Freshman first year

And Chen Pengfei also looked at Tian Yu with concern. Fish didn't know how the ball came down and made several mistakes.


And Chen Pengfei also looked at Tian Yu with concern. Fish didn't know how the ball came down and made several mistakes. The fast ball was passed high, leaving the main attack in midair; the pass passed close to the net and was hit by a probe. Perhaps it was because Chen Pengfei returned to the team that Lao Liu felt comfortable. Perhaps the fish's performance has been good, Liu black face unexpectedly did not reprimand, just shouted on the sidelines to let the fish concentrate. Tian Yu is still a steady smash and accurate running, calm and calm, just like the autumn lake. As soon as the training was over, Liu Blackface called Chen Pengfei and Yao Xinzhou to go to the sports teaching and research office together. Tian Yu went into the dressing room, and he didn't go to practice again today. The little fish followed in. Looking at Tian Yu silently changing clothes, the little fish did not know what to say for a moment. Gao Jian whistled into the dressing room, walked two steps and turned around and said with a smile: "Hey, Tian Yu, this is also very good, I think you will be the captain of the alternate player, very suitable for you." Tian Yu looked up at Gao Jian's eyes, but Gao Jian turned to his cabinet to change clothes, while pretending to talk to the people next to him: "Hey, I'm really tired today, and I have to go to the movies with my girlfriend in the evening. It's really annoying." Tian Yu's eyes still made him uncomfortable. He finally turned around and said with a cheeky smile, "What do you think I'm doing? It's Lao Liu who won't let you play the main force, not me.". I think you play well, too. If the volleyball rules permit, you can wear a pair of 5cm high-heeled shoes to play, maybe Lao Liu will let you play the main force. Hey, hey. The little fish felt another surge of blood. Gao Jian, what are you doing?! Wang Liyun, who had not spoken much, was also angry. Tian Yu's face was flushed, his eyes were full of anger, and he rushed forward like lightning. Gao Jian fell to the ground unexpectedly. Tian Yu looked down at him and suppressed his anger: "Gao Jian, I know I'm not as good as Chen Pengfei, but I know I'm at least not worse than you!"! You're doing this to me because you know it. Despicable jealousy! You really make me sick! You made me regret coming to the volleyball team. Tian Yu fell off the pull of the crowd and turned to leave the dressing room. Gao Jian was still sitting on the ground and didn't wake up. Xiaoyu went over and looked at him coldly: "Tall and young, an old-timer will be quick to talk before the game and enhance unity. Coach Liu has to praise you well." I didn't see Tian Yu when I got back to the dormitory. Where did Tian Yu go. Think of Tian Yu's appearance in the afternoon, the little fish has a kind of indescribable discomfort in his heart. Tian Yu, like Xiaoyu, aluminium coated tubes ,impact beam tubes, is a very strong and confident person. He is honest and kind, and believes that hard work will be rewarded. He has never been malicious to others, and he has always been a popular person. He was really hurt today. After sitting for a while, I looked at my watch. It was past 7:30. The canteen was closed long ago, and it was already dark. The little fish decided to go down for a walk and maybe find him somewhere. The door opened. Tian Yu stood in the doorway, carrying several plastic bags, large and small, and two bottles of beer in one bag. Fish, have you eaten? Tian Yu smiled at Xiaoyu's face. No, where have you been? The little fish looked at Tian Yu's pale smiling face and forced himself to smile: "You made a fortune?!"! Buy so much delicious food, wow, and wine. You're going to reward my brother. "Yes, you can call me brother for nothing." Tian Yu put the same thing on the table: "This is your favorite saline duck, this is your favorite sea cabbage, and this is my favorite barbecued pork.". And this, look. It's two Jincheng hot dogs. Too bad it's cold. I forgot to ride my bike when I went out. "I like them all." Fish eyes some blurred, quickly smiled: "I will open the bottle!"! Hey, Tian Yu, I haven't had a drop of wine. "I haven't drunk a drop," Tian Yu said with a smile. "Let's just have a carnival together. People say that if you drink, you will be an adult." "Well, let's grow up together today.". Even Sun Yinggang has been drinking! The little fish also laughed: "It's a big deal to fall once.". You're with me anyway. The two men blew a long blow into the bottle. Wow, it's a little bitter. The little fish stuck out his tongue. Eat a piece of duck. Tian Yu gave Xiaoyu a piece of duck: "Oh, we forgot to say the toast.". ” "I say, I say, I wish us all happy!" The little fish lifted the bottle. With a tinkle, the wine bottle touched, and Tian Yu raised his neck and poured another mouthful: "It's my turn to say.". Cheers to Tian Yu and Gu Xiaoyu for their first drink! Drink There was soon only half a bottle of wine left in the bottle. The little fish feels dizzy. But there was some relief in my heart. No wonder there are so many people drinking, it is full of comfort. "Tian Yu's cheeks red:" Fish, I am a little on cloud nine. I'm so happy. The little fish looked at Tian Yu, who was smiling, but there was no happiness in his eyes. Tian Yu, you are not happy. "Nonsense, I'm happy." "You are not happy!" "I'm happy!" You're just not happy! You're still thinking about that bastard. The little fish said stubbornly. I am happy. "Tian Yu grabbed the bottle and drank the rest of the wine, then lowered his head deeply.". A long time. 。 I'm not happy. I don't know what to do when I try my best to do something, but there is no return. Failure is not because of your own mistakes, not because you don't work hard enough, but because you can't change the factors. Whatever you do is doomed to failure. "You mean height?" Xiaoyu looked at Tian Yu and said,Precision steel tubes, "I remember you said that playing basketball is just our sideline.". Tian Yu, we play basketball as a hobby. You and I are not professional players at all. We shouldn't be so serious. What's so great about the main force of the school team? "No!"! I'm serious. I do everything seriously. Tian Yu angrily interrupted the fish: "I have never thought of any professional players, but I am not worse than him.". I'm no worse than he is. 。