Wan Long Shen Zun

If the eight arhats came, they were already surprised, and the appearance of the five immortals had been described as shocking, and at the moment the worship of Zhongtianmen Lao Zu was completely unbelievable.


If the eight arhats came, they were already surprised, and the appearance of the five immortals had been described as shocking, and at the moment the worship of Zhongtianmen Lao Zu was completely unbelievable. Who is the ancestor of Zhongtianmen? People who became famous earlier than the two immortal emperors in the Southern Immortal Court! Why would he be so respectful to this gentle night? Chapter 2038 Luo Jiuxiao appears. Old monsters like Zhongtianmen Laozu all bowed down, and the faces of all the people present changed greatly. The son of the Fire Sword Sect had such a big background that the ancestor of Zhongtianmen was convinced. Haiyunzi's face became pale, as if his spirit had been stripped off in an instant. He thought Lao Zu had come to help him, but who would have thought that Lao Zu had come to see him without looking at him, and had knelt down directly to Wen Qingye. Get up. Wen Qingye nodded indifferently. Changsheng Xianjun had seen Zhongtianmen Lao Zu once. He was a disciple of Qingwuyi. At the beginning, he was just a big Luo Jinxian. Now he has arrived at Hun yuan Xianjun. It seems that Zhongtianmen Lao Zu seems to be eager for quick success and instant benefit, consuming a lot of longevity yuan, and promoting the cultivation of essence and blood, leading to the end of longevity now. Otherwise, with his cultivation at this bone age, it is at its peak. Zhongtianmen Lao Zu stood up shakily and looked at Wen Qingye nervously. "Please ask Shangxian to save my life," he said. "If Shangxian can save my life, my life in Yunqi will belong to Shangxian." Wen Qingye frowned slightly. After a long time, he said, "You wait aside first. We'll talk about it later." How could he not know why Yunqi Lao Zu begged him? But as for Shou Zai, it is difficult to say and simple to say for a monastic person. If Yunqi Laozu has not taken the elixir or medicine to increase the longevity yuan, it is good to say that Wen Qingye can get several natural treasures to increase the longevity yuan from the Fire Cloud Palace of the body. But once you have taken the Tiancaidibao or Dan medicine, the effect of taking it again will be greatly reduced until it has no effect in the end. Look at the appearance of Yunqi Lao Zu,side impact door beams, must have taken the treasure of heaven and earth long ago, so there is really no way to ask for their own. When Yunqi Laozu heard this, he didn't dare to say anything more. He honestly stood behind Wen Qingye. Then he saw Haiyunzi looking at him with a surprised face. His face suddenly sank and he said, "Get over here." When Haiyunzi heard the words of Yunqi Lao Zu, his body suddenly hit an exciting spirit, and hurriedly took the masters of Zhongtianmen to walk towards Yunqi Lao Zu. When Cheng Lie saw this scene, he was also confused. Su Yunlong, Yu Luan,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, and the three elders of the Zhenghai Clan all changed their faces. Zhongtian Gate is the largest faction in the South China Sea for nine days, and the forces it represents are not simple. Look at this, I'm afraid Zhongtian Gate will follow Wu Qiren's lead in the future. Yan Sheng, Bai Huang and others saw Zhongtianmen and others took refuge in Wen Qingye, looked at each other, and appeared a little uneasy. At this moment, Yan Mai and the sorcery clan are fighting, hoping that Wen Qingye can be deadlocked with the sea clan, but they do not want Wen Qingye to gain the upper hand, nor do they want the sea clan to gain the upper hand, but hope that the two forces can contain each other. But now it seems that this is too far away from the holy son of the Fire Sword Sect, and it is very likely to break this deadlock. Wen Qingye smiled faintly and walked out slowly. Before he could speak, the Great Sage of Nine yuan, who was standing next to him, beam impact tubes ,side impact beams, shouted, "Today, Wu Daoyou has become the leader of the alliance. Who else is not convinced?" "The Holy One is coming!" Suddenly, in the blue sky came a pleasant sound of string and bamboo, resounded through the ears of the people, people can not help but look at the sound source of the sound of string and bamboo. Then, I saw the ripples of True Qi rippling out of the sky, and the sound of roaring resounded through the world. Voice of Jiaolong? There seems to be more than one. Who is it? Wen Qingye frowned slightly, and from the sound of the roar, he could hear that the sound was the roar of the dragon. The sound of the dragon came, and after a while, they finally saw the scene. In the deep sky, ninety-nine dragons rushed towards the crowd, and the ninety-nine dragons were all tied with huge golden chains, which were connected to the blood-red chariot in the middle. Around the blood-red chariot, there was an amazing evil spirit, which shocked all the masters present with a tremor in their hearts. Such a magnificent and majestic appearance made all the masters present look dignified. Blood Spirit Chariot? Wen Qingye's pupils suddenly contracted, and a trace of surprise appeared in his eyes. This red chariot, Changsheng Xianjun can not help but be very familiar with, but also once sat, because this chariot is the purple moon immortal emperor once chariot. It's just, why are you here at this time? All the eyes were looking at the chariot, with a trace of curiosity and expectation in their eyes. At this time, three figures in the sky flew rapidly, and finally landed beside the chariot, looking proudly at the people on the roof. A young man sneers for the head, drink a way: "Holy drive comes, you wait to still be not polite!?" Boom! The voice, like a spring thunder, stirred in the ears of the crowd, and some of the low people even turned pale. Yan Sheng, Bai Huang, Yan Fengyu, Chu Xianyu and other masters knelt down respectfully one after another, and then shouted: "I'll pay my respects to Emperor Jiuxiao!" Emperor Jiuxiao! Between heaven and earth, the voice of Yansheng and others resounded, and the people who heard these four words all looked dull. The people in Taiwan seemed to be petrified that day. The curtain of the chariot was slowly lifted, and a middle-aged man with a magnificent appearance, a firm face, a dragon crown on his head, and an imperial robe slowly walked down. Coax! Suddenly, the whole world was boiling. I have seen the portrait of Emperor Jiuxiao, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. "My God, it's really the Emperor of Nine Clouds." "Who else can hold down the immortal emperor?" .......... When they saw Luo Jiuxiao appear, they all looked extremely shocked. Who is Luo Jiuxiao? The whole fairy world is afraid that no one does not know him, but now he is the head of the four sides of the immortal court, the Lord of the eastern immortal court,beam impact tubes, when the end of the world war I, with his own strength alone against the two immortal emperors of the southern immortal court. Who in the fairy world knows, who does not know. cbiesautomotive.com