexplicably raised a sense of irritability in the bottom of his heart,Concealed Flush Valve, and his fingers knocked on the steering wheel. He also wanted her to accompany him. But some wishes, once spoken, will never come true. It will even run counter to what he wants. That's how it used to be. It was hard for him not to believe that this very bad law had happened to him repeatedly.