Oriental Jade Double Phoenix Biography

Zhao Wansheng laughed. "What are you doing here, brother?"? Brother this point of flesh wound, still hold out, brother just ride a horse, here to Yingshan but ten.


Zhao Wansheng laughed. "What are you doing here, brother?"? Brother this point of flesh wound, still hold out, brother just ride a horse, here to Yingshan but ten. Lilu, don't be polite to your brother. Fan Junyao way: "Zhao Hufa has just shed a lot of blood. It's better to ride a horse instead of walking. Since it's more than ten miles away, why should I be polite to you?" The two men were modest, but Zhao Wansheng could not defeat him, so he had to ride a horse. Xiu Lingfeng flew on his horse and said with a smile: "Brother Fan, come to me right away!" They were childhood sweethearts and had been used to it since childhood. They felt that Elder Martial Brother Fan had given the horse to Zhao Wansheng. Since it was only about ten miles away, Just ride with yourself, why not? Fan Junyao in front of Zhao Wansheng, can not help but handsome face slightly a red, smiling way: "No, no matter how fast your horse runs, I can still catch up." Feng Jiao Xiu Ling laughed and said: "I don't believe it!" Sure enough, the reins shook, and the horse let go of its four hooves and galloped forward. Fan Junyao Zhao Wansheng arch hand way: "Zhao Hufa, please!" Zhao Wansheng smiled and said: "Your Younger Martial Sister has already galloped far away. My younger brother, please." Fan Junyao smiled smartly and stepped up to catch up. Zhao Wansheng followed behind Fan Junyao, the original is just riding slowly, which know out of Shilihe villages, only feel Fan Junyao at the foot of suddenly. Then speed up. He didn't ride a horse, unexpectedly gradually behind, the moment a clip horse belly, catch up. Riding on a horse, he naturally saw clearly that Fan Junyao in front of him was still drifting in her green shirt and walking slowly,38 tube fitting, but she did not display the land. The ground is soaring, but a person is like flowing clouds and flowing water, feet do not touch the ground, castration is fast, even if the performance of flying skills, there may not be such a fast method. When Zhao Wansheng saw it, he was so shocked that he remembered that he had just fought against "Ba Bi". When he was in danger, Fan Jun Yao Fei rushed to the body, between a move, on the shock of eight people's weapons,stainless steel tube fitting, he would even how he shot, did not see clearly. Just imagine that Fan Junyao is just a lay disciple of Wudang. Like the swordsmanship just now, even if he is a God with six fingers, he is just like This. The brother and sister are really unfathomable! Thought in the heart, also do not feel to urge a horse again and again, drive forward. Ten miles, but a moment, has arrived at Yingshan. Xiu Lingfeng's horse galloped all the way, driving Jiao's dimple red. He only thought that Elder Martial Brother Fan had to lag behind for a while, but when he got to the city gate, he went back. Looking up, Fan Junyao was calm and relaxed, with a smile on her face, standing beside her, surprised and happy in her heart, with her eyes wide open. Hi way: "Brother Fan, you run so fast." Between the words, Zhao Wansheng also arrived, immediately ha ha laughed: "Brother Fan's flying skills are really unusual. My brother finally opened his eyes today." You should know that Fan Junyao has already passed the entrance, needle valve manufacturer ,hydraulic fitting supplier, and her attainments have reached the realm of excellence, not only is her flying skill unusual? Fan Junyao busy way: "Zhao Hufa won the prize." At this time is the afternoon card time, three people into the city, Zhao Wansheng to the city streets, is very familiar with, led two people to the street. In front of the door of the last restaurant, he handed the horse to the boy who answered the door and went in with him. The shopkeeper of the restaurant saw Zhao Wansheng at a glance. Hurriedly out of the cabinet, to meet up, repeatedly hand way: "Old Zhao patronized, and the younger one was disappointed. Please wait for tea in the private seat upstairs." Zhao Wansheng nodded and said with a smile: "The shopkeeper said that business is busy at the moment. You don't have to say hello. I wonder if there is a quiet room?" The shopkeeper laughed again and again: "Yes, yes, there is a quiet private room upstairs, and the little one will lead the way for the three of you." Say that finish, personally lead three people to climb the stairs, walk to A small room, hit the door curtain, let three people in, one side raised his hand, said: "Please sit down, three of you. It's hard for Zhao Lao to come to a small place. Today's wine is a small honor for you." Zhao Wansheng stopped shaking his hand: "The shopkeeper must not be polite." The shopkeeper's way: "You can't even invite me on weekdays. You patronize a small shop. This is a small shop. The food and wine are all ready-made. No respect, you." "If you always want to be polite, you'll be an outsider." With that, he ordered the waiter to fetch water to wash his face first, to make tea, and then to retire respectfully. Fan Junyao knew that these two or three hundred miles were the sphere of influence of Dahongshan, and that Zhao Wansheng was the Dharma Protector of Dashan, so naturally there were many. People fawn on him. After Zhao Wansheng waited for the shopkeeper to leave, he turned around and said with a smile: "It seems that we must eat this meal for free.". Come, Brother Fan and Miss Xiu, have a sip of tea first. Fan Junyao picked up the teacup, took a sip, and couldn't help asking: "Zhao Hufa just said that besides my uncle, I don't know who else is coming." Zhao Wansheng way: "I don't know yet. It is said that it may be the two masters of the eight palaces of your school." There are eight palaces in Wudang Mountain, including Jingle, Yingen, Wuhu, Yuzhen, Nanyan, Zixiao, Yuxu and Taihe. Among them, Zixiao The palace is the fundamental place of Wudang, where the master lives, but the eight palaces are divided into eight abbots. Fan Junyao was stunned and asked: "Does Zhao Hufa know what happened to our sect?" Zhao Wansheng way: "That was half a month ago." Suddenly he stared outside the door, shut up, picked up the teacup and took a sip of tea. I saw two waiters lift the curtain and enter, one after another to send food and wine. This banquet, naturally very rich, Fan Junyao took the flagon, for Zhao Wansheng in front of the wine poured wine. Zhao Wansheng even said no. Dare. Fan Junyao poured another cup in front of him and looked up at Xiu Lingfeng and asked: "Would you like some, too, Sister Feng?" Xiu Ling Feng Jiao dimple slightly a red, shook his head and said: "It's not that Brother Fan doesn't know that I never drink." Zhao Wansheng laughed. "Miss Xiu can't drink, so let's eat vegetables. Come on, brother Fan, let's have a toast first." Two people to dry a cup, Fan Junyao because he just said only a word, stop not to say, is waiting for questioning. Zhao Wansheng can see naturally, touch the short beard, say with smile: "If I don't ask,pipe fittings manufacturer, I'll say it." He lowered his voice a little and said: "It started half a month ago. It was the eight palaces presided over by Tianning Zi, the head of your school, once a month.". chinaroke.com

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