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Liu Kite sent the Lin sisters to his side, of course, is a great good thing, Lin Shizi can also put down the hanging heart, no thanks, this gift must be to repay, but she gives people the feeling that there is always some shameful purpose.


Liu Kite sent the Lin sisters to his side, of course, is a great good thing, Lin Shizi can also put down the hanging heart, no thanks, this gift must be to repay, but she gives people the feeling that there is always some shameful purpose. Give a person to give a person, but want to put a drug on a person and strip him naked. Sent to their own front, seems to be deliberately testing their own like, there must be some problems. It's not that he's such a gentleman that he can't see a woman naked, but that he really dares not take it lightly when the other side does so. Liu Kite suddenly changed an ambiguous expression. Said in a low voice, "Lord Liu, are you worried about other people's gossip?"? No need to do so, under their bodies, there are letters written by their husbands, indicating that they no longer have any relationship with their husbands, they have no children, there is no concern in Luzhou. Well, except for their parents.. The little girl can guarantee that while they are being taken in by the little girl. Absolutely no man has ever touched them. Put such a doll. "But it's not easy to enjoy it. It's really a waste of natural resources!" "What do you mean?" Said Liu Ding coldly. Liu Kite still has an ambiguous expression on his face. Not caring about Liu Ding's face at all, he said meaningfully, "Don't adults like the wonderful feeling of sisters in the same bed?"? Lin Du's three daughters are all beautiful and wonderful. The so-called sisters are of the same mind,stainless steel needle valve, and they are able to cut off the gold. That is, the adults are well-tempered people. In front of the three sisters, the diamond will become soft around their fingers.. "Shut up!" Said Liu Ding flatly. Liu Kite was not moved at all. Instead, she smiled and said contemptuously, "So the little girl was wrong about the adult. Unexpectedly, the little girl's guest was wrong. It turned out that the adult was just fishing for fame and reputation. He was no different from the secular people, but the little girl was disappointed." Liu Ding's face was deep. "Why do you say that?" He said slowly. Liu Kite said coldly, "a man is a real man. Women are in the lead. It's all in a word. It's just the nature of human nature to take and reject. Why are adults so persistent?"? If the body and mind do not want,38 needle valve, of course, should be refused, severely scolded, sent away is. If you have desires in your heart and your mind is rippling, but you have to pretend to be a gentleman and refuse people thousands of miles away, isn't it making people laugh at you all over the world? Zhu Wen has always liked to have sex with his wife and daughter, but his wife Zhang refused to mend her ways despite repeated admonitions, so she had to let it go. Every time Zhu Wen had sex with his wife and daughter, he never denied it. From this point of view, adults are not as good as Zhu Wen. Adults do not dislike Pei Ningzi, but also to save Yu Xuanji, outside rumors, adults are going to come to a mother and daughter, adults ask themselves, 14 needle valve ,14 tube fitting, have you ever had such an idea? Liu Ding was speechless. Liu Kite's words were so poisonous that he was speechless. He had never thought of himself as a gentleman, and what Liu Kite said was true. Yu Xuanji is naturally beautiful, well-read and intelligent. If he is a man who is not interested at all, he is hypocritical. Command three eyes to find out the news of Yu Xuanji, of course, to help Pei Ningzi's meaning, but also really want to know what kind of woman Yu Xuanji is. It's just that it's not the same thing after all between the heart and the hand. Do you want to do it when you see all the women who are tempted? Isn't that a high-level beast? Liu yuan said lightly, "Liu yuan was born in a brothel. His knowledge is shallow. He is not as good as the eyes of an adult. If his words are inappropriate, please forgive him for the sake of Mr. Muyi.". It's just that the little girl knows very well that this man is a real man, but above women, he can take it up, put it down, and never hesitate. If you are a mother-in-law and look ahead and back, how can you achieve great things? In the face of such an eloquent amorous woman. Liu Ding really had nothing to say, so he had to say, "All right!"! What do you want? Liu yuan said with a smile, "My sister said it was just to send the Lin sisters to you. As for the future, good brother, you can do it yourself.". ” Liu Ding stared at her suspiciously, as simple as that? Liu Kite once again said ambiguously, "Do you still want to murder your younger brother as a sister?"? Heard that the younger brother has a goddess doctor, if adults are not at ease, might as well ask her to examine the two girls'bodies, if outsiders are not good to do such a thing. Miss Su is also proficient in this way, Miss Li also knows a little about one or two, wait to check properly, this is a full moon. It is also the most appropriate way. Liu Ding stopped her at once and said doubtfully, "You sent them all the way to me, but you didn't want to return them." Liu Kite deliberately sighed in a high profile and said slowly, "Why is it that people who do good deeds are always misunderstood?"? Liu Ding frowned and said, "This is really incredible." Liu Kite smiled and said, "Of course, I, Liu Kite, will not work without a return.". Just this return, but not you Liu Ding adult can do. Good brother, wait for you to pass two years, perhaps elder sister can take a fancy to you! Liu Ding ignored her teasing and said directly, "If you don't make it clear, I won't let you go." Liu Kite said with an ambiguous face, "Does a good brother mean that he wants his sister to stay with you?"? Although the elder sister is old and decrepit, if the younger brother likes it, the elder sister is also willing to stay. Liu Ding had to smile bitterly. Liu Kite smiled. Leisurely said: "If the younger brother does not keep the elder sister, the elder sister will leave.". When we meet in the future, a good brother should not deny his sister! Liu Ding wanted to speak and stopped. A fragrant breeze drifted by, and Liu Kite really left. Liu Ding looked at the two open boxes, and then looked at the open door. I feel that I am not at ease. Two beauties fell from the sky for no reason. I don't know whether it's a good thing or a bad thing! After a while,ball valve manufacturer, Liu Ding suddenly woke up and went to the door to chase Liu Kite back. Suddenly, he felt something was wrong. There were two women in the room. If someone broke in carelessly, wouldn't it be a big face? He closed the lid of the box. Then he left in a hurry. chinaroke.com