The blind princess is sixteen years old

Long Jueyu left, did not say a word, long Yan Yan looked at him to leave also just gently sighed, the reason why today told Long Jueyu these


Long Jueyu left, did not say a word, long Yan Yan looked at him to leave also just gently sighed, the reason why today told Long Jueyu these, because he saved him, he is grateful to him, so will this matter in advance told him, the war, he quit, he should be happy, only two people left Long Gale and Long Jue Yu, even if they fight again, in the future, These have nothing to do with him, tell him, just to give him a peace of mind, do not have to spend more time on him. However, he did not seem to see any look of relief on Long Jueyu's face, even if it was a little bit, it seemed that there was a little more. Sorrow? What was he worried about? Long Yanyan didn't quite understand. His dark eyes were still clear. I don't know when they were covered with a layer of darkness. Only, did he come back? Will she blame herself for her sudden departure. Just then, the only figure appeared in front of his eyes, he thought he had hallucinations, can not help blinking, open his eyes again, but found that the only step closer to himself, he knew that it was not a dream, she really came back! "The only?!" Long Yan shouted excitedly, looking at her travel-stained appearance, it seems that she came back from the emperor, Qiuju was still holding her, she also breathed a sigh of relief when she saw Long Yan,brass tube fitting, and went out. The only one had already smelled his breath and walked in his direction step by step, as if there was a line between them pulling her footsteps, shortening the distance between her and him a little bit. Only ignored him, quietly walked forward, Long Yan thought she was angry, can not help but feel more guilty, she was left in the palace is forced, he twisted his brows, deep love hidden in his eyes. The only one frowned tightly, her mouth was tight, her whole face was serious,stainless steel hydraulic fitting, but clearly full of worry, until her little hand touched his big palm, felt his temperature, seemed to have been suppressed in the bottom of her heart, she suddenly hugged his body, rushed forward without warning, nestled in his arms, and clung to his skirt. "Kui Yan.." How are you? Are you drunk? Is there anything wrong with it? Do you know that I'm so worried about you, so worried. The only words were like a hammer, which hit Long Yanyan's guilty heart. He would rather be angry, unhappy, and blame him for leaving her alone in the emperor's brother, so that he would feel much better. But these words are all worried about his comfort, his body, but not a little bit of him, which makes him feel sour in his heart, the only one so worried about him, he really should die, let her so worried, the little face is so pale, he is so distressed, stretched out some strong arms, tube fitting manufacturer ,12 needle valve, hugged her trembling little body, and he felt so sad. Feeling her like an abandoned kitten nestled in his arms, even more pity, kissing in her hair, "Only, I'm fine, nothing happened, just a little drunk, was sent back, only, don't worry." Long Yanyan hugged her delicate body, distressed and breathless, stroked her back over and over again, comforted her, clear and melodious voice like a gentle palm, gently soothed the only trembling panic heart, slowly calmed down. She raised her head, her face a little ruddy, not knowing whether it was because of the excitement just now or because she felt that the dragon was in front of her, so she was relieved, her hands slid up his cheeks, stroking his eyebrows, eyes, mouth. Everywhere, any little detail will not be spared. The only thing I'm sorry for worrying you is my fault. Long Yanyan took one of her hands, put it on her lips, bowed his head and kissed her, and his long eyebrows wrinkled. Only shook his head, white little face still with a layer of lingering worry, "Yan Yan, you really do not have any discomfort?" She was still worried that if he was really all right, how could he suddenly leave the palace and return home, and his tone seemed a little weak. She suddenly thought that her body was still on his body, just too excited, so she did not control her emotions, she hurriedly wanted to release him, but did not expect that Long Yan was one step ahead of her tightly hugged her slender waist, close to her ear, "only, take the initiative to send to my arms, then I will not let you leave so easily.." The bewitching husky and sexy voice was the only chord, and her heart beat faster and slower with every note he uttered, as if everything was under his control. Listen to in her ears unexpectedly have a kind of'since on the pirate ship, want to go down is not so easy 'feeling, the only small face a red, twist the body again, but found that still can not move, "Yan Yan, you let me go, I press you like this, you will be uncomfortable." The only one patted him on the chest, his voice was as small as a mosquito's hum, his head was still low, and he looked at her red ears and smiled more gently. How heavy are you? Even if you gain some weight and press me, it will be all right. The only thing is that you think my husband is too useless, right? Little fool, just hold me like this, I like you to hold me. Long Yanyan is like a rogue child, with a little coquettish and insolent tone, the only one who does not know whether to laugh or cry, but is more ashamed to raise his head. That one How did you come back? The old housekeeper said, I didn't see you come back. But you.. The only doubt still can not be solved, just came back when the old housekeeper saw her and asked why Wang Ye did not come back, she also wondered, not to say that Wang Ye first returned to the house? They're all back. How could he not be back yet. So she hurriedly asked Qiuju to bring her to the study, because Long Yanyan was usually in the study, but she didn't think he was really there. But I'm in the study now, aren't I? Long Yanyan followed her words and said with a smile,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, with a hint of mischief in his eyes, touching the only cheek. Uh The only one nodded seriously, like a curious baby.