Shangshu is on the stage

Yu Yan listened to the two of them, "Your Uncle Wang" on the left and "Your Uncle Wang" on the right.


Yu Yan listened to the two of them, "Your Uncle Wang" on the left and "Your Uncle Wang" on the right. It was clear that they were deliberately teasing themselves. Cherry lips slightly beeped up and said, "I think I'd better call Lord Wang later." The old lady was overjoyed. "Little girl …" Alas, at the age of twenty-nine, ordinary people have two children. Such outstanding character, but still a loner, Mrs. Wang must be very anxious. Yu Yan tutted and said, "a talented person like my uncle Wang should naturally be matched with a peerless beauty with both virtue and art." Song Guixue touched her forehead and said, "Do you know what a peerless beauty is? Have you seen it with your own eyes?" Yu Yan took her hand and put it in her arms. "Didn't Grandma mention a sister of the Fang family last time? Does she count?" Old Mrs. Song and Song Guixue looked at each other with a smile. The old lady said, "At your young age, you haven't seen many people. Would you like to be a matchmaker?" Yu Yan grinned and said, "If it were someone else, I wouldn't bother to take care of it!" "That's why the emperor is not in a hurry. Is the eunuch in a hurry?" Said the old lady. Song Guixue chuckled and was overjoyed. Then she turned her eyes and said, "Sister Fang will definitely go to Old Lady Wang's birthday banquet next month. Then you'll be able to see for yourself." "I won't go, will I?" When the old lady saw her serious appearance, she could not help smiling. "Why don't you go?" "The capital is full of ladies. I don't know anything. If I say something wrong there, won't I lose face for our family?" The old lady knows clearly: "Silly child, what does this have to be afraid of …" Tell you, the royal family is not a noble family, there are no rules that bind people, you can rest assured to go. Besides,side impact door beams, with your big sister around, what do you have to be afraid of? Yuyan now lives in the Fangling Courtyard of the Song Mansion. In addition to the purple fan, the old lady ordered Mammy to give her several little maids. In this way, the purple fan is very imposing, all day long a few little servant girls command round and round. Yu Yan laughed at her, and now she could finally walk sideways. The old man of the Sung family, who had passed away, was the famous former first assistant,side impact beams, Sung Yu-cheng. When Old Master Sung was alive, his family was strict and honest, and he was very strict with his children and grandchildren, and even forbade the men of the Sung family to take concubines. The Song family is a real scholarly family, and there are no ignorant people in the house. The servants and maidservants whom I used to see in the mansion, one by one, lowered their eyebrows and collected their eyes, had a good manner, and never whispered to each other. Although Miss Song Guixue is weak and sick, she is a little famous talented woman in the capital, especially good at piano and painting. Yu Yan saw that her elder sister was not only talented, but also had a very good temperament. She was never proud of her talent. She was gentle and philosophical in dealing with people, and her temperament was quiet and tranquil. It was the most beautiful talented woman in Yu Yan's mind. She herself is not good at six skills, four bodies are not diligent, precision welded tubes ,aluminium coated steel tube, in addition to doing some things and eating, leisure to play the flute, can be said to be nothing. The language Yan original does not feel how, anyway she is stupid, cannot do these. But in the past few days, she had been immersed in the Song family in the capital, and was threatened by the purple fan that a girl with empty appearance and no talent would be sent to a rich family to be a concubine. For a moment, she became serious and wanted to study a talent. After hearing this, Gui Xue did not know whether to laugh or cry: "Can't you play the flute?"? That's also a talent. "Purple Fan said that the flute is difficult to ascend the hall of elegance, only the anti-sedan chair and street buskers can blow.." In the end, there seemed to be some grievance, "the young ladies in the capital are all playing the piano and dancing, I am so far away.." Song Guixue gazed at the girl in front of her with a smile, and did not feel that her words were from the vanity of comparison, but felt that they were purely gratifying, Frank and natural. All right, which one do you want to learn? "Learn anything?" "No, I can only play the piano and the flute." Yu Yan twisted her brows and thought for a long time: "Then, Xiao." "If you want to learn, you have to concentrate on it. You can't give up halfway. You can't fish for three days and dry the net for two days. Otherwise, I won't teach you any more." Gui Xue said with a straight face. Yu Yan raised her hand and promised: "I swear I will study hard!" Yu Yan and Gui Xue agreed to learn to play the flute from tomorrow, and happily took the servant girl back. The other Song Guichen stood not far away, looking at the light rippling figure, eyes unpredictable. He stepped into his sister's courtyard and saw Gui Xue sitting at a stone table in the courtyard reading a book. He paused and said, "It's cold outside. Be careful to catch cold." Gui Xue smiled. "Why is my brother free today?" "Your Highness has nothing to do with your schoolwork today, so I came over." He frowned when he saw a bag of tricks full of sugar balls on the stone table. "What is this?" "It's made by the second sister herself. It's good for her throat and tastes good." Gui Xuedao, "would you like to have a taste?" Song Guichen took one to eat, and then said slowly under Song Gui Xue's gaze, "It's all right." "You still have to pay attention to what others give you, and don't put everything into your mouth regardless." He said. Gui Xue looked at him in surprise and then smiled, "My brother is oversensitive. I've been eating for several days, but I don't think there's anything wrong with it." Song Guichen opened his mouth and seemed to want to speak and stop, but he didn't say any more. He only said that there was something else in the front yard, so he went out. At the beginning of November, autumn was more intense, and in a twinkling of an eye, it was time to go to the Wangs for a banquet. Chapter 32 Princess of Huyang. Afraid that Yuyan did not know the situation and said something wrong, the old lady specially made Mammy Yang talk about the situation of the Wangs with Yuyan. Unlike Yu Yan's expectation, the Wang family is not a prosperous family. In fact, the royal mansion in the capital is Shangshu Mansion, where there are only two serious masters, one is Mrs. Wang, the other is Shangshu Lord Wang Yan. Wang is Mrs. Wang's original surname, not her husband's surname. The old lady was originally the concubine of a county magistrate in Shanxi. Later, something happened to the family, and the wife expelled the old lady from the house. Unexpectedly, the old lady,Precision Welded pipes, who had never had children before and was in her early thirties at that time, found herself pregnant after being expelled. At that time, she was pregnant with Wang Shangshu today.